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Survey On MATCHA Coupon Service

Survey On MATCHA Coupon Service
  • Survey On MATCHA Coupon Service

Written by MATCHA

2019.09.12 Bookmark

MATCHA asks for your cooperation on a survey about out service " MATCHA Coupon".

MATCHA Coupon Survey

Please let us know your thoughts about MATCHA coupons!(
Your answers and opinions help us improve our services and allow MATCHA to provide you with a better travel experience in Japan.

Questions with a red asterisk mark (*) are required for submission. If these entries are not filled out, you will receive a submission error, so please double-check before you press the submit button.

Give us your opinions ! MATCHA Coupon Survey

Q5. For those who answered "Yes" in Q4: What kind of coupons did you actually use? (Multiple selections possible)
Q9. What kind of coupons do you want from MATCHA?

Thank you very much. We accepted input.

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