Niigata's Murakami City: Enjoy Fun Events, Sightseeing, and Local Cuisine!

If you love the sea and seafood, this is the town for you!

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If you love the sea and seafood, do you know about a place called Saeki? Located at the southeastern tip of Oita Prefecture, it is the city with the largest area among the municipalities in Kyushu. Blessed with an abundance of seafood and a natural environment, it is full of outdoor activities. Now,...

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Business Hotel Sansei

(5 minutes by car from JR Saeki Station)

First, arrive at Saeki Station. Choosing a hotel first will make it easier to access various sightseeing spots. We have a signboard cat and a manager who are knowledgeable about local tourist spots, so feel free to ask them anything about Saeki. Saiki City is large, so it is convenient to use Hotel Sansei as your base and go to sightseeing spots further afield.

Click here for access to Business Hotel Sansei

Fujikawachi Valley

Unexplored region tour/trekking/canyoning

(Approximately 47km from Hotel Sansei, approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes by car)

Tourist spots where you can fully enjoy the sea

Hatotsu coast

Top 100 white sand and green pine trees in Japan

(Approximately 32 km from Hotel Sansei, approximately 1 hour by car)

Takahira Campsite

(Approximately 22 km from Hatotsu coast, approximately 40 minutes by car)

empty park

(Approximately 18km from Takahira Campsite, approximately 36 minutes by car)

King of fishing

You can enjoy fishing without bringing your own fishing gear.

(Approximately 23km from Hotel Sansei, approximately 46 minutes by car)

saeki gourmet

《Seafood dishes》

Saiki is one of the best seafood treasures in Oita Prefecture, and can be enjoyed at Hotel Sansei and other restaurants in the city.

《Saeki Sushi》

We were once featured on TV saying, ``The best sushi restaurant in Japan is in Saiki.''

《Saeki Ramen》

This uniquely evolved pork bone ramen can only be eaten here. There are over 30 ramen shops in the city, making it a hidden ramen battleground.

Why not experience untouched nature in Saiki City?

English version of Saiki tourism introduction video

Korean version of Saiki tourism introduction video

Chinese version of Saiki tourism introduction video

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