8 Special Shopping Destinations In Saitama Prefecture

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This article features a selection of shopping facilities in Saitama prefecture cities such as Omiya, Iruma and Koshigaya. These destinations are easy to access from Tokyo and they offer a large variety of items, which makes them a very appealing shopping

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Saitama prefecture, which neighbors Tokyo in the north, has many impressive sightseeing destinations. There are places where one can enjoy the cuisine and leisure activities specific to Saitama, and the fact that they are all close to Tokyo adds to their appeal.

Convenient Shopping Facilities in Saitama

In addition to delicious cuisine and unique leisure activities, Saitama has large scale shopping facilities and popular outlet malls, which makes it a convenient shopping destination.

The large shopping facilities contain various stores. From fashion items to food and souvenirs, anything is available here. They are very convenient to the travelers who would like to buy something on their trip.

We will introduce some of the shopping spots in Saitama. Some of the restaurants featured in our previous article are also close by, so you could visit them on the same occasion.

1. COCOON CITY (Saitama-Shintoshin)

8 Special Shopping Destinations In Saitama Prefecture

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COCOON CITY is a large shopping facility neighboring the JR Saitama-Shintoshin Station. It consists in three buildings - Cocoon 1, Cocoon 2 and Cocoon 3.

Cocoon 1

In Cocoon 1 there are around 100 shops: clothing stores, cosmetics shops, cafés and restaurants, bookstores, a supermarket and drugstores.

8 Special Shopping Destinations In Saitama Prefecture

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In Cocoon 3 you can find a large electronical appliance store, sportswear shops, pet shops and bicycle stores.

COCOON CITY is, just like its name suggests, a facility that gathers all the stores in the city in one place. It is very pleasant to forget time and just enjoy shopping here.

Shopping Destinations Around Ōmiya Station

In the proximity of Ōmiya Station there are several shopping malls. It might be enjoyable to check them all out, but each one has its own distinctive features, so we will introduce them here in order.

2. Sogō Ōmiya

8 Special Shopping Destinations In Saitama Prefecture

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Sogō Ōmiya is a department store located around the West Exit of Ōmiya Station. 13 stories high, this building houses supermarkets, men’s and ladies’ clothing stores, as well as restaurants. There are also many luxury brand stores here.

3. Ōmiya Arche

Ōmiya Arche, located also at the West Exit of Ōmiya Station is a facility housing various commercial companies. In this building you can find several shops handling fashion and interior design items popular with young people in their teens or twenties. Because of its convenient location near the Ōmiya station, events and celebrations are often organized here.

4. The DOM Shopping Center at the Ōmiya Station, West Exit

In the DOM Shopping Center area around the West Exit of Ōmiya Station, there are stores like MARUI and OPA with a large variety of fashion shops, as well as the Daiei supermarket and TOKYU HANDS, which handles interior design and daily use items.

5. Takashimaya, Ōmiya

Ōmiya Takashimaya is a department store in the area of Ōmiya Station, East Exit. Takashimaya is different from other department stores in that, while it can be found countrywide, it sells products specific to each region. Therefore, in the Ōmiya store you can find souvenirs and other items that are specific to Saitama prefecture.

6. LUMINE Ōmiya

LUMINE Ōmiya is a shopping center located in the building above Ōmiya Station. The direct access from the station is one of the specific features of this store. It is especially popular among ladies in their late twenties.

7. Aeon Laketown

8 Special Shopping Destinations In Saitama Prefecture

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Mitsui Outelet Park is an outlet park in Iruma city, Saitama prefecture. There are 204 shops in in this facility: 181 outlets, 6 restaurants, 11 shops in the food court and 6 other shops.

This outlet is very popular, being visited in weekends by people who live in the area, as well as by people from other towns in Saitama, who come here for shopping.

In Conclusion

It is easy to reach the shopping spots in Saitama from Tokyo, and their greatest appeal is that they are located in the proximity of train stations, making it possible for customers to enjoy a whole day of shopping. We warmly recommend you check them out along with the Saitama cuisine restaurants and the leisure destinations in the area.

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