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Where are Yamagata and Niigata Located?

Yamagata Prefecture is located in the Tohoku Region in Japan and is divided into two areas - the inland area and the area along the Japanese Sea coast. It takes between 2 hours and 10 minutes to 3 hours and 40 minutes by Shinkansen from Tokyo to reach the inland area. Major stations include Yonezawa Station, Yamagata Station, Tendo Station, and Shinjo Station. It will take around 4 hours by Shinkansen and limited express train to get to the Shonai Area close to the Japanese Sea coast. The main stations here stations are Tsuruoka Station and Sakata Station.


Niigata Prefecture is part of the Hokuriku Region in Japan. It takes around an hour and 20 minutes to two hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo. Major Shinkansen stations in Niigata Prefecture are Echigo-Yuzawa Station, Tsubame-Sanjo Station, and Niigata Station."

Yamagata Prefecture,
the Charming Fruit Kingdom,

Nearly 72% of the land in the Yamagata Prefecture is covered in forests, creating an area with unlimited natural beauty and resources. The inland region boasts spectacular views of the Zao forests covered in ice, Yamadera temple with its mesmerizing autumn foliage as well as other sights, captivate many visitors' hearts. The Shonai Area also contains many famous spots. Mt. Haguro is proud owner of three stars of Michelin Green Guide Japan, and Kamo Aquarium holds the title of the aquarium with the greatest display of jellyfish in the world. In addition, you can enjoy one of the numerous Japanese onsen (hot spring) sites in the area. The most famous hot spring is Ginzan Onsen, popular for its retro ambiance.

Thanks to the optimal terrain and climate conditions, Yamagata Prefecture produces delicious fruit for Japan's markets, such as cherry, grapes, pears, and many other. Yamagata is especially proud of their cherries, as they are the one of the tastiest, best cherries in the whole country! Yamagata's renowned cherry brand, Satonishiki, is famous all over the country.

Niigata Prefecture,
Japan's Top Rice Producer

Niigata Prefecture is nestled by coast of the Sea of Japan, which has resulted in a prosperous fish industry. In addition, the great Echigo Plain, together with Japan's longest river, the Shinano River, creates ideal conditions for rice field. Due to this Niigata Prefecture has become Japan's top producer of rice. Japanese sake, desserts, and sweets made from refined Niigata rice are true crowd-pleasers. In fact, the famous sake brand Hakkaisan, or Kameda Seika's kaki no tane (rice crisps), favored by many visitors to Japan, are actually Niigata's very own brands.

The prefecture is bordered by mountains and long in the north-south direction, with a variety of breathtaking scenery wherever you go. Areas gaining in popularity include the conveniently-located ski resort Echigo-Yuzawa, great for visiting from Tokyo, Senami Onsen with its mesmerizing view of the sunset on the Sea of Japan, and Sado Island, a remote island containing charming tarai bune (tub-turned boats) and unique beauty.

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Many Great Faces Of Yamagata And Niigata

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