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Kudan Institute of Japanese Culture Japanese Language School Co., Ltd.
Japanese language school where you can learn Japanese along with Japanese culture. We also have tea ceremony courses, manga courses, and holiday courses that include travel!

Kudan Institute of Japanese Language & Culture is located about 5 minutes walk from JR Suidobashi Station (east exit) and about 10 minutes walk from Jimbocho Station and Kudanshita Station. At any given time, students from 25 to 40 countries study in Japan. At our school, we have events and courses where you can not only learn Japanese but also learn about Japanese culture. In addition to the conversation course, intensive course, and practical Japanese course, we also offer a short-term tea ceremony course and a manga course. You can take a cultural course after your Japanese class. (Manga course is set with conversation course) There are also courses that can be studied online. [Job Preparation Course] for those who are aiming to find a job in Japan, [Business Japanese Brush-up Course] for those who are already working in Japan and can learn the business Japanese and etiquette necessary for working, and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test ( We offer a variety of courses, including the [JLPT Preparation Course] where you can take an online preparation course before the JLPT. For busy people, we can also offer [online private lessons] and [face-to-face private lessons]. Winter holiday courses that include extracurricular activities, spring holiday courses, and summer holiday courses that include travel in addition to extracurricular activities are very popular every year. Summer is especially popular with high school students from various countries, so early reservations are recommended. I am. (It will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached) In addition to English, our school also has staff who can speak Chinese and Korean, so please feel free to contact us.

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