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Rediscovering Japan. Tokyo without People


MATCHA Monthly Feature 2019.12.25


The diverse members of MATCHA's editorial board are from Japan, Taiwan, Romania, the United States, Germany, and Thailand.
As such, "Tokyo" holds different meaning to each editor.
The MATCHA Monthly Feature is a series of articles created by our editors on a specific topic relating to Japan.
"Tokyo without People" is the theme of the first feature. We hope you'll enjoy discovering a new side of the busy Tokyo metropolis - one that is "without people."


  • No Residents Here! Marunouchi, The Business District Around Tokyo Station

    While many people imagine Tokyo as a bustling metropolis, there are a few areas that are uninhabited. This article is centered on Marunouchi, the business district around Tokyo Station that has almost no residents.


  • Is This Tokyo? Savor Authentic Korean, Chinese, And Indian Dining

    Tokyo is home to many non-Japanese nationals who live in neighborhoods that almost feel like a foreign country. Shin-Okubo offers Korean cuisine, Ikebukuro has great Chinese hot pot restaurants, and Nishi-Kasai is famous for Indian curry shops. Visit these areas for a unique culinary experience!

Editor in Chief - Traditional Chinese
Miho Wang


  • Teatime Away From Crowds: Funabashiya Koyomi Near Shibuya

    Funabashiya Koyomi Hiroo is a Japanese cafe close to Shibuya and Roppongi, hidden in a quiet neighborhood. Ideal for avoiding crowds in Tokyo, this spot offers an opportunity to try traditional wagashi treats, like mochi, and matcha. Read to learn about this serene spot to enjoy a relaxing break.

Editor - English
Jasmine Ortlieb


  • Tokyo Day & Night - The City That Never Sleeps

    Tokyo is overflowing with people. However, there is a time frame when the bustling streets are nearly empty. Is there any difference between the city scenery at day and at night? A MATCHA editor went to investigate.

Editor - Thai
Tei Chayangkul


  • A Lantern Festival At Tokyo Station? 5 Events We'd Love To Have In Tokyo

    With an influx of population and a sharp increase in tourists, there are more people than ever in Tokyo. Popular seasons and events draw an immense crowd to areas such as Asakusa and Shibuya. But what would you do if these places were empty?

Editor - Traditional Chinese
Chen Jou Yuan


  • Tired Of The Crowds? Visit Tokyo's Unmanned Stations

    Shinjuku Station boasts the most train passenger traffic in the world. However, there are a few deserted stations even in Tokyo, a metropolis populated by 14 million. This article introduces five such stations along with souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants nearby.

Miho Moriya


  • Oyama Happy Road - Local Food And Shopping Near Ikebukuro

    Oyama Happy Road can be reached in about six minutes by train from Ikebukuro Station. It is one of the oldest shopping streets in Tokyo, offering plenty of places to shop, drink and try local delights, which visitors can enjoy without having to face crowds of people.

Editor - English
Chiara Mischke


  • Is This The Future? How To Use Unattended Convenience Stores

    One way of dealing with the issues of an aging population and decreasing labor force in Japan is introducing unmanned services. The NewDays convenience store in Tokyo's JR Musashi Sakai Station is a shop that operates unattended by human staff. It might give us a glimpse of the future.

Editor in Chief - Thai


  • Deep Asakusa - Exploring Behind Sensoji Temple

    In Tokyo, the late hours of the night or early morning are times when few people are out on the streets. Even crowded neighborhoods can seem deserted sometimes. Today, we feature Oku-Asakusa, a district where you might not meet anyone if you visit in the morning.

Editor - Traditional Chinese
Fumi Kou


  • The Rock Garden On Mt. Mitake - Listen To A Mountain Stream In Tokyo

    If you're looking for an area in Tokyo with no trace of humans, I suggest taking a light hike on Mt. Mitake to reach the Rock Garden. The clear mountain stream, the stunning rock formations, and the moss-covered trees create a breathtaking scenery that seems to exist outside of time.

Editor in Chief - English
Ramona Taranu


  • 4 Excellent Dining Places Tucked In The Back Alleys Of TOKYO SKYTREE

    Have you ever explored the back streets of TOKYO SKYTREE or Tokyo's old neighborhoods? There are famous restaurants, cafes, and shops hidden in this area, revealing a different side of the bustling metropolis. We introduce four superb dining places in the TOKYO SKYTREE area!

Editor - Traditional Chinese
Chen Jung

ISSUE 01 : Tokyo without People

MATCHA Monthly Feature 2019.12.25