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Tokyo's Top 5 Breakfast Spots: Start Your Day With Something Sweet!

Tokyo's Top 5 Breakfast Spots: Start Your Day With Something Sweet!

Translated by Greg

Written by Jacky Chen

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Many popular sweets shops in Tokyo serve tasty breakfast menus, including the fruits parlors Kajitsuen, Sembikiya, and Sarabeth's ("The Breakfast Queen of New York"), to name a few. Let's boost our energy by starting the day on a sweet note!

Boost Your Energy with a Sweet Breakfast!

What will you have for breakfast on your trip to Tokyo? While eating breakfast at a hotel is convenient, you may quickly grow tired of the same morning menu.

MATCHA's in-house sweets expert introduces a new style of breakfast in this article. The plan involves a sweet start to your trip by filling up on confections. In addition to an energy boost, let's enjoy a leisurely morning at an elegant cafe!

1. Kyobashi Sembikiya: First Avenue Tokyo Station

Sembikiya Tokyo Station

Kyobashi Sembikiya is a well-established fruit specialty shop with a history over 100 years. In addition to selling premium fruit, they also serve Western-style confections, cakes, and other goodies. It's no surprise that this popular fruit parlor has a loyal following.

Sembikiya Breakfast

Cereal Bowl (880 yen with tax)

Kyobashi Sembikiya, located on the B1 floor of First Avenue Tokyo Station, also serves breakfast. The interior design is both retro and luxurious.

We decided to order the Cereal Bowl (880 yen with tax) from the morning menu offered exclusively at this location. The sweet cereal comes topped with yogurt and fresh fruit. Besides getting a daily boost of energy, you'll also be filling up on healthy nutrients.

Because the shop is on the first basement floor of Tokyo Station, it is convenient to board the shinkansen or local train after your morning meal.

Kyobashi Sembikiya First Avenue Tokyo Station

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2. Sarabeth's Tokyo


Crowned "The Breakfast Queen of New York," Sarabeth's has been receiving extensive media coverage. Originating in New York, this restaurant has a history spanning 35 years.

It has a sophisticated yet warm atmosphere, and the menu items come in generous portions. Currently, Sarabeth's has three locations in Tokyo, one in Osaka, and another in Nagoya.

We visited the Sarabeth's store that is only three minutes on foot from Tokyo Station's Yaesu North Exit. It is on the second floor of the TEKKO BUILDING's South Wing.

You'll be charmed by its cute, bright interior.

Tokyo's Top 5 Breakfast Spots: Start Your Day With Something Sweet!

Fat and Fluffy French Toast (1,408 yen with tax)

If you're having breakfast at Sarabeth's, you must order the Fat and Fluffy French Toast. The decadent plate comes with four slices of toast that are neatly arranged like flower petals (see above photo)!

Sprinkled with powdered sugar, the toast is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It'll taste even better if you spread whipped butter and drizzle the pan-fried dish with maple syrup!

If the flavor is too sweet for you, then pop one of the strawberry garnishes into your mouth for a refreshing change.

Sarabeth's is right near Tokyo Station, so you can easily return to the station and head on a journey elsewhere.

Sarabeth's Tokyo

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3. Fruit Parlor KAJITSUEN Liber Shinjuku

KAJITSUEN at Shinjuku

Fruit Parlor Liber KAJITSUEN is a fruit and sweets shop that is very popular among international visitors. Many people are familiar with the shop's name even if they haven't had a chance to visit it.

Many visitors to Japan prefer to book their hotel in the lively Shinjuku area. If you're staying in this entertainment district, we recommend heading to Fruit Parlor KAJITSUEN Liber Shinjuku. It's just five minutes on foot from the South Exit of Shinjuku Station.

Fruit Sandwiches

C-Set: Fruit Sandwiches (968 yen with tax)

For breakfast, our writer recommends the C-Set Fruit Sandwich.

When the plate arrives at your table, you'll be surprised by the generous serving. The fruit and cream-filled sandwiches are arranged on a large plate alongside kumquats, bananas, and a fresh salad. There are even free refills for coffee and tea.

You may even wonder if you can eat this much food in the morning!

Of course, the stars of this breakfast are the fruit sandwiches. The bread has a slightly sweet flavor and is truly delicious as it soaks up the juice from the fruit.

If you're also craving cake, the display case is lined with many fruit confections, so don't forget to order a piece.

Fruit Parlor KAJITSUEN Liber Shinjuku

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4. BREAD, ESPRESSO & Omotesando Location


If you'd like to enjoy a leisure breakfast in Omotesando—Tokyo's chic neighborhood—then please head to BREAD, ESPRESSO &.

Once you leave Omotesando Station's A2 Exit, turn right, and you'll enter a side street lined with sophisticated eateries. Continue walking for about five minutes to reach this stylish bakery.

The shop's exterior features a simple, white design. Although seating is available inside, the writer recommends the outdoor seats. Guests will enjoy relaxing in the open, airy atmosphere.

BREAD, ESPRESSO & Omotesando

French Toast Set (820 yen with tax)

BREAD, ESPRESSO & is also a bakery. The "mu" bread is especially popular among patrons. The French toast on the breakfast menu is made with this "mu" bread.

Although the French toast is sweet, guests are served a whole bottle of Italian honey to squeeze for an added sugar rush. Drizzle liberal amounts on your decadent slices of toast for a double dose of sweetness!

The soft French toast will melt in your mouth. The honey adds extra moisture and a delicious flavor. When you reach the center of the dish, it almost seems like you're eating cake.

If you're worried about getting hungry after breakfast, then buy some takeout bread.

Bread, Espresso &

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5. crisscross: Aoyama


crisscross is a cafe located in Tokyo's trendy Aoyama area. It's only five minutes on foot from Omotesando Station. The shop offers indoor seating, but we recommend getting a seat on the terrace.

There's nothing better than eating breakfast outside on a bright, sunny morning!

Tokyo's Top 5 Breakfast Spots: Start Your Day With Something Sweet!

Buttermilk pancakes with macadamia nuts (1,400 yen with tax), Cafe au lait (350 yen with tax)

They have an extensive breakfast menu, including pancakes and French toast. The buttermilk pancakes with whipped cream, vanilla sauce and macadamia nuts are highly recommended.

You'll be surprised by the amount of nuts in this dish. The fragrant pancakes paired with the fresh cream, nuts, and vanilla sauce create multiple layers of deliciousness in your mouth. This traditional breakfast item will leave you with an unforgettable taste memory.


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Enjoy a Sweet Breakfast in Tokyo

Traveling is a great getaway from daily life by allowing you to have fresh, new experiences. You'll also be walking a lot and using plenty of energy during your trip. What better excuse could there be than refueling your body with some sweets?

We hope you'll experience a morning sugar rush from these delicious breakfast items in Tokyo. Be sure to start your day off with some of these sweet treats when heading to this Japanese metropolis.

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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