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MATCHA MONTHLY FEATURE #04 Breakfast in Japan MATCHA MONTHLY FEATURE #04 Breakfast in Japan

Start the day off with deliciousness

To most, mornings in Japan are synonymous with Japanese-style breakfasts with rice and fish. However, there's more to savor in the morning. Japan's breakfast menu is full of variety and unique dishes, from pizza toast to egg sandwiches, to cafe breakfasts and udon noodles. For a change in pace, try having breakfast at a temple, or grab a high-quality sandwich to-go from a convenience store. Start your day off with a special breakfast in Japan!


  • Japanese Breakfast: 4 Unique Menu Items That Originated In Japan


    Despite popular belief, a Japanese breakfast doesn't merely consist of miso soup, grilled salmon, and white rice. There are morning menus that go beyond basic items, including the tamagoyaki sandwich, pizza toast, and koppepan. We introduce some unique variations of the Japanese breakfast.

Editor in Chief - Traditional Chinese
Miho Wang


Editor - Traditional Chinese
Chen Jung


  • Lunch Pack: Japanese Sandwiches Perfect From Breakfast To Lunchtime

    When heading out for a day of sightseeing, it can be a hassle to find someplace to eat breakfast. That's when Lunch Pack sandwiches come in handy! This article covers the amazing features of these popular portable sandwiches that are available at convenience stores across Japan.

Editor - Thai
Tei Chayangkul


  • Japanese Bread Varieties - An Introduction

    Bread is not included in a traditional Japanese breakfast but it has become very popular with younger generations. The wide variety of unique Japanese baked goods can be overwhelming. In this article, we introduce the most popular types of Japanese bread.

Editor - English
Chiara Mischke



Editor in Chief - English
Ramona Taranu


ISSUE 04 : Breakfast in Japan

MATCHA Monthly Feature 2020.6.25