"B&B &Cafe Akebono" with projection mapping & seaside cottage "Ushimado Sauna on the Beach"

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B&B &Cafe Akebono , a projection mapping cafe located right next to Ushimado Beach in Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture, which was renovated in the fall of 2023, is the talk of the town.

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Depending on the season, different scenes are projected onto the screen, creating a completely different atmosphere. You can enjoy the famous lantern parfait and lunch in this atmosphere.

It is also popular as a guesthouse with a full ocean view, and the hearty dinners prepared by fishermen are also recommended. Also, at the rental cottage " Ushimado Sauna on the Beach " at the foot of Ushimado Shrine, we discovered a bath that you might be interested in! Here are some recommended spots in Ushimado that you should visit this summer.

"B&B &Cafe Akebono "

B&B &Cafe Akebono, which will be renovated in the fall of 2023 and is a hot topic as a spot with a projection mapping cafe attached, is located in a spectacular location adjacent to the sea of ​​Ushimado. This popular minshuku is known for its hearty dinners made by fishermen, and you can also use the cafe only.

Order at the cafe using the self-checkout

If you only want to use the cafe, you can order at the self-checkout at the entrance to the guesthouse. In addition to set meals, lunch options include curry and hot sandwiches, and for dessert there are parfaits and cakes. The specialty is the lantern parfait, which is said to be popular for its SNS-worthy photos.

A new type of projection mapping cafe

When you enter the cafe, it is dark except for the light of the lantern. Various seasonal scenes are projected by projection mapping. Since the projection mapping moves, it feels like it is moving even when you are not moving.

Hot sandwich lunch set

For lunch, I ordered a hot sandwich with a thick omelet. The projection mapping changed one after another while I was waiting for the food to come out, so I enjoyed the wait. I ate lunch while watching the projection mapping by the light of the lanterns, which was a first for me.

The specialty is a glowing parfait served in a lantern!

When I heard from the owner that their specialty was the lantern parfait, I wanted to try it. As the name suggests, the lamp part of the lantern is made into a parfait, and you can eat the parfait by removing it from the lantern and opening the lid. It was lit up from below and was very beautiful.

This time I tried the seasonal fruit parfait. The kiwi fruit was clearly visible, and the fresh cream base also contained cheesecake. It was quite filling and delicious!

When you open the lid

It seems that it takes a little skill to remove the lantern parfait from the lantern. I asked the staff to remove it for me so that I wouldn't knock it over. The container is filled with cream and fruit.

A guesthouse room with a view of the Ushimado Fireworks Festival

This time, it was a day trip so I didn't stay overnight, but I was able to see the guesthouse space on the second floor. The rooms are tatami mat rooms with futons laid out, and meals are served while sitting on chairs. The bath, toilet, and washroom are shared.

Every room had a view of the ocean right in front of me, and it was the most beautiful view! Apparently you can also see the Ushimado fireworks festival in the summer from your room.

You can also see sea fireflies at night!

At night, sea fireflies gather in the sea just below the guesthouse rooms, creating a beautiful and rare sight. (Photo borrowed)

Dinner cooked by fishermen is also appealing

Dinner at the guesthouse is prepared by the owner, who is a fisherman, so it is a hearty meal filled with fresh seafood.

Listening to the sound of the waves while enjoying a delicious dinner will surely help blow away all your fatigue. (Photo borrowed) I would love to stay at a guesthouse as well.

[B&B &Cafe Akebono ]

Address: 2378-2 Ushimado , Ushimado Setouchi City Ushimado Town, Okayama Prefecture

TEL: 0869-34-5113

Cafe hours: 11:00-18:00 (last order 17:30)

No regular holiday

Parking: Available

B&B &Cafe Akebono Official Website

Stop by the nearby Ushimado Shrine

About a 10-minute walk from B&B &Cafe Akebono along Ushimado Beach, we arrived at the torii gate at the entrance to the main approach to Ushimado Shrine. The sea is right in front of us, and a beautiful view spreads out before us.

This place was also used as a filming location for the movie "The 100th Love with You."

