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Japan, 783 Ashizuri-misaki, Tosashimizu City, Kochi Prefecture 787-0315

Blue sky, Blue sea Azzurrissimo is an Italian restaurant with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. You can enjoy dishes that make use of seasonal ingredients mainly from Kochi and Shikoku. For lunch, a course that fully uses fresh local ingredients such as vegetables and seafood Dinner can be enjoyed a la carte in addition to course meals. On the deck out to sea, you can enjoy the attractive scenery of Ashizuri in various ways, such as after-meal dolce and cafes, and aperitivo with wine and light meals at sunset. You can use it casually with your friends and family. It is also perfect for important anniversaries. The best ingredients with the best scenery. Please enjoy a relaxing time.

Business Time
  • Monday:  11:30~15:00,17:00~22:00
  • Tuesday:  11:30~15:00
  • Wednesday:  Close
  • Thursday:  11:30~15:00,17:00~22:00
  • Friday:  11:30~15:00,17:00~22:00
  • Saturday:  11:30~15:00,17:00~22:00
  • Sunday:  11:30~15:00,17:00~22:00
Telephone number 0880-88-1113
Payment method
  • Credit card:Available
Language 日本語 / English
Other You can make a reservation on our website or by phone. Available without reservation.
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