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5 Recommended Ekiben You Can Buy at JR Okayama Station

Accompanied by the train, as a souvenir. Choosing an ekiben with a local feel is one of the real pleasures of traveling! This time, I will introduce my favorite ekiben that I bought at JR Okayama Station and groaned, "This is great!" If you are traveling to JR Okayama Station, please use this as a r...


Places where you can buy ekiben at JR Okayama Station

We will introduce places where you can buy ekiben at JR Okayama Station. First of all, there is an ekiben corner in the "Souvenir Highway" near the central ticket gate inside the conventional line ticket gate on the 2nd floor. It has a wide selection and is recommended.

After entering the Shinkansen ticket gate on the 2nd floor, there is an ekiben shop with a signboard called "Okayama Ekiben", which also has a wide selection of products. It is recommended that you purchase the ticket before going up to the Shinkansen platform.

There are shops on both the inbound and outbound platforms of the Shinkansen, where you can buy ekiben and souvenirs. However, since the shop is compact, the product lineup is not as large as that of "Omiyage Kaido" or "Okayama Ekiben" on the 2nd floor.

① Momotaro Festival Sushi

This time, I will introduce five of my recommended ekiben, which you can get at the Okayama Ekiben located inside the Shinkansen ticket gates.
First of all, "Momotaro no Matsuri Sushi". Speaking of Okayama, Momotaro! This is an ekiben with a design of Momotaro that has a big impact.

At the store, there was a pop of "Popularity NO.1".

A big peach from the paper box! !
It's a cute case that you'll want to take home.

The contents are Okayama barazushi (chirashizushi). It is said that the name of the product was given as 'matsuri-zushi' because bara-zushi was eaten at festivals. Okayama is full of seafood such as mamagari, octopus, Spanish mackerel, and conger eel.
It looks gorgeous too. The vinegared rice is not too thick, and the ingredients are various, so you can eat it without getting tired of it.

② Chiya beef sukiyaki box

Japan's oldest vine cow in Niimi. "Chiya Beef" is the origin of Wagyu beef, and it is said to be "Wagyu beef among Wagyu beef". You can taste Chiya beef in ekiben. In the package, the explanation of Chiya beef was also posted firmly.

Plenty of tender Chiya beef inside. The sweet flavor of sukiyaki is packed with the umami of the meat, and it's delicious even without warming it up. The simmering onions also go well with Chiya beef and rice. The tamagoyaki is sweet. The amount is not too much, so I think you can eat compactly even on the train. It's very delicious, so i recommend it.

③Travel small box

This is an ekiben where you can enjoy the taste of Azuma Sushi, a long-established sushi restaurant in Okayama founded in 1902. It looks cute and has a two-tiered design.

The upper row is Okayama barazushi. In the lower part, yellow leek sushi, mamakari sushi, millet dumplings, etc. are included, making it an ekiben that allows you to fully enjoy Okayama. Among them, the yellow chive sushi has crispy yellow chives that go well with the plum pulp and vinegared rice on top.

If you look closely, the pink cloth that wraps the bento has a cute Momotaro pattern.

④ Setouchi specialty Anago-meshi

Speaking of luxury rice bowls in the Seto Inland Sea, it is "Anagomeshi".

It's full of grilled conger eel!
Moreover, it has a fluffy texture and a fragrant aroma, and goes well with slightly soy sauce-flavored rice.

"Setouchi specialty conger eel rice" seems to be the third most popular product.

⑤Okayama specialties large gathering

Developed with the involvement of students from Okayama Prefectural Okayama Minami High School, the “Okayama Specialty Collection” includes festival sushi, demi-katsu, shrimp rice, rice balls with red rice from Okayama, Saikyo-yaki Spanish mackerel, millet dumplings, etc. You can taste nine kinds of menu little by little.

In addition, sushi, which is a standard ekiben, has a lineup full of local flavors such as mamagari, mackerel, and yellow chives.

There is also a "selected oyster rice" that is only available in winter. By all means, please try eating and comparing.

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