Find Your SIM Cards and Free Passes at GTN Haneda Airport Garden! Navigating from the Haneda Arrival Lobby to Our Store

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Just landed at Haneda Airport and looking to buy a SIM card at the GTN Haneda Airport Garden Store? You might be wondering where exactly the GTN store is located within such a vast airport. Worry no more! In this article, we’ll guide you step-by-step from the Haneda Airport arrival lobby to the GTN ...

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1. What is the GTN Haneda Airport Garden Store?

The GTN Haneda Airport Garden Store, located within Haneda Airport Garden adjacent to the International Terminal of Haneda Airport, offers SIM card sales, Wi-Fi rental services, and acts as a tourist information center.

Our product range includes prepaid data-only SIM cards and eSIMs for use in Japan, as well as SIM cards featuring calls and Wi-Fi rentals. We also offer Free Passes for tourists to explore along the Seibu Line.

To make your journey to the GTN store, known for its diverse services, as smooth as possible, we recognize that navigating your way might cause some concern. To ease any worries, we're sharing the exact route our GTN staff members use to get from the arrival lobby to the store.

By following this guide, you can smoothly transition from the arrival lobby of Haneda Airport directly to the GTN Haneda Airport Garden Store without any hassle.
Furthermore, to enhance your shopping experience, we will also inform you about the various payment methods accepted at the GTN Haneda Airport Garden store.

2. How to Get to the GTN Haneda Airport Garden Store

The GTN Haneda Airport Garden store is conveniently located in the Haneda Airport Garden shopping mall, which is directly connected to the second floor of the arrival lobby in Haneda Airport's International Terminal.

Finding Your Way to the GTN Store

Starting from the second-floor arrival lobby, head straight towards the back, in the direction of the parking lot and bus stop, where you'll find the entrance to Haneda Airport Garden.

Upon entering Haneda Airport Garden, continue straight along the corridor until you reach the entrance of the hotel.

When you come across the Omotenashi Center (information counter), take the Haneda Sando path on its right side, and you'll soon arrive at the GTN store.

For more detailed directions from Haneda Sando to the GTN Haneda Airport Garden store, please refer to the video below.

3. Accepted Payment Methods at GTN Haneda Airport Garden Store

The GTN Haneda Airport Garden Store offers a variety of payment options for your convenience. In addition to cash, we accept:

Types of Accepted Payment Methods:

① Credit Cards: We accept major credit cards including VISA, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express.
② Contactless Payments: Use your transportation IC Cards such as Suica, PASMO, ICOCA, and others, as well as iD, Rakuten Edy, etc.
③ QR Code Payments: Choose from various options like PayPay, LINE Pay, Rakuten Pay, Alipay (including Tinaba, NaverPay, ChangiPay, HiPay, Public Bank, Mpay, etc.), and Wechat Pay.
*For a comprehensive list of all accepted payment methods, please refer to the Haneda Airport Garden Store's website .

4. Contact Information for GTN Haneda Airport Garden Store

For inquiries related to the GTN Haneda Airport Garden Store, please refer to the following information:

Basic Information

・Business Hours: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
・Phone: 03-6822-3033
*Please visit the Haneda Airport Garden website for updated information on any changes to business hours, temporary closures, or other modifications.


① Keikyu Line: 1-minute direct connection from Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station
② Tokyo Monorail: 1-minute direct connection from Haneda Airport Terminal 3 station
③  From Haneda Airport T3: Approx. 5-minute walk

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