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Tokyo Skytree Guide: Highlights, Things to Do, and Access

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The 634-meter-high TOKYO SKYTREE is one of the iconic towers in Japan and the world. This complete guide covers tickets, things to do at the tower, access information, and activities to do after you've taken in the sweeping views.

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TOKYO SKYTREE, the World's Tallest Tower


The iconic TOKYO SKYTREE is located in Oshiage, in the Sumida ward of Tokyo. It can be easily spotted from many parts of Tokyo and is close to Asakusa, located on the opposite side of the Sumida River.

At 643 meters, or 2,109 feet, high, this tower is the tallest tower in Japan and considered the second-tallest tower in the world. The panoramic views from the observatories located at 350 meters (1,148 feet) and 450 meters (1,476 feet) high are not to be missed. Depending on the weather, you can even see Mt. Fuji.

Continue reading to learn about getting tickets for Skytree, how to get there and what to do when you are there, and fun things near the tower.

How to Purchase Skytree Tickets: International Visitors-Only Ticket Counter!

tokyo skytree

Photo by Pixta
Tickets for the Skytree can be purchased in advance or the day-of. As there are two different observatories and floors you can visit––Floor350, or TEMBO DECK (350 meters in altitude) and Floor450 (450 meters in altitude), or TEMBO GALLERIA––there are different types of tickets to choose from. Below are ticket prices according to category and day of the week.

Ticket Type Day of the Week Price
Combo Ticket (Floor450, Floor350) Weekday 3,100 yen (adults), 2,350 yen (12-17 years), 1,450 yen (6-11 years)
Combo Ticket (Floor450, Floor350) Weekend/Holiday 3,400 yen (adults), 2,550 yen (12-17 years), 1,550 yen (6-11 years)
Floor350 Ticket Weekday 2,100 yen (adults), 1,550 yen (12-17 years), 950 yen (6-11 years)
Floor350 Ticket Weekend/Holiday 2,300 yen (adults), 1,650 yen (12-17 years), 1,000 yen (6-11 years)
Floor450 Ticket Weekday 1,000 yen (adults), 800 yen (12-17 years), 500 yen (6-11 years)
Floor450 Ticket Weekend/Holiday 1,100 yen (adults), 900 yen (12-17 years), 550 yen (6-11 years)

There are several types of tickets, but first-time visitors or those who want the full Skytree experience are encouraged to choose a combo ticket. Reduced ticket prices (around a 50% discount) are available for visitors with disabilities. Please see the official website for more details.

If you buy your tickets in-person, utilize the Fast Skytree Ticket area on the 4th floor (west entrance) to skip some of the waiting for the tickets and to get to the observatories. Be sure to bring your passport or a form of identification. The Fast Skytree Ticket prices (listed below) are the same rate regardless of the day of the week.

Ticket Type Day of the Week Price
Fast Skytree Ticket - Combo Same price every day 4,200 yen (12 years and up), 2,100 (6-11 years)
Fast Skytree Ticket - Floor350 Same price every day 3,200 yen (12 years and up), 1,600 yen (6-11 years)

For those wanting to purchase tickets in advance, purchase your tickets online via Klook. You can also buy a Fast Skytree Ticket.

How to Get to Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is close to two major public transportation stations. Get off at Oshiage Station for those using the Tokyo Metro or Toei Subway (Hanzomon Line or Asakusa Line). Tokyo Skytree Station on the Tobu Skytree Line is also very convenient.

For those in Asakusa or Sumida, the Skytree is within walkable distance. It is around a 20-minute walk. After you cross the red Azumabashi Bridge, look for signs for the Skytree, or just look up.

Things to Do at Tokyo Skytree

From the fourth-floor ticket counter, head up via elevator to the Floor350 (TEMBO DECK) of Tokyo Skytree. Even the ride in the elevator is exciting. Once you reach the observatory floor, you will get a 360-degree panoramic view of Tokyo. There are maps of the landmarks you can see, including Mt. Fuji!

There is also SKYTREE CAFE, a small stand where you can purchase refreshments, and places where you can get your photo taken. On the 345th floor, there is a restaurant where you can savor a meal with a gorgeous view. You can also find exclusive Skytree souvenirs here.


Glass flooring on the 340th floor. When you look down, you will notice how high you actually are.
On your way back to the 340th floor, where the elevator is located, you will find an area with a glassed floor. The glass is 48-mm thick, but you will be needing a lot of courage to stand here and look down. It is a thrilling experience!

Walk 450 Meters Above Tokyo! Skytree's Floor450 Observatory


The view from Skytree

For those with a combination ticket for both floors, head to Floor450 or TEMBO GALLERIA, 450 meters above the ground (a separate ticket is available for purchase on the 350th floor). After taking another elevator, you will reach the observatory.

The observatory hall is on a slope and you will have to walk to the highest point on your own. Experience a "walk along the skies" as you witness the scenic view of Tokyo you can only enjoy from here.

See The Changes Of Tokyo Through Time

view from skytree

The spectacular evening view from Skytree. Photo by Pixta
On a sunny day, the view of the streets of Tokyo and Mt. Fuji in the distance is great, but the night view is just as spectacular.

Once the sky gets completely dark, the skyscrapers of Shinjuku and other landmarks emit colorful lights that illuminate the city. You will be able to see a different side of Tokyo you normally cannot see. Tokyo Skytree's observatory is open until 22:00, so you will be able to enjoy the night view until late in the evening. Please note the last admission is at 21:00.

Things to Do Near Tokyo Skytree

skytree town

Photo by Pixta

Tokyo Skytree is fun to visit, but there are a lot of other things to enjoy close by, including a few shopping malls, dining, and entertainment. The Oshiage area, in particular, contains many small, local shops and restaurants that most travelers don't know about, but are worth exploring.

tokyo sola machi

Photo by Pixta
Tokyo Solamachi, a large shopping mall with Japanese and international brands, a casual food court, and restaurants, is located on the first ten floors of the Skytree. Some restaurants are on the 30th and 31st floors, as well.

There is also the Sumida Aquarium, and a planetarium all ages can enjoy located right next to the Skytree. It is easy to spend a half-day or even an entire day in the area.

For light exercise, walking around the Oshiage and Sumida area is also very pleasant. There are gardens, museums, and more local shops in the direction of Ryogoku Station, where the Edo-Tokyo Museum and the famous national sumo hall, Ryogoku Kaikan, are located.

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