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Saitama Prefecture

Saitama Prefecture

Saitama Prefecture is located to the north of Tokyo. The prefecture’s flower, the beautiful primrose, can be found in postcard-quality scenery in Hitsujiyama Park every year from mid-April to early May.

Aside from this, various sightseeing spots are also present: a one-of-a-kind bonsai museum, the vintage streets of Kawagoe, and festivals unique to Saitama Prefecture.

There are also unique experiences that you can enjoy only in Saitama Prefecture. Whether it be rafting down the Nagatoro rapids, or getting some hands-on train driving and riding experience at the Railway Museum, there are many places where both children and adults can enjoy themselves.
Saitama Prefecture
After some sightseeing and touring, you can sample some delicious food as well. In the northern part of the prefecture where nature is in abundance, you can savor wild freshwater trout grown in crystal clear waters, and chill yourself with some kakigoori (shaved ice) sourced from naturally-frozen ice. Urawa Ward is located close to Tokyo, with streets filled with restaurants offering delectable unagi (freshwater eel).

Shopping outlets are plentiful and diverse; we highly recommend shopping in Saitama Prefecture.

After spending a satisfying day of sightseeing, you can stay the night at a ryokan (traditional Japanese lodging) or at any of the easily-accessible hotels available; there are so many options that you will be spoiled for choice!

We introduce you to some of the highlights and wonderful sights of Saitama Prefecture in this special edition.

Saitama Prefecture

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