More than
    a shopping

    At AEON MALL a wealth of new experiences are awaiting customers.
    Please don’t hesitate to visit an AEON MALL near you!

    #About AEON MALL

    AEON MALL: Hugely popular shopping malls all over Japan

    In addition to providing customers with a vast range of products including daily necessities, cosmetics, fashion items and food, visitors can also enjoy the entertainment facilities provided, such as movie theaters.

    The mall is bright, with wide aisles and high ceilings, ensuring a comfortable shopping experience. The huge space is laid out so that it’s easy to walk around, ensuring shoppers can easily access all the latest products on offer. The mall appeals to shoppers of all ages and backgrounds, and satisfies an extremely diverse range of shopping needs. Visitors are guaranteed to have an enjoyable experience!

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      Bargain Shopping at AEON STYLE

      MATCHA's readers can now use a discount voucher for shopping at AEON STYLE, a supermarket that handles food products, fashion, drugstore items, and other daily necessities! Click on the coupon image on the right for details.