Bulu Babi Lezat dari Kita-Sanriku Factory yang Dibudidayakan di Uni Bokujo®!


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Born 1989 in Taiwan. Currently living in Tokyo. Currently editor in chief of MATCHA's Taiwanese website. In the past, I worked as an editor for a Japanese fashion magazine, as a Japanese language teacher at a private high school in Taipei, as an interpreter for Shiseido and other Japanese and Taiwanese companies. I've also had experience as an inbound tourism copywriter. My Facebook page "Tokyo beyond studying abroad" 東京、不只是留學(留学だけじゃなくて)boasts 600,000 followers. Blogger with readers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan, of which 70% are female readers. I have covered over 200 locations and stores in my articles. Writing about the latest trends, places off the beaten path, and traditional culture. Published four books on Japan in Taiwan and Asia. Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/filmmiho/ Instagram → @mihowang47