Okayama Tourism WEB Special | Filming locations for the movie "100th Love with You" in Okayama

Is the approach to the shrine like Totoro's forest?

Ushimado Shrine is located after passing through a tunnel of trees that seems to envelop the long staircase of Omotesando.

The shrine enshrines the spirits of the land of Ushimado and the spirits of ancestors. Even in the hot summer, the sea breeze blows through this tunnel of trees, making it feel strangely cool. It's just like Totoro's forest.

The view from the top is spectacular

Once you reach the top of the long staircase, you will be greeted by a magnificent view. The sea breeze is pleasant, so we took a break for a while. The azaleas are in full bloom here every year in mid-April.

The shrine is located at the top of a long flight of stairs. The fresh green leaves of the maple trees are beautiful in early summer, and the autumn leaves can be seen in autumn. If you are visiting by car, you can park in the parking lot on the back approach to the shrine and worship there.

[Ushimado Shrine]

Address: 2147 Ushimado, Ushimado-cho , Setouchi City Ushimado Town, Okayama Prefecture

TEL: 0869-34-5197

Parking: Available

" Ushimado Sauna on the Beach "

Ushimado Sauna on the Beach opened in the fall of 2023, located at the foot of Ushimado Shrine, right in front of Ushimado Coast. This is a rental cottage where guests can use the owner's specially designed Finnish sauna.

The concept is "Travel as if you are living there and experience things as they are."

You can enjoy the mild climate of Ushimado and the ocean view location to the fullest. You can also stay with your dog.

Living/dining room with kitchen

When you enter the auto-lock entrance, you will find a spacious living/dining room and two bedrooms. The bathroom, washroom, and toilet are also clean, spacious, and easy to use. There is also a washer/dryer, so long-term stays are possible. You can buy ingredients and cook, so it seems like a home-like stay.

Enjoy a Finnish-style sauna

There's a sauna in the garden! The owner traveled around Japan, visiting all the famous saunas, and then built this original Finnish-style sauna in Ushimado himself, from the design stage onwards.

The building is made from cedar wood from Okayama Prefecture, and the heart of the sauna is a wood stove made specifically for saunas by "MOKI Seisakusho," which uses wood from thinnings and bamboo from abandoned bamboo forests, which are problematic in Satoyama. By using a third combustion method inside the stove, it is possible to obtain a large heat that cannot be produced by electricity, and care is taken not to emit harmful smoke.

The deepest sacred water bath in Japan

I saw something colorful from the Ushimado gate on the approach to Ushimado Shrine and it had me curious. I finally solved the mystery!

The owner says that after touring saunas all over Japan, he discovered Goshinsui Bath.

Although this place is located right in front of Ushimado Beach, it is said that clear well water springs up from the foot of the mountain behind Ushimado Shrine.

This is truly the holy water of Ushimado Shrine. There is an abundant amount of spring water, and you can enjoy the holy water bath at 18 to 19 degrees all year round. The holy water bath also gets deeper in a stepped pattern, with a maximum depth of 210 cm, making it the deepest bath in Japan. Of course, you can also jump into the sea in front of it.

If you love saunas, be sure to come stay here and enjoy the sauna experience to the fullest!

[Ushimado Sauna on the Beach ]

Address: 4202-2 Ushimado , Ushimado Setouchi City Ushimado Town, Okayama Prefecture

Parking: There is a private car park attached to the building that can accommodate up to 4 cars.

*Contact us via the official website

Ushimado Sauna on the Beach Official Website

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Okayama Prefecture is located in the center of western Japan and is known as the ``Land of Sunny'' due to its mild climate with little rain throughout the year. Conveniently located in the middle of famous sightseeing spots in Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima! It is also the gateway to Shikoku via the Seto Ohashi Bridge. Okayama is also known as the "Fruit Kingdom," and the fruits that have been exposed to the sun in the warm climate of Setouchi are of the highest quality in terms of sweetness, aroma, and taste. You can enjoy seasonal fruits such as white peach, muscat, and pione! There are also world-class sightseeing spots such as ``Okayama Castle'', ``Okayama Korakuen'', one of Japan's three famous gardens, and Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, which are proud of their history, culture, and art!

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