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4 Excellent Dining Places Tucked In The Back Alleys Of TOKYO SKYTREE

4 Excellent Dining Places Tucked In The Back Alleys Of TOKYO SKYTREE

Translated by Greg

Written by Jacky Chen

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Have you ever explored the back streets of TOKYO SKYTREE or Tokyo's old neighborhoods? There are famous restaurants, cafes, and shops hidden in this area, revealing a different side of the bustling metropolis. We introduce four superb dining places in the TOKYO SKYTREE area!

Hidden Restaurants Near TOKYO SKYTREE

When international visitors come to Tokyo, one of the first places they head to is TOKYO SKYTREE. But have you ever explored the area around the Skytree? Sumida Ward, where the iconic tower is, still retains the flavor of an old working-class neighborhood with a welcoming, warm atmosphere.

In this area, there are many excellent dining places known only to the local residents. These restaurants and cafes stand hidden on back streets; you might even pass by them without noticing.

In this article, we introduce four hidden restaurants and cafes near TOKYO SKYTREE that are worth stopping for.

1. Yoshoku Kimuraya

Yoshoku Kimuraya

Yoshoku Kimuraya is located in a quiet residential area, just five minutes on foot from TOKYO SKYTREE.

The shop has been in business for fifty years and the building's characteristic exterior still exudes a nostalgic atmosphere. It is frequented by many locals and regular customers.

All the items on the menu are homemade, and the cooking commences once the orders have been placed.

As the sounds of food being prepared filled this peaceful and relaxing shop, a piping hot tonkatsu meal set was brought to the writer's table.

Yoshoku Kimuraya

I was surprised by the volume of the set, which includes the main dish, salad, tamagoyaki (omelet), and miso soup.

The tonkatsu here is deep-fried to perfection and tastes delicious with the rice. You can add some mustard for extra flavor. The tamagoyaki was also very tasty.

We recommend coming here at lunchtime during the week. All the set meals are reasonably priced at about 700 yen each.

Yoshoku Kimuraya

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2. Hanaya


Hanaya is located in the district of Mukojima, just five minutes on foot from TOKYO SKYTREE. This is a popular local restaurant that sits along a back street, and if you're not paying attention it's easy to go right past it.

The shop is managed by a couple. The day we dropped by, a regular customer and the owner were having a friendly conversation at the counter. In the back, there's a Japanese-style room ideal for enjoying a relaxing meal.

There's also an English menu available.

We recommend trying the Edomae Tendon (1,100 yen including tax).


After I placed the order, the owner brought the tendon dish to my table. It was huge!

Seven types of tempura cover a bed of rice flavored with sauce. One entire saltwater eel (anago) - spilling over the sides of the bowl - is arranged in a dynamic manner. Both the appearance and taste of this dish were a very satisfying experience.

The tempura has a crispy texture, there's just the right amount of rice, and the sauce has a great flavor that you simply won't get tired of.

At just 1,100 yen, this satisfying tendon is also a great deal for your money!


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3. Shishimaru Shokudo

Shishimaru Shokudo

When you can't find a good place to eat inside TOKYO SKYTREE, dine at Shishimaru Shokudo. This restaurant is just three minutes on foot from Oshiage Station, the station closest to the Skytree.

Though it looks as if you could walk right past this old house without noticing, it's actually a famous local shop. At lunchtime, it is managed solely by the owner.

The restaurant may not look like much from the outside, but be sure to step inside. The Beef Soup Udon, the house special, is more superb than you can imagine.

Shishimaru Shokudo

The dish uses Musashino udon, a local dish that's found in Tokyo and Saitama. The noodles here, thicker than standard udon, have a delicious, chewy texture.

The noodles are apparently handmade by the owner's father in Ibaraki Prefecture, then sent directly to the restaurant.

It takes about fifteen minutes for the noodles to be boiled, so it's best to visit the shop when you're not in a rush. After being boiled, the lovingly prepared noodles are soaked in cold water so that they get a firm texture. Finally, they are served alongside the piping hot meat-filled soup.

Shishimaru Shokudo

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4. Cafe 883

cafe 883

Cafe 883 is only two minutes on foot from the Skytree. It sits along Hikifunegawa-dori, a street where sightseeing visitors don't usually come to.

Perhaps because the shop is run by a couple from Osaka, many of the regular customers are from the Kansai region.

The glass doors at the entrance are brightly lit up, making it easy for visitors to enter as well.

cafe 883

The shop's most popular item is the Ginger Pork.

This dish is officially recognized for its outstanding quality and taste by Sumida Brand, which promotes the Sumida area. Come here for a satisfying meal approved by the Tokyo government!

cafe 883

After your meal, enjoy a dessert made with homemade coffee jelly.

Cafe 883 is the ideal place to relax and take a break from the bustle of the big city.

Cafe 883

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Eat to your Heart's Content at TOKYO SKYTREE's Hidden Gourmet Spots

The side streets near TOKYO SKYTREE are places that most visitors don't see, but famous shops, known only by locals, are waiting for you!

Explore here to encounter an unexpected side of Tokyo and some delicious food.

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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