On Sale Until February 2024! The Cost-Efficient Osaka Senshu Resort Passport

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Osaka Senshu Resort Passport, a discount ticket that can be used in western Japan's Senshu area, will be on sale via the Horai app until February 10, 2024. We introduce the features of this ticket and the appeals of Osaka's Senshu area.

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Osaka Senshu Resort Passport: Explore Osaka's Senshu Area Cost-Efficiently

Osaka Senshu Resort Passport, a discount ticket that can be used in the Senshu area, will be on sale from December 2023.

The major benefits of using the Osaka Senshu Resort Passport are:
1. You receive discounts and other perks at over 30 sightseeing spots in the Senshu area of Osaka.
2. You'll gain deep knowledge about Senshu, a lesser-known travel destination in Osaka.

The Osaka Senshu Resort Passport is available in two types: with three discount coupons for 500 yen, and with two coupons for 340 yen (both prices include tax). This convenient ticket is available from December 13, 2023, until February 10, 2024.

How to Get the Osaka Senshu Resort Passport


Picture courtesy of KIX Senshu Tourism Bureau

The Osaka Senshu Resort Passport can be purchased via Horai, a sightseeing app that guides the users to their destinations, assists in creating travel itineraries with the help of AI, and can also be used to book or purchase transportation tickets.

1. Download the Horai app.
2. Purchase the Osaka Senshu Resort Passport via the app, using a credit card.
3. Visit the stores/spots affiliated with this ticket and use the coupons.

The Appeals of the Osaka Senshu Resort Passport


Picture courtesy of KIX Senshu Tourism Bureau

A Cost-Efficient Ticket Offering Benefits at Tourist Spots in the Osaka-Senshu Area

The Osaka Senshu Resort Passport is a great value ticket that comes with discount coupons and other benefits at participating stores. The price is 500 yen for three coupons, and 340 yen for two coupons (both prices include tax).

This ticket can be purchased via the Horai app, using a credit card. Each store offers a discount of more than 200 yen, along with various other services. The maximum discount can be 470 yen at certain stores.

Many Charming Sightseeing Spots in the Senshu Area of Osaka Are Participating!

The Senshu area boasts many dining facilities serving excellent dishes made with local produce, stores handling traditional items made in Osaka, which has flourished as a city of commerce, as well as with historic sites, shrines, and temples.


Picture courtesy of KIX Senshu Tourism Bureau

The Osaka Senshu Resort Passport can be used at more than 30 diverse spots, including restaurants, historical and cultural sites, and hot springs.

At the registered spots, visitors can enjoy casual dining and shopping, as well as unique local experiences. This ticket offers the freedom to use it according to your stay's purpose and schedule. Be sure to check out the great ticket offers and visit these spots!

Charming Places to Visit Using the Osaka Senshu Resort Passport


Picture courtesy of KIX Senshu Tourism Bureau

Senshu is located in the southwest of Osaka Prefecture, surrounded by abundant nature with its proximity to the sea and mountains. It is an area that is also rich in regional resources that embody Japan's history and culture.

Furthermore, the Kansai International Airport, which serves as the "gateway to the sky" for the Kansai region, is located within the area. This makes it an ideal base for exploring the Kansai region and a convenient option for casual sightseeing during layovers.

1. Senshu: Osaka's Kitchen with Access To the Sea and Mountains

Various products from the fertile land and off the coast of Senshu have long supported Osaka's food culture.

Farm products such as mizu-nasu (a type of Japanese eggplant that can be eaten raw), onion, and cabbage, along with seafood including Izumi-dako (octopus), sea eel, and watari-gani (swimming crab), are especially well-known. They can all be enjoyed at local dining facilities.


Picture courtesy of KIX Senshu Tourism Bureau

The Japanese restaurant Yamayoshi, located right in front of Tottorinosho Station on the Nankai Electric Railway, offers exquisite Japanese cuisine, sushi, and barbecue using fresh seasonal ingredients from the warm and rich natural surroundings of the Senshu region, as well as top-quality ingredients sourced from all over Japan. You can enjoy a 5% discount on your meal when using the Osaka Senshu Resort Passport.

2. Enjoy Japan's History, Culture, and Nature

The Senshu region is home to numerous cultural and historical attractions, including Daisenryo Kofun, the ancient burial mound of Emperor Nintoku, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as historical landmarks, shrines, temples, art galleries, and museums.

The area is also known for its traditional festivals, such as the Kishiwada Danjiri Festival, which has a history and tradition of over 300 years and is famous nationwide.

Furthermore, visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the changing seasons, with opportunities to explore cherry blossom viewing spots, rose gardens, and other floral attractions, in addition to the coastal and mountain landscapes.


Picture courtesy of KIX Senshu Tourism Bureau

The historical Kishiwada Castle boasts attractions such as the Kishiwada Castle Garden (Hachijin no Niwa), a nationally designated scenic spot. Visitors should not miss the stone walls, which are a testament to the castle's history, and the keep, which displays various materials. You can also enjoy trying on authentic armor and posing for photos as if they were a warlord from the Warring States period.

Additionally, using the ticket allows you to receive a special souvenir.

3. Experience the Traditional Industries of Osaka

Senshu is home to various industries established in Osaka, a well-known city of commerce; some of these traditional occupations continue to thrive here.

There are many spots where you can experience local industries, such as visiting textile factories, making incense, touring sake breweries, and even trying your hand at fishing. Additionally, you can enjoy seasonal activities like picking strawberries and mandarins, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of natural hot springs, and partake in exciting activities surrounded by nature.

Tsumugu, a local handweaving group, hosts a workshop using a handloom, where participants can make coasters and straps. By showing the Osaka Senshu Resort PAssport, you'll get a 200 yen discount.


Picture courtesy of KIX Senshu Tourism Bureau

How to Use the Osaka Senshu Resort Passport

Osaka's Senshu area is rich in food, history, culture, and nature.

Senshu is ideal as a base to explore the Kansai Region. It is also perfect for those looking for another side of Osaka, besides the urban areas, as well as for travelers who want to appreciate the rich nature, along with history.

Osaka Senshu Tourist Guide has a wide variety of recommended routes in the area, so do take a look.

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