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The Birthplace of Sanuki Udon

Kagawa Prefecture lies at the heart of the larger Setouchi region, an art and cultural hub most famous for Naoshima Island, one of the venues of the Setouchi Triennale. Kagawa, Japan’s smallest prefecture, has an outsized presence thanks to beautiful scenery, delicious Sanuki udon, and the warmth of its people. Despite its remote location, Kagawa is easily accessible from anywhere in Japan. Visitors can fly in from Tokyo to Takamatsu Airport or arrive via train or bus from Osaka and Hiroshima.

Sanuki is the historical name for Kagawa. Sanuki udon is a noodle soup made with a simple but flavorful dashi broth and your choice of toppings. With over 600 udon restaurants in the prefecture, the varieties of Sanuki udon are nearly limitless. You can find udon anywhere in Japan, but there’s only one place in the world where you can try the original dish.

Into the Heart of Japan’s
Udon Country

About the Udon Tours

Experience Japanese culture
through food in Setouchi

Kagawa Gastro Tours are a gateway to Kagawa prefecture and the larger Setouchi region. Whether a first-time visitor to Japan or a seasoned expert, each tour is designed to connect you with local people and culture through food. The Intro to Udon plan is a fully-guided exploration of all things udon. More experienced travelers can choose to explore the region on their own from the comfort of Udon House. Nature lover? You’ll get all the fresh air—and food!—you need in the Camping Car experience. All the tours lead you into the heart of udon country through unforgettable meals.

Access to Kagawa

Access to Kagawa
Access to Kagawa
  • *For the Udon Beginners’ Plan, the Udon Taxi can pick you up at Takamatsu Airport, at JR Takamatsu Station, JR Sakaide Station, or any other location of your choice.
  • *For the Camping Car Plan, you can get your RV from Takamatsu Airport or JR Takamatsu Station.


Plan 01

Udon Beginners’ Plan

This is a fully-guided tour that introduces first-time visitors to the people of Kagawa through local food culture. The Udon Taxi picks you up at Takamatsu Airport and takes you directly to a local dining place for your first taste of Sanuki udon. At UDON HOUSE you’ll learn how to make (and eat!) udon noodles, meet local farmers to select fresh ingredients, and spend your morning “udon hopping,” which means tasting udon dishes at various local dining places. Udon for breakfast and sake tastings in the town of Kotohira? Absolutely! All you need to do is to take part and enjoy! You can also add the option of seeing the gorgeous sunset at Chichibugahama Beach.

  • 57,800 Yen (tax included) *Same amount for children
  • 2 days / 1 night

Plan 02

Seasoned Travelers’ Plan

Explore the local region using UDON HOUSE as a home base. The staff will give you all the information you need to go deep into the heart of Kagawa, the udon country. Enjoy udon hopping in the morning and, as an option, take in the beautiful Chichibugahama Beach at sunset. The rest of the time is yours to explore as you wish!

  • Adult 36,800 Yen / Child 32,800 Yen (tax included)
  • 2 days / 1 night

Plan 03

Camping Car Plan

Kagawa is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in Japan. The Camp Car Plan allows you to experience that beauty in comfortable recreational vehicles provided by Heisei Car Rentals. At UDON HOUSE you’ll learn how to make and eat udon. While at the campsite, you’ll have everything you need for a Japanese-style camping trip full of incredible scenery and delicious food.

  • 27,900 Yen - 69,200 Yen / Person
    *The price changes depending on the number of participants and time of the year.
    *The minimum number of participants is two. The maximum number is seven.
  • 3 days / 2 night

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