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17 Discount Coupons for Shopping and Services in Japan

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MATCHA has partnered with various shops and service providers in Japan to offer our readers exclusive discount coupons! Read on to learn how and where you can use these 17 coupons and take advantage of them to save money while traveling in Japan!

Latest update :

Accepted Across Japan! Special MATCHA Coupons

As of September 2023, special MATCHA coupons exclusive to MATCHA readers can be used at 17 businesses and services across Japan! This extensive list includes drugstores, electronic retailers, Wi-Fi rentals, and car rentals!

This article introduces a complete guide to places where MATCHA coupons can be used. Use more coupons to save on your Japan travels and enjoy a trip the smart way!

1. Capture My Japan: A 3,000 Yen Discount on Location Photoshoots!

Capture My Japan

Photo courtesy of Capture My Japan Official Website
Capture My Japan is the country’s top photography service where a professional photographer will capture your travel memories. You can request photoshoots done in your preferred location with options in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido, and many more.

The gorgeous cherry blossoms, magnificent autumn leaves, and romantic snowy landscape... Japan’s four seasons are bursting with beautiful moments. Wouldn’t you like to capture yourself in photos with the beautiful scenery of Japan?

Click for 3,000 Yen Coupon on Location Photoshoots!

2. Yomiuri Land: Up to 13% Off Entrance Fees!

Travel Japan on a Discount! Guide to MATCHA Coupons and Where to Use Them

Picture courtesy of Yomiuri Land
Yomiuri Land is a large theme park that extends across Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture.

The theme park has attractions, illuminations, and various festivities, including limited-time events. People of all ages can enjoy an entire day here!

Click for Coupon up to 13% Off at Yomiuri Land!

3. Snow and Flow Snowsports School: Free Shuttle to Your Hotel!

Travel Japan on a Discount! Guide to MATCHA Coupons and Where to Use Them

Photo courtesy of PIXTA
If you plan to take skiing or snowboarding lessons in Hokkaido's Niseko Village, we recommend Snow and Flow Snowsports School!

Input the coupon code (traditional Chinese) provided by MATCHA when reserving lessons on the official website. By doing so, you can arrange for a free shuttle to your hotel in the Niseko area.

Click for Max 3,500 Yen Coupon at Snow and Flow Snowsports School!(Traditional Chinese)

4. Nippon Rent-A-Car: Get 10% Off!


Photo courtesy of Nippon Rent-A-Car
Although railways and buses have extensive networks across Japan, there are certain regions where traveling by car is the most convenient option like Okinawa, Kyushu, and Hokkaido.

Feel the freedom of traveling by booking a rental car on trips to the countryside. MATCHA offers a coupon for up to 10% off Nippon Rent-A-Car rental fees.


5. Don Quijote: Variety Goods and Treats at a Greater Discount! Tax-Free + 5% Off!

Travel Japan on a Discount! Guide to MATCHA Coupons and Where to Use Them

Source: Don Quijote Akihabara

Don Quijote is a discount store with store locations nationwide.

They carry a wide selection of items, including general merchandise, sweets and snacks, and various goods that are reasonably priced. Shop at an even greater discount by using this coupon!

Click for Tax-Free and 5% Off Coupon at Don Quijote!

6. Bic Camera: Cameras and Beauty Appliances! Tax-Free + Up to 7% Off

Travel Japan on a Discount! Guide to MATCHA Coupons and Where to Use Them

Bic Camera is an electronics retailer with stores across Japan. They carry large electronic appliances and have an extensive selection of cameras, small household appliances, beauty products, and more!

The coupon can be used with the tax-free system, so you can have fun shopping at a value.

Click for Tax-Free and up to 7% Off Coupon at Bic Camera!

7. EDION: Handy Appliances and Daily Necessities for a Deal! Tax-Free + 7% Off

Travel Japan on a Discount! Guide to MATCHA Coupons and Where to Use Them

Photo courtesy of EDION
EDION is an electronics retailer with locations across Japan. They not only carry electronics, but also a wide selection of items including daily necessities, food products, and household goods. It’s also the best place to purchase souvenirs.

Many of its stores are located across the Chubu, Kinki, and Chugoku regions. There’s also a store in Tokyo's Akihabara district.

Click for Tax-Free and 7% Off Coupon at EDION!

8. Victoria: Sporting Goods at a Deal! Tax-Free + 5% Off

Travel Japan on a Discount! Guide to MATCHA Coupons and Where to Use Them

Photo courtesy of PIXTA
Victoria is a famous sporting goods brand with affiliate stores located across Japan. These include the golf supplies shop Victoria Golf, the outdoor equipment shop L-Breath, the sporting goods specialty shop Super Sports Xebio, and more!

Use this coupon from MATCHA to receive a 5% discount in conjunction with a 10% tax exemption.

Click for Tax-Free and 5% Off Coupon at Victoria!

