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We propose a new mobile infrastructure in the sky: private jets.

SKYTREK Co., Ltd. is a Japan-based charter service company that arranges everything from the latest small aircraft to popular private jets. It has multiple flight bases in Japan's major cities as well as in regional areas, providing free air travel on demand. The charter plane is a private space, so you can not only use it with your family or friends, but also allow small dogs to travel with you. Utilizing new air transport infrastructure that provides smooth access to desired destinations and ensures a high level of safety, tourists and business travelers can travel to all corners of Japan that have not yet been visited. Make suggestions. To reserve a flight, simply register as a member on the official website and select the necessary items such as departure and destination, number of people, and aircraft type. We also offer a variety of recommended flight tours, including stay plans to popular local resorts and plans to see Mt. Fuji. Poi

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