Experience the charm of "dashi" in an artistic space that combines tradition and innovation

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Kanazawa is a city where a variety of traditions and modern ideas intersect. "Barrier" creates new dining experiences through food culture and spatial art. We explore how Kanazawa, a city blessed with sea and mountains, combines its food culture with modern ideas to continue to create magical dining...

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Cuisine at "barrier"

The restaurant's greatest feature is that its three main dishes, which change with each course, are topped with a special dashi broth. The restaurant started with the desire to let people from overseas know about Japan's dashi culture. The main dishes are made with seasonal ingredients from Ishikawa, such as rosy seabass from Kanazawa and rock oysters from Noto. (The ingredients change depending on the season.) The dashi broth used in the dishes is extracted using siphons lined up in the restaurant. The process of pouring dashi broth over the bowl dishes offers a new experience never before seen in cooking.

Barrier's cuisine is full of surprises, as it presents the time-honoured technique of combining the flavours of the ingredients with the flavour of the broth in a totally new way.

The concept of "barrier"

The course meal is actually served on the second floor. As the restaurant's name "barrier" means a barrier, the first floor is white and the second floor is black, using opposite colors to create a barrier between the two. When you actually go up the stairs, you will find an artistic space that makes it hard to believe it was renovated from a traditional townhouse. It somehow evokes a "Zen" or "meditation" feeling. The background music is natural sounds such as water, and the lighting is set to only illuminate the food, so you can naturally face each dish that comes out on the course. Rather than leaving the townhouse as it is in the modern era, they have preserved the tradition while making creative efforts.

The role of "barrier"

We want to deliver the food culture of Kanazawa and Japan in a new, unconventional way. We want to provide exciting things that will give you "surprise" and "discovery." These are the thoughts that "barrier" wants to convey. The restaurant originally started out with the desire to introduce the culture of dashi soup stock to people from overseas. On your next trip to Kanazawa, why not throw away the stereotypes that Japanese people have and visit "barrier" in search of new discoveries?

Experiences and affiliated stores

"Barrier" is located about a 14-minute walk from Hotel Resol Trinity Kanazawa towards Kazue Chaya District. The first floor can also be used as a cafe space. There are also two affiliated stores. "COIL" is a thin roll that can be enjoyed casually with a modern visual. "TILE" is a Kanazawa condiment seafood bowl that changes the appearance by mixing the textures of the interior and can be enjoyed by plating your favorite ingredients. If you want to have a unique experience while enjoying a meal, please stop by.


Phone: 076-204-7018

Address: 2-14-21 Owaricho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Access: 21 minutes on foot from Hokuriku Kanazawa Station, 1 minute on foot from the bus stop "Hashibacho"


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