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10 Budget Friendly Souvenir Shops Near Stations In Tokyo

10 Budget Friendly Souvenir Shops Near Stations In Tokyo

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Out of the many souvenir shops in Tokyo, we selected ten cost-friendly and convenient shopping spots in Tokyo. You can find here good quality items made in Japan that will bring joy to your dear ones!

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by ニコ

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The Low Cost and Great Quality Souvenir Shopping Spots of Tokyo

Known as the capital of Japan, Tokyo is a fun place to tour around and shop for souvenirs. But out of the many stores standing side by side, it is hard to choose what store to shop at. In this article, we will introduce you to ten shops that are budget-friendly and conveniently located close to a train station.

All of these shops are popular not only visitors from overseas, but also among Japanese customers. Along with the great quality products and prices, many of the shops are duty-free, so they may be worth checking out!

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1. Matsumoto Kiyoshi

From Shopping in Shibuya? Make the Most of it With These 9 Shops Near the Station!

This is a drug store that carries many great quality Japanese cosmetics, medical products and daily goods at affordable prices. It is a popular shop with an iconic yellow sign that can be spotted in many large stations in Tokyo.

Plenty of Japanese locals of all ages come and shop here for their daily needs. It is a great place to pick up cosmetics, daily items, and other pharmaceutical items.

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