``Kiraku'' where you can enjoy sushi and seafood dishes with family and friends | Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Prefecture

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Sushi and seafood restaurant ``Kiraku'' has opened near ``TUTAYA Kanazawa Nonoichi Store'' in Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Prefecture.


The owner is Mr. Miyamukai, who has worked at Okura, a popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant in the Omicho market, for over 35 years, and as a manager for over 20 years. Always putting the customer first, the restaurant introduced a lunch set 20 years ago, which was rare at the time, and has continued to be loved by local customers. Now, he and his family have opened their own store, which was a long-awaited goal.

The seafood is purchased every morning at the Kanazawa Central Wholesale Market, so it is extremely fresh. They place particular emphasis on tuna, and basically use raw domestic bluefin tuna. On weekdays, we recommend the great-value lunch with 3 types of nigiri, 2 types of set meals, and 4 types of seafood bowls, for a total of 9 types. Among them, the ``Jigami Nigiri'' includes 10 pieces of red bluefin tuna, medium fatty tuna, squid, sweet shrimp, horse mackerel, yellowtail, raw scallops, raw salmon, crab miso gunkan, and today's recommended white meat, as well as omelette, chawanmushi, and miso soup, tax included. At 2,000 yen, I am very satisfied. In addition, we strive for customer satisfaction by offering great value lunch sets that are limited to 10 meals only on weekdays, and rice bowls and set meals that come with free large servings of rice for lunch and dinner.

``There are many sushi restaurants in Ishikawa Prefecture, but they only serve conveyor belt sushi and high-end tachi-no-sushi.Our restaurant is somewhere in the middle, with the affordable prices and casual atmosphere of conveyor-belt sushi, but the relaxed atmosphere of tachi-no-sushi. We want you to enjoy our carefully selected toppings in a relaxed atmosphere,'' says Mr. Miyamukai. In the evening, in addition to sushi that you can easily order from just one piece, there is also a wide selection of single-item dishes such as nigiri sets, rice bowls, fried foods, and vinegared dishes. We have also installed children's chairs to make it easier for families to use.

You can enjoy your sushi while chatting with the owner at the counter, or you can enjoy cooking with family and friends at the table. This is a recommended place that can be used in a variety of ways.

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