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MATCHA's editorial team has put together a plan for visiting the Roppongi area, including Roppongi Hills, Tokyo Midtown, a sushi shop, and a nightclub! We also feature MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA, a hotel serving as your base when sightseeing in Tokyo.

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When thinking of a place in Tokyo where adults can also have a good time, Roppongi often comes to mind.

This is an area filled with shops offering high-quality items, sushi restaurants where food connoisseurs regularly stop in, and also clubs and entertainment restaurants that serve as nightspots, so from morning to late evening the fun never stops.

When it's Roppongi, it's much better going together with your family or friends rather than by yourself. With that in mind, the editorial staff at MATCHA has put together the ideal group plan for fully enjoying everything Roppongi has to offer!

We'll also introduce MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA, a hotel with good access from Roppongi where groups of adults can stay overnight in total comfort.
If you decide to stay at MIMARU, you can leave your luggage here ahead of time, and explore Roppongi hassle-free.

Now, there's a special discount offer for MATCHA readers only! If you input the coupon code, matcha_mimaru, and make a hotel reservation, you'll receive as much as 35% off of your room rate!

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Access to Roppongi

The closest station to Roppongi, which is known for Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown, is Tokyo Metro's Roppongi Station and Toei Subway's Roppongi Station. From Tokyo Station, Roppongi is only fifteen minutes away by one of the Tokyo Metro Lines. From Shinjuku Station, it's only ten minutes away by Toei Oedo Subway Line.

Next to Roppongi! Access to Akasaka

Located right next to Roppongi is an area called Akasaka. This place is also filled with many amusement facilities and restaurants.

The station nearest Akasaka is Tokyo Metro's Akasaka Station. From Roppongi, it only takes about fifteen minutes to get to Akasaka, either by train or on foot.

From Akasaka, it's easy to get to sightseeing spots such as Harajuku and the Imperial Palace via the Chiyoda Line. It only takes six minutes to get to Meiji Jingu Station, which is right near the Harajuku area. To visit the Imperial Palace, you need to go to Nijubashimae Station, which is only seven minutes away.

Roppongi - A Base for Akasaka Sightseeing!

In this way, the Roppongi and Akasaka areas have excellent access to all the different parts of Tokyo. If you make this area your base of operations, you'll be able to enjoy