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Crafting Japan│Stories of Artisans, Inventors, and Creators

The Thoughtfulness in Everyday Things

Everything we see and use in our day to day lives is the product of thoughtful design and artisanship.

From traditional Japanese goods like folding screens, washcloths, and bonsai, to the symbolic Tokyo Skytree. Even the pictures and icons that liven up our social media apps! How are these made? Who makes them? Find out about the hidden processes behind the things all around you!


  • Kataoka Byobu: Traditional Folding Screens With Japanese Design


    Located near Tokyo Skytree, Kataoka Byobu is the only shop in Tokyo that specializes in folding screens. It was even featured in a commercial starring actress Satomi Ishihara. Learn about the craftsmanship of these decorative panels that capture the essence of traditional Japanese design!

Editor - Traditional Chinese
Chen Jung


  • Learn From Takamatsu Artisans! 5 Ways To Enjoy Bonsai


    Bonsai is a living art that is appreciated worldwide. Takamatsu City in Kagawa is known as the leading domestic producer of these prized pines. In this article, we asked the father-daughter duo of Hanazawa Myoshun-en to teach us unconventional ways to enjoy this tradition.


  • Another Perspective On Daily Life: Meet Photographer Tatsuya Tanaka

    Tatsuya Tanaka is a photographer whose works have been exhibited in Asian countries, with more than two million followers on his Instagram account. His works, created with everyday items and foodstuff, are sure to make the viewer smile. Read on to learn about Mr. Tanaka's ideas.

Editor in Chief - Traditional Chinese
Miho Wang


Editor in Chief - English
Ramona Taranu


Editor - Thai
Tei Chayangkul

ISSUE 08 : Crafting Japan

MATCHA Monthly Feature 2020.10.25

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