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The History of Sushi

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Do you know the history of sushi, which is now popular not only among Japanese people but all over the world?

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The History of Sushi

1. Ancient Origins: Sushi probably originated as a way for Southeast Asian fishermen to preserve fish by salting them, which is also thought to be a type of fermentation technique to preserve fish for long periods of time.

2. Sushi in the Edo Period: Sushi became popular in Japan during the Edo Period (17th to 19th centuries). During the Edo Period, sushi made with fresh seafood caught in the seas around Edo (present-day Tokyo) became popular at Edo food stalls and restaurants. Sushi of this period was generally served with vinegared rice and fish served separately, unlike modern nigiri sushi.

3. The Development of Edomae Sushi: From the late Edo period through the Meiji era, a style of nigiri sushi known as Edomae sushi developed. This is vinegared rice and fish pressed by hand into an easy-to-eat shape, and became the prototype of modern sushi.

4. Global expansion of sushi: Since the Showa era, sushi has spread outside of Japan. In the United States in particular, the number of sushi restaurants has rapidly increased, and sushi has become popular with people all over the world. In the United States, the "Edomae sushi" style, in which the topping and rice are pressed together, has become mainstream.

5. Modern Sushi: Modern sushi is served in many different forms around the world. In addition to the traditional nigiri sushi, there are many other styles such as rolled sushi, pressed sushi, and donburi sushi, which have been adapted to different regions and cultures.

6. The history of sushi has evolved over time and developed through interactions with various cultures. Its history offers an interesting glimpse into the diversity of food cultures and cuisines.

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