Kagawa Gastro Tours: Camping Car Plan

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Go on a Kagawa Gastro Tour to immerse yourself in Kagawa and the larger Setouchi region. The Camping Car Plan allows you to enjoy the beautiful mountains and the Seto Inland Sea along with learning how to make delicious udon dishes at UDON HOUSE.

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A Three-Day Tour to Experience the Nature of Kagawa and Setouchi

The three-day Camping Car Plan allows you to experience the great outdoors of Kagawa with comfortable RVs provided by Heisei Car Rentals.

At UDON HOUSE, you’ll learn how to make and eat udon. At the campsite, you can watch a gorgeous sunset while enjoying a barbeque. To book your tour, visit the the Kotohira Bus official website.

Camping Car Plan - Tour Details

    - Enjoy driving an RV and camping.
    - Participants get to stay at a camping site that offers gorgeous sunsets.
    - The tour includes an udon making workshop at UDON HOUSE.
    - There is a time slot when participants can explore the area freely.

*The Kagawa Gastro Tours also offer the fully-guided Udon Beginners' Plan, as well as a two-day Seasoned Travelers' Plan.

Day One

1. Get Your RV from Heisei Car Rentals Takamatsu Airport Branch

Kagawa Gastro Tours

Once you arrive at Takamatsu Airport (*1), head to the Heisei Car Rentals service counter where the friendly staff will take you to your rental RV. English and Chinese-speaking staff are there to assist you.

*1... You can also pick up your RV at the Heisei Car Rentals shop located near JR Takamatsu Station. The branch can be reached at the following phone number: +81-87-879-7753.

kagawa Gastro Tours

You’ll be guided to your RV by the Heisei Car Rentals staff. Then, it’s off to the campsite to settle in.

2. Iya Valley

Kagawa Gastro Tours

RV Park Sun Resort Nio is located one hour-and-a-half by car from the airport. The barbecue starts in the evening. If you pick up your RV in the morning, how about going for a ride around Kagawa and Setouchi during the day?

Nature-lovers should visit the spectacular Iya Valley, a remote, mountainous valley in Shikoku. You can have lunch in this beautiful area before heading to the campsite.

This secluded valley was carved into the mountain's rocky slopes by the Iya River. In addition to offering breathtaking scenery, Iya Valley also boasts excellent hot springs and is a popular destination for outdoor activities such as hiking and rafting.

The Oboke and Koboke Gorges are other great destinations to visit near Iya. The rapids of the Yoshino River and the rocky walls of the gorge make this area a serious challenge for climbing. Luckily, you can simply take in the amazing view from above.

Iya is located about two hours from Takamatsu Airport and about one hour and forty minutes from the RV Park Sun Resort Nio.

3. Set up Camp at RV Park Sun Resort Nio

Kagawa Gastro Tours

The RV Park Sun Resort Nio is located in Mitoyo, about 30 minutes from UDON HOUSE. The facility has all the amenities that a camper needs for a comfortable outdoor experience.

Showers and electrical power are provided for all car camping guests, as well as a comfortable indoor grilling area for everyone to enjoy a Japanese-style barbecue.

Kagawa Gastro Tours

You may think that camping food is all hamburgers and hot dogs, but the Camping Car Tour includes the ingredients for a Japanese-style outdoor culinary experience, including savory meat and vegetables that you can cook yourself. You can even try grilled onigiri (rice balls) (*2).

*2... The barbeque is an option of the Camping Car Tour. It requires an extra fee of 3,500 yen per person, which can be paid at the campsite. The onigiri can be bought for an additional 100 yen/piece.

Kagawa Gastro Tours

The nearby Sun Cafe is a pizza restaurant that's a favorite of locals.

Mitoyo, where the RV Park Sun Resort Nio is located, is well-known for its delicious fruit. Pizza and seasonal fruit are also included in the barbeque set.

Kagawa Gastro Tours

One of the highlights of a day spent at the RV Park Sun Resort Nio is watching the beautiful sunset over the sea. If you prefer to stay inside, you can watch the sun go down from the comfort of your RV.

Kagawa Gastro Tours

The campsite also provides easy access to Chichibugahama Beach. This beach is famous for its mirrored sunsets and breathtaking colors at dusk.

The unique beauty of Chichibugahama comes from the sandy tidepools that reflect the colors of the sky against the westward backdrop. It’s definitely one of the most photogenic places in Japan!

Day Two

4. Panoramic View of Setouchi from Mt. Shiude

Kagawa Gastro Tours

On the morning of day two, how about exploring the area around Mitoyo on your own? Head to higher ground to experience a breathtaking panoramic view of Setouchi from the top of Mt. Shiude.

Located only 20 minutes away from the campsite, Mt. Shiude rises 352 meters above sea level. The observatory on the summit offers a panoramic view of the islands dotting the Seto Inland Sea. If you look carefully, you can even see the main island of Japan, Honshu, in the distance.

Before heading to the next destination, return to the campsite or to UDON HOUSE for breakfast or brunch. Here are some recommended dining spots near UDON HOUSE:

*3... To learn about eating udon and the unique dining system at Kagawa's udon restaurants, please refer to the official leaflet of Kagawa Prefecture.

5. Learn How to Make Sanuki Udon at UDON HOUSE

Kagawa Gastro Tours

UDON HOUSE is a modern, comfortable hostel in Mitoyo, designed to introduce its guests to Kagawa and all things udon.

Kagawa Gastro Tours

At UDON HOUSE, you’ll learn the history of Sanuki udon and why it has become the comfort food of Kagawa locals.

Sanuki is the historical name of Kagawa and the dish was named after it. Fresh noodles, iriko dashi (sardine broth), and local vegetables -- these are the essential ingredients for Sanuki udon and what makes its flavor so special.

Kagawa Gastro Tours

Tour participants visit local farms where they get to pick fresh vegetables. These will then be cooked into delicious tempura and added to the udon dishes made by the participants.

Kagawa Gastro Tours

After the cooking workshop at UDON HOUSE, you'll go back to the RV Park Sun Resort Nio to spend the night at the campsite.

Day Three

Before going back to Takamatsu Airport or JR Takamatsu Station to return the RV (*4), how about visiting a few other places in Kagawa?

*4... Please return the RV by 19:00. If you wish to use the RV longer, an extra fee is required: 27,500 yen for one day or 13,750 yen for half a day.

1. Kotohira - A Tranquil, Traditional Town

Picture from A Once-In-A-Lifetime Visit To Kagawa's Kotohira Shrine

Kotohira is located around forty minutes from RV Park Sun Resort Nio and is considered to be where the first udon restaurant in Japan was.

Picture from A Once-In-A-Lifetime Visit To Kagawa's Kotohira Shrine

The main attraction of Kotohira is Kotohira Shrine, one of the ancient shrines in the Setouchi region and a historical pilgrimage site. The shrine has historically received many visitors, allowing the udon restaurant business to flourish.

Climb the 785 steps lined with traditional shops to the top and enjoy a moment of tranquility. Along the path are several cafes and stores; you can even visit Kinryo Sake, a 200-year-old brewery.

Not sure what to do next? Drop by the local tourist information center Kotori where the staff can assist you in English and help you plan the rest of the day.

2. Sea Kayaking: The Best Way to Explore the Seto Inland Sea

Kagawa Sea Kayak

Picture courtesy of Free Cloud

For the adventurous traveler, sea kayaking is a great way to experience the beauty of the Seto Inland Sea. The Free Cloud sea kayaking tours are a great way to explore the calm waters of the Seto Inland Sea.

You can also try SUP paddleboarding and other marine sports, all from the convenience of the camping site at Nio (*5).

*5... Please make a reservation before going to Free Cloud.

With so much to experience in Kagawa and Setouchi, it’s no wonder why so many travelers prefer traveling in an RV to experience the scenic beauty of the region. Enjoy a trip with family, friends, and loved ones.

Book the Kagawa Gastro Tour: Camping Car Plan HERE

For travelers who prefer guided tours, the Kagawa Gastro Tours offer the Udon Beginners’ Plan, a fully-guided tour, and the Seasoned Travelers' Plan.

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