"Seasonal Oden Jun" pioneers a new food culture in Kanazawa

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When you open the door, you will be greeted by the history of oden in Kanazawa and the world of "Seasonal Oden Jun," which is pioneering a new food culture. This restaurant uses ingredients unique to Kanazawa and makes you feel the importance of communication through oden. This time, we interviewed ...

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The History of Kanazawa Oden and "Seasonal Oden Jun"

The origins of Kanazawa oden date back to 1920. The soup stock is made with bonito flakes, "jiwamon" (local ingredients in Kanazawa dialect) and light soy sauce from Ono, and the light broth is a characteristic of Kanazawa oden. Since the Hokuriku Shinkansen opened in 2015, Kanazawa oden has been attracting even more attention.

For "Seasonal Oden Jun," the soup stock is made using Rausu kelp and coarsely shaved dried bonito flakes, and then Ohno's light soy sauce is added to this first stock to create a soup that has a strong umami flavor.

Ingredients and an approach unique to Kanazawa

The "Kanazawa-ness" of "Seasonal Oden Jun" is not limited to the broth. The oden ingredients include "jiwamon" (local delicacies) such as "ume shellfish" and "wheel-shaped gluten," as well as local tofu made using traditional methods. In addition, Kaga vegetables are used in abundance, and a wide selection of local sake from Kaga and Noto is available, so that each dish is designed to give you a taste of Kanazawa. The dishes served are made of Kutani ware, a traditional craft of Ishikawa Prefecture, and "Seasonal Oden Jun" is particular about allowing you to enjoy the oden visually as well.

Communication and Food Culture

Nishimura says, "I want people to not only enjoy the taste of oden, but also to feel the importance of communication through it." He says he aims to create a place where people can communicate with each other, not just enjoy a meal, but also talk with the owner and the people at the next table.

"Seasonal Oden Jun" is a rare oden restaurant in Kanazawa that accepts reservations. This popular long-established restaurant does not have a reservation system, and if you visit on the day, you may have to wait for four hours. By making a reservation, you can enjoy not only the oden but also plenty of communication in the restaurant. This is the true charm of Jun. We recommend that you make your reservation by phone by around noon on the day.

Where you can experience Kanazawa

Located a little ways back in the downtown area of ​​Katamachi, Toryanse Kanazawa Food Lab is marked by a paper lantern. There are many restaurants where you can enjoy Kanazawa cuisine, including Seasonal Odenjun, so why not stop by? Not only will you be able to taste Kanazawa's specialties, but you'll also be able to enjoy the city's lingering memories.

Seasonal Oden Jun Phone number: 090-1395-0854

Address: 2-chome Katamachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Toryanse KANAZAWA FOOD LABO Access: 3 minutes walk from the Hokuriku Railway Bus "Katamachi" stop

*For details on business hours and holidays, please check the link above.

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