9. Matsumoto Kiyoshi: Popular Cosmetics at a Value! Tax-Free + Up to 7% Off!

Travel Japan on a Discount! Guide to MATCHA Coupons and Where to Use Them

Picture courtesy of PIXTA
Drugstores carry a wide selection of reasonably priced cosmetics. They are one of the must-visit spots when visiting Japan.

MATCHA is offering a discount coupon in partnership with Matsumoto Kiyoshi, a popular drugstore. The coupon will get you up to 7% off your purchase in conjunction with a tax exemption.

Click for Tax-Free and up to 7% Off Coupon at Matsumoto Kiyoshi!

10. SUNDRUG: Tax-Free + Up to 7% Off!


Photo courtesy of SUNDRUG
MATCHA has also partnered with SUNDRUG, a drugstore with numerous locations in Japan.

Feel free to use this discount coupon to get up to 7% off your purchase after tax exemption.

Get a tax-free and up to 7% off coupon for SUNDRUG! (Traditional Chinese)

11. Tsuruha Drugstore: Tax-Free + Up to 7% Off!


Photo courtesy of Tsuruha
MATCHA is also partnered with Tsuruha Drugstore, another drugstore with numerous locations nationwide.

Please enjoy shopping at a bargain with this coupon and get up to 7% off your purchase after tax exemption!

Get a tax-free and up to 7% off coupon for Tsuruha Drugstore!

12. Drug COSMOS: Tax-Free + Up to 7% Off


Photo courtesy of COSMOS
Drug COSMOS is a discount drugstore based in Kyushu with several locations in Kansai, Chugoku, and Shikoku. The store carries a substantial selection of reasonably priced cosmetics and over-the-counter medicine.

Use this coupon to get up to 7% off and you’ll be able to buy the items on your wishlist at an even better price!

Get a tax-free and up to 7% off coupon for Drug COSMOS!

13. Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku: Food and Brand-Name Goods Included! 5% Off


Photo courtesy of PIXTA
The Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku sells a wide variety of products including luxury and brand-name goods, household items, cosmetics, food products, furniture, and more.

Thanks to being directly connected to Shinjuku Station, it has also become a landmark of the city. It would be a great idea to stop by here for shopping and food if you’re staying in a nearby accommodation.

Get a 5% off coupon for Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku!

14. Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro: 5% Off Coupon Exchange Ticket


Picture courtesy of: PIXTA
Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro also doubles as one of Ikebukuro’s landmarks. It’s in a convenient location and easily accessible from train stations on the Tobu-Tojo Line and subway lines.

Make your way to Tobu Department Store when visiting Ikebukuro to find your favorite product and fashion items!

Get a 5% off coupon exchange ticket for Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro!

15. Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores: 5% Off Coupon + 2,000 Yen Gourmet Ticket


Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores is one of Japan’s most famous department store chains. MATCHA currently offers a 5% off coupon and 2,000 yen gourmet ticket that can be used at participating Daimaru and Matsuzakaya Department Stores.

The participating Daimaru Department Store locations are Shinsaibashi, Umeda, Kyoto, Kobe, Tokyo, Sapporo, and Shimonoseki. The participating locations for Matsuzakaya Department Store are Nagoya, Ueno, and Shizuoka.

Get a 5% off coupon and 2,000 yen gourmet ticket for Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores!

16. NINJA Wi-Fi: A Travel Essential! 30% Off Rental Fee


Photo courtesy of NINJA Wi-Fi
For Wi-Fi while traveling, how about using NINJA Wi-Fi? It’s a mobile Wi-Fi router rental service available in Japan. It’s a very convenient service as you not only have the option to pick up the router at the airport, but also the option to have it delivered to your hotel.

You can get 30% off the rental fee by using this coupon, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of it!

Get a 30% off coupon for NINJA Wi-Fi!

17. JAL ABC: Luggage Delivery Service and Wi-Fi Rentals! 10% Off and 200 Yen Discount


Photo courtesy of PIXTA
JAL ABC is operated by JAL Group, a famous Japanese airline company. The company provides short-term luggage storage services at the airport, airport luggage delivery, sales of SIM cards for use within Japan, and Wi-Fi router rentals.

Their service counters can be found at Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport (International Terminal 3), and Kansai International Airport, so please feel free to consider using their services for your Japan travels.

Get a 10% off coupon for short-term luggage storage services!
Get a 200 yen coupon for airport luggage delivery services!
Get a 10% off coupon for Wi-Fi router rentals!
Get a 10% off coupon for SIM card purchases!

Still Many More MATCHA Coupons to Come

We will continue to prepare more attractive coupons so everyone that reads MATCHA can travel Japan more affordably and conveniently from here on out.

The next time you’re out shopping, go to MATCHA and check whether we have a coupon for it!

Check the complete list of MATCHA coupons!

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