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Kagawa Gastro Tours: Seasoned Travelers' Plan

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Explore Kagawa and the larger Setouchi region by going on a Kagawa Gastro Tour. The Seasoned Travelers' Plan offers you the chance to learn how to make delicious udon at UDON HOUSE, then go to local udon restaurants via the Udon Taxi. The rest of the time is yours to explore the Kotohira area.

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A Two-Day Kagawa Tour: Explore the Udon Country with Locals

This two-day Kagawa Gastro Tour includes udon cooking lessons along with free time to explore your surroundings. First, you'll take the Kotobus Udon Airport Shuttle from Takamatsu Airport to UDON HOUSE where you'll learn how to make udon. The next day, you'll be riding the Udon Taxi, which will take you to local udon noodle restaurants.

The rest of the time is yours to explore the city of Kotohira as you wish! Get local travel information from the staff of Kotori, the city's travel information center. You can reserve the Seasoned Travelers' tour plan from the Kotohira Bus official website.

Seasoned Travelers' Plan - Tour Details

    - Riding the Udon Airport Shuttle Bus from Takamatsu Airport.
    - Cooking Sanuki udon, the local specialty, at UDON HOUSE.
    - Visiting famous udon restaurants by Udon Taxi.
    - The plan includes a ride to Kotohira.
    - Once you reach Kotohira, feel free to explore the area on your own.

* The Kagawa Gastro Tours also offer a fully-guided tour called Udon Beginners' Plan, as well as a three-day Camping Car Plan for nature lovers.

Day One

1. Ride the Kotobus Udon Airport Shuttle: An Udon-Themed Bus Just for You

Kagawa Gastro Tours

The Kotobus Udon Airport Shuttle will be there waiting for you once you arrive at Takamatsu Airport (*1) via plane. It's very easy to spot. From Takamatsu Airport, the shuttle bus will take you straight to Mitoyo (*2) where the UDON HOUSE staff will be expecting you.

*1... UDON HOUSE can be reached in about 30 seconds on foot from JR Motoyama Station, so using the JR line is also convenient. If you don't use the Udon Airport Shuttle, the shuttle fee will be deducted from the tour fee.

*2... Get off at the bus stop called “you me Town Mitoyo”. The UDON HOUSE staff will pick you up from there.

2. UDON HOUSE: Make Udon Noodles!

Kagawa Gastro Tours

UDON HOUSE is a stylish hostel and a cultural gateway to Kagawa and all things udon.

Kagawa Gastro Tours

The udon cooking classes are a great chance to learn how to make Sanuki udon for yourself. You’ll learn about the essential ingredients and how to make udon noodles from scratch. These classes offer a thorough introduction to the culture of Sanuki udon (*3).

*3... Sanuki is the historical name for the Kagawa region. This is why the local udon dishes are called Sanuki udon.

Kagawa Gastro Tours

You can even enjoy a farm tour and pick fresh vegetables yourself.

Kagawa Gastro Tours

After making udon, enjoy the noodles you made with fresh vegetable tempura.

3. Chichibugahama Beach: One of Japan’s Most Photogenic Sunsets

Kagawa Gastro Tours

In the evening, the UDON HOUSE staff will give you a ride to Chichibugahama Beach.

The beach became popular in 2016 after photos of its mirrored tidepool sunsets and breathtaking colors at dusk were shared on social media. We owe the unique beauty of this place to the sandy tidepools that reflect the colors of the sky. It’s definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Japan!

Kagawa Gastro Tours

With a bit of luck with timing and the weather, you’ll have some beautiful photographs and memories to take home with you.

*4... The visit to Chichibugahama is optional. If you wish to go there, please tell the UDON HOUSE. The beach can be visited only in the summer. In case of inclement weather and depending on the seasonal tides, there may be times when the beach cannot be visited. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Kagawa Gastro Tours

After Chichibugahama, we suggest going back to UDON HOUSE to end the night. The warm wooden interior of the rooms will give you a good night's sleep.

Day Two

4. Udon Hopping by Udon Taxi

Kagawa Gastro Tours

The Udon Taxi comes to pick you up at UDON HOUSE on the morning of day two. Udon Taxi is a Kagawa sightseeing taxi. The drivers are guides who are very knowledgeable about udon and local restaurants.

Kagawa Gastro Tours

Udon Taxi drivers have the latest translation software at their disposal and will be glad to assist you (*5).

*5... For an additional fee of 2,400 yen/hour, you can have an English-speaking guide as your Udon Taxi driver. Please mention your preference when booking your tour.

5. The Hidden Gems of Kagawa! Legendary Udon Restaurants

Kagawa Gastro Tour

The Udon Taxi driver will take you to a famous udon restaurant. You’ll indugle in authentic handmade udon and interact with the locals with the help of your driver. All you have to do is relax and enjoy!

6. Take in the Tranquil Environment of Kotohira Shrine

Picture from A Once-In-A-Lifetime Visit To Kagawa's Kotohira Shrine
After arriving in Kotohira, you can explore the area freely. Drop by Kotori, the local travel information center, and the English-speaking staff will help you plan your day. You can also use their baggage storage service.

Kotohira, home to the famous Kotohira Shrine, is thought to be the place where the first udon restaurant opened in Japan some hundreds of years ago.

Cafes and stores line the road to the famous Kotohira Shrine. Be sure to take notice of the 200-year-old Kinryo Sake Brewery, which contains a history museum and store.


Picture from Travel Luggage-Free! Reoma Resort's Amazing One-Day Bus Tour In Kagawa

Kotohira Shrine is at the top of 785 steps. There are 583 additional stairs that lead to the deepest part of the shrine that allows visitors to take in the crisp mountain air.

If you want to go back to Takamatsu Airport in the evening, take the Udon Airport Shuttle. To book your seat on the bus, please mention that you want to use this option when booking your tour. (*6)

*6.. If you don't wish to use the Udon Airport Shuttle Bus, the bus fee can be discounted from the tour fee for you.

Book Your Kagawa Gastro Tour - Seasoned Travelers' Plan

If you prefer a tour that's easier to take part in, please consider the Udon Beginners’ Plan, a fully-guided tour offered by Kagawa Gastro Tours.

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