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Takaya Shrine: Superb Views of the Torii in the Sky

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Takaya Shrine in Kagawa's Kanonji City is nicknamed "the torii gate in the sky." Beyond the torii, visitors will be dazzled by a breathtaking view of the Seto Inland Sea. This article introduces the shrine's features, access, and recommended nearby spots.


Takaya Shrine, a Must-Visit Destination in Kagawa

Kagawa Prefecture, facing the Seto Inland Sea, is home to many sightseeing spots with magnificent views. One of the most popular is Takaya Shrine in Kanonji City.

The shrine sits atop Mt. Inazumi at an altitude of 404 meters (1,326 feet). From here, you will be greeted by an all-encompassing view of the city and sea. This is why it's nicknamed the "torii gate in the sky."

3 Distinctive Features of Takaya Shrine

Next, we'll introduce the three most attractive features of Takaya Shrine.

1. The Magnificent View

Takaya Shrine

Without a doubt, Takaya Shrine's most appealing feature is the picturesque photo opportunities at the vantage point. Photo enthusiasts are treated to a wide array of stunning scenery. Of course, this depends on the weather, time of year, and the angle from where the picture is taken.

Takaya Shrine

If you take a photo from the right side of the torii, the view of the sprawling town is accentuated. It really feels like you're at the top of a mountain.

Takaya Shrine

When we took a picture in the morning, the sun looked simply divine and awe-inspiring against the sky!

Takaya Shrine

When you take a picture with the ocean in the background, the waters of the Seto Inland Sea sparkle and shine.

Takaya Shrine

At dusk, the torii gate glows beautifully while illuminated by the sun setting over the ocean.

Take a memorable photo by tapping into your creativity! Please be mindful of not staying too long, especially when it's crowded with visitors.

2. A Spiritual Spot Said to Bring Luck with Money

Takaya Shrine

Kanonji City is blessed with many spiritual spots that are said to bring luck with money. Takaya Shrine is one of them. This is the ideal place to pray for business prosperity and good fortune.

Takaya Shrine

The sky looks beautiful from the shrine precincts as well.

3. A Unique Vending Machine

Takaya Shrine

One of Takaya Shrine's unique selling points is this vending machine. It sells goods that are specific to the shrine.

Takaya Shrine

This is a goshuin (*1) and ema (*2)! There are many shrines in Japan. However, it's highly unusual to find a shrine where you can buy a goshuin and ema in a vending machine.

There are also other unique goods. For example, there's omikuji iri udon. This instant noodle dish features an omikuji, or fortune message, when you peel back the package's lid. There's also goshuin tsuki almond fish. This popular snack consists of small dried fish and almonds with a seal stamp (goshuin).

Please find the perfect souvenir as a keepsake of your trip!

*1 Goshuin: a large seal stamp offered to worshippers at a temple or shrine to commemorate their visit. *2 Ema: a small wooden plaque at a Japanese shrine. Worshippers write down their prayers and wishes and hang them at the shrine. It's believed that the deities will then receive these wishes.
*There's also a regular vending machine selling beverages.

Access to Takaya Shrine

We've listed two ways of accessing Takaya Shrine.

1. On foot from the Gegu parking lot
2. By shuttle bus to the Hongu parking lot (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

1. On Foot from the Gegu Parking Lot

The first method is walking to the shrine from the Gegu (the lower shrine) parking lot.

Takaya Shrine

On the precincts of the lower shrine, there's a large parking lot available for visitors. If you take a taxi, it's a 13-minute drive from JR Kanonji Station.

Takaya Shrine

On weekends and national holidays, the Hearts Shuttle Bus (Japanese) takes passengers as far as the Gegu parking lot. This tour bus operates between JR Kanonji Station and JR Takuma Station.

This is perfect for those wanting to visit other spots, including Chichibugahama and Zenigata Sunae.

Takaya Shrine

Gegu parking lot to the top of Mt. Inazumi is a 30 to 50-minute walk along a distance of 1.5 kilometers.

Takaya Shrine

The trail leading to the mountain summit has an unpaved section at the halfway point. Therefore, we recommend wearing athletic shoes for this walk. On rainy days, this section of the trail can get muddy, so please be careful.

Takaya Shrine

Along the way, you can enjoy beautiful views like the one pictured above!

Takaya Shrine

Before reaching the summit, a flight of 270 stone steps will await you. It's rather steep, so please watch your step.

Takaya Shrine

Looking back from the stone steps, you can see a stunning view from down below.

2. By Shuttle Bus to the Hongu (The Main Shrine) Parking Lot

Takaya Shrine

There's also a parking lot near the summit. A shuttle bus can take you here on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays.

The shuttle bus departs from the parking lot at Kotohiki Park (Kanonji City). For more details, please refer to the Kanonji City official homepage.

On weekdays, private vehicles are allowed to enter the summit parking lot. However, the road is narrow, and it's difficult to deal with oncoming traffic. The road tends to get congested, so we don't recommend coming here by car.

Other Recommended Spots Near Takaya Shrine

There are many popular sightseeing spots in the vicinity of Takaya Shrine.

Keep in mind that there are no places to eat at Takaya Shrine. It's best to have a meal or stay the night near one of the following sightseeing spots.


 Takaya Shrine: Be Amazed by Kagawa Prefecture's

Picture courtesy of Mitoyo City. Please also see: A Gorgeous Sunset! 5 Ways To Enjoy Chichibugahama Beach In Kagawa

Chichibugahama is a great spot with picturesque scenery. It's also called "Setouchi Region's Mirror in the Sky" and "Japan's Uyuni Salt Lake." That's because the tidal pools act like mirrors that beautifully reflect the sky.

There are several fashionable cafes nearby where visitors can enjoy tasty food and drinks.

Zenigata Sunae

Cycling on Chichibugahama

Please also see: Sea, Mountains, And Hot Springs! Cycling At Chichibugahama In Kagawa

In Kotohiki Park, where the previously mentioned shuttle bus departs, there's a popular spot called Zenigata Sunae. It was built in 1633 in a single night to welcome the daimyo. The shape resembles a coin that was used in ancient times.

This giant artwork measures 122 meters (400 feet) from east-west, 90 meters (295 feet) north-south, and has a circumference of 345 meters (1,132 feet).

In the vicinity, there's a popular hot spring-restaurant complex called Kotohiki Kairo.

For things to see and do near Chichibugahama and Zenigata Sunae, please check the Kanonji City Sightseeing homepage (Japanese) or the Mitoyo Tourism homepage.

Enjoy Your Trip to Takaya Shrine!

Please have an enjoyable trip to Kagawa Prefecture and Takaya Shrine using this article as a reference!

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