Capture My Japan’s Kimono Photography Service: Your Dream Photo Shoot!

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Are you interested in taking photos wearing a kimono while sightseeing in Japan? Capture My Japan offers a plan that combines kimono rentals and a photo shoot. Why not use it to create wonderful memories of your trip?

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Capture My Japan: Professional Photography for International Visitors

Capture My Japan is a photography service for international visitors to Japan provided by Lovegraph Co., Ltd., one of Japan's largest on-location photo session businesses.

Our photographers can speak English, Chinese, Korean, etc. We guarantee a high level of hospitality and photography expertise, allowing you to feel at ease when shooting portraits.

In addition, the photographer will communicate closely with customers while taking photos. Even those who are not confident in Japanese can have their best figure captured on camera. The photographer will also handle submitting applications in Japanese that grant permission to take pictures.

You can shoot at any location in Japan, and we have photographers nationwide, from the northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido to the southernmost prefecture of Okinawa.

Kimono Photography Plan by Capture My Japan

Capture My Japan<br>

Capture My Japan

Why not try on a kimono, a traditional Japanese dress, and capture your memories in photos while visiting Japan?

Capture My Japan now offers a new plan where you can have your picture taken wearing a kimono or yukata from VASARA, one of the largest kimono rental stores in Japan!

VASARA has stores in major tourist destinations nationwide. Therefore, you can have your photo taken in a kimono with traditional Japanese scenery as the backdrop, including Tokyo, Kyoto, and Kamakura.

Since the photo shoot and rental are included in the package, you don't need to make separate arrangements. Moreover, you can receive additional services, such as kimono dressing and hair styling.

The photoshoot lasts an hour. You can go sightseeing in the kimono before or after the shoot as long as you return the kimono by 5 p.m.


For 54,780 yen (tax included), you and a companion can enjoy an hour-long kimono photography session, complete with kimono rentals and professional photography. Additional participants are welcome at 6,300 yen per person (3,980 yen for children).

Our skilled photographer will send the photos within one week of the shoot.

Use the coupon code MCM-19475 when making a reservation to receive a 5% discount and experience your reservation today!

Photo by Kota Kaminaka<br>

Photo by Kota Kaminaka

Photo by Haruno<br>

Photo by Haruno

Photo by gina<br>

Photo by gina

Customer Reviews

Photo by Haru Momooka<br>

Photo by Haru Momooka

Haru took every photo with great care and gave us good memories during our trip to Japan. On the day of the shooting, we took a series of unforgettable photos in a place with beautiful weather and cherry blossoms in full bloom. Thanks so much!

Photo by Haru Momooka<br>
Photo by Haru Momooka

Amazing shoot style.. Excellent service and performance.. Haru san is the best!!! If the time comes back, I will choose Haru san again. And there's such an important point you may need to know. Haru san is very cute!!!

Photo by Kurumi Yamashiki<br>
Photo by Kurumi Yamashiki

Getting my photo taken by a pro was a first for me, but they totally nailed it with top quality. It was a great experience! They even picked a spot for the shoot that I liked, which was a big help. They didn't just snap formal pics like usual, they caught all my everyday expressions too. Super happy with how it turned out.

Use Capture My Japan’s Kimono Plan While Sightseeing

Why not consider using Capture My Japan's kimono plan if you'll be visiting Japan?

Wearing a kimono and walking around towns where traditional Japanese culture still exists will make you feel closer to Japan and help you get to know the country better.

With Capture My Japan, photographers who speak English will communicate closely with you while taking your photos. You can rest assured even if you’re not confident in Japanese. Moreover, the photographer will handle the application that grants permission to take pictures.

If you use the coupon code MCM-19475 when making a reservation, you’ll receive a 5% discount and experience a professional photo shoot!

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"Capture My Japan " is a photography service for tourists visiting Japan from overseas by Lovegraph Co., Ltd, which operates one of Japan's largest on- location photography session businesses. Would you like to capture yourself along with the beautiful scenery of Japan with a professional photographer? You can experience shooting at your favorite travel destinations such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Capture My Japan's photographers have bases all over the country and can handle shooting in a wide range of areas. We have photographers who have passed a strict screening process, so you can leave your shooting to us with confidence! Japanese photographers who have a good understanding of each region will take care of your needs. Why not leave your memories of your trip to Japan together in a wonderful way?

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