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Matsumoto Castle

Japan, 4-1 Marunouchi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture 390-0873

Matsumoto Castle is designated as a national treasure along with Himeji Castle, Hikone Castle, Inuyama Castle, and Matsue Castle. The castle tower is believed to have been built around 1593, making it the oldest remaining castle in Japan with a five-storied, six-storied castle tower. It features a two-color outer wall painted with white plaster and black lacquer. When the snow piles up on the mountains behind the castle, the blackness of the castle and the whiteness of the snow make it even more spectacular.

Business Time
  • Monday:  08:30~16:30
  • Tuesday:  08:30~16:30
  • Wednesday:  08:30~16:30
  • Thursday:  08:30~16:30
  • Friday:  08:30~16:30
  • Saturday:  08:30~16:30
  • Sunday:  08:30~16:30
Telephone number 0263-32-2902
  • About 15 minutes on foot from JR Matsumoto Station
Wi-Fi No
Language 日本語
その他 Admission fee: Adults ¥700 Elementary and junior high school students ¥300
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