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Excellent Japanese Pillows! 15 Quality Products on Sale Online


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While some people prefer fluffy pillows, others can't sleep without a memory foam pillow. We introduce 15 excellent Japanese pillow products that can be purchased from online retailers like Amazon.

In Japan, you can find various types of pillows, such as a down pillow or one suitable for stiff shoulders. This article features popular products available for purchase from online retailers such as Amazon.

Fluffy Down Pillows

By definition, over 50% of the filling in a down pillow must be composed of feathers from a goose or duck.

Goose feather downs are superior in retaining heat yet are expensive. In comparison, duck feather down pillows can be purchased at an affordable price. The following is a list of down pillows soft enough to be employed at luxury hotels.

1. Muji: Gray Down Blend Pillow

15 Popular Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep!

The Gray Down Blend Pillow by Muji is airy, composed 70% of down feathers. The width measures 67 centimeters, which snugly covers one's head.

Most down pillows are not washable, but this pillow can be washed at home. Be sure to use a laundry net to ensure it will be as good as new.

2. Happy Singu Rabo: Down Pillow

The filling of this soft pillow by Happy Singu Rabo is 90% white goose down feathers. The cover is 100% natural cotton, so it feels smooth and dry, especially during the summer.

3. Showa Nishikawa: Goose Down Hotel Pillow

15 Popular Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep!

The Goose Down Hotel Pillow by Showa Nishikawa uses both goose down and feathers. The inside is divided into two compartments while the upper half contains 90% goose down and 10% feathers. The lower half is 100% feathers.

Users can enjoy the fluffy down-side and the resilient feather-side.

Multi-Purpose Pillows

Some pillows have additional functions, such as easing stiff shoulders or helping users sleep well. The following is a list of pillows with a wide range of capacities.

1. MyeFoam: Memory Foam Pillow

15 Popular Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep!

This pillow by MyeFoam will make users feel as if there is no gravity. A dent in the area where the head rests will help ensure a good night's sleep.

It is also easy on the ears and head of side-sleepers, reducing stress on their neck and shoulders. The place where the neck rests is asymmetrical, so users can adjust the fit to their neck.

2. Nishikawa: Air 3D Pillow

15 Popular Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep!

Those yearning a blissful sleep should try the fashionable 3D Pillow. The bumps on the surface make it permeable to air.

It has a dent in the center to lessen stress on the cervical vertebrae. The moisture will evaporate while users turn over in their sleep.

3. Tokyo Nishikawa: Yokone Support Pillow

15 Popular Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep!

The Yokone Support Pillow is an ideal product for side-sleepers. The arch-shaped pillow supports the body while reducing stress on the neck and shoulders.

There are two pillow heights available: a high and low version.

4. Showa Nishikawa: Muatsu Pillow

15 Popular Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep!

Muatsu Pillow by Showa Nishikawa utilizes two different materials, so users can choose a side with small bumps or one that disperses head weight.

The filling can be taken out, allowing the height to be adjusted within a range of four centimeters. This means that women and children can comfortably use the pillow.

5. Technogel: Contour Pillow 2

15 Popular Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep!

The Contour Pillow 2 received the Japan's Good Design Award in 2015. The shape perfectly fits the line of your shoulders, helping to ease tension in the entire body.

The product comes in three sizes with a height of seven, nine, and 11 centimeters.

6. F1F2: The Cubes

15 Popular Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep!

The Cubes is a unique product consisting of 80 cubes that move to support the head when users turn in their sleep. It is the perfect item for people with neck and shoulder pain.

An airway forms when the head moves, reducing moisture inside the pillow.

7. Airweave: S-Line Pillow

15 Popular Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep!

The height of the S-Line Pillow by Airweave can be adjusted according to the shape of the user's head.

By taking out or adding filling from the side, users can adjust the height to their preferred position in three levels. You can also harden the texture of the periphery.

Popular Memory Foam Pillows in Japan

In addition to their high resiliency, memory foam pillows have become popular in Japan. This type of pillow helps ease pain in the shoulders and neck by providing adequate support.

The following is a list of three hit products.

1. Iris Ohyama: Airy Pillow MARS-PL

15 Popular Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep!

The Airy Pillow MARS-PL by Iris Ohyama can be washed at home. The cover is machine-washable and the filling can be rinsed with water.

The tubed fiber that is used as the filling is permeable to air. It also reduces the moisture inside, so users do not need to worry about the pillow becoming stuffy.

2. Tempur: Original Pillow

15 Popular Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep!

The Original Pillow by Tempur lessens tension applied to the spinal cord during sleep. By placing the neck on the higher side, the body will settle into its naturally-curved shape.

The height of the medium-sized pillow is ten centimeters. There is also a small-sized pillow measuring eight centimeters in height that is fit for children and women.

3. Ohsama Series: King Dream Pillow

15 Popular Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep!

The King Dream Pillow offers a soft, snug fit. The filling consists of powder-fine micro-beads and polyester cotton, working in unison to make a fluffy pillow.

The height can be adjusted by taking the filling out, so this product fits people of all ages.

Cost-Effective Pillows Under 3,500 Yen

Those planning to purchase pillows for every family member should look at cost-effective varieties. The following is a list of pillows priced under 3,500 yen.

1. AYO: High Resilience Pillow

15 Popular Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep!

This High Resilience Pillow, weighing 1.2 kilograms, is manufactured according to specifications for a luxury hotel. The filling is 100% polyester cotton, offering an airy texture.

The height can be adjusted by taking out the cotton. This product exudes a high-quality aura beyond its price of under 3,000 yen.

2. Iris Ohyama: High-Class Pillow

15 Popular Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep!

The High-Class Pillow features an independent neck-rest. Divided into four compartments, the height of each section can be adjusted separately, according to the user's preference.

This product is fit for both back and side-sleepers, keeping their head parallel to the bed.

Enjoy Blissful Sleep With a Quality Pillow

15 Popular Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep!

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There are various pillows on the market, from fluffy types to products allowing the height to be adjusted. Look for a pillow that fits your sleeping patterns to secure a good night's sleep!

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