BiBiBi & JURLi event “Shin Gibier” creates and disseminates a new food culture

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We would like to introduce an event hosted by the restaurant "BiBiBi & JURuli" at the Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art.

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Spreading art and food at the Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art

"BiBiBi & JURuli" is a restaurant located inside the Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art.

Art stimulates the senses, and food stimulates the appetite. We offer menus inspired by these works of art.

Ingredients are ordered from producers in all 15 municipalities of Toyama Prefecture, and tableware is original tableware commissioned from Toyama craftsmen and manufacturers. You can spend your time to your heart's content in a carefully designed space surrounded by artwork and the magnificent Tateyama Mountain Range that can be seen through the large glass windows on the south side.

We recommend the afternoon tea themed around the Tateyama Mountain Range, the symbol of Toyama Prefecture. A variety of colorful sweets and snacks are served on a stand designed after the mountain range of the Tateyama Mountain Range. Enjoy tea time as the Tateyama mountain range changes in the afternoon.

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We also have plans available for private use, such as parties and events where you can spend the night at the museum. This is a special plan that includes a buffet and approximately 20 types of drinks such as beer and wine. You can enjoy a quality time with the panoramic night view and delicious food from our restaurant.

"Chef's Table" creates and disseminates new food culture

``Chef's Table'' is a new restaurant endeavor that creates and disseminates food culture based on the concept of ``Chef x Producer x Theme.''

This is an entertainment event where you work with chefs active in Toyama Prefecture to create menus that make use of ingredients purchased from producers, and enjoy food and drinks according to each theme.

4th French Bistro aozora Chef Hikaru Kikuchi

The 4th chef is Hikaru Kikuchi, the owner and chef of the French bistro aozora in Saiwaimachi, Toyama City.

Chef Kikuchi, who is originally from Toyama Prefecture, started working at a restaurant that sells ingredients, and while working at a fresh fish store, he realized that he wanted to open his own restaurant, and began training as a chef. . He loves French wine and was drawn to French culture and cuisine, so he decided to master French cuisine. I trained at restaurants in the prefecture and opened aozora in 2016.

This time, we will be offering a luxurious French meal that combines traditional game with new ingredients, sake, and Japanese tea from Toyama Chaya Fujiokaen.

event information

Chef's Table - Hikaru Kikuchi x Fujiokaen x Shin Gibier -

Hikaru Kikuchi (French Bistro aozora)

DATE: 3.13Wed / 3.14Thu 18:00-21:00 every day

PRICE: ¥18,000 (tax included)

Triple selection of carefully selected sake and Japanese tea from Toyama Prefecture


Beetroot gazpacho, fresh fish, yuzu oil

Deer confit with turnip and burrata cheese

Boar pancetta tart

Squid and deer Bhutan noir Tomato and paprika coulis

Roasted boar, spring vegetables, fukinoto miso

Wild vegetables and bear risotto with sansho oil


* Contents may change depending on purchasing status.

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Established by Shigeru Aoi, CEO of Atom Co., Ltd., which has a connection with Toyama, Kitanihon Shimbun, which represents Toyama, and Ayumu Ishikawa, a professional baseball player from Toyama. We are a team that connects something with Toyama and creates new businesses together with Toyama. If you define “regional revitalization” as creating a sustainable society by making use of the characteristics of each region in Japan to put a brake on the overconcentration of Tokyo, the “regional awakening” that Toyamato is aiming for is completely different. have a concept Instead of being led by the local government or government, many people with a love for Toyama will rediscover the charm of Toyama, take pride in it, and spread it around the world on their own initiative. Ultimately, the main character is “people”, and I believe that the diversity of people mixed together will enhance the appeal of Toyama.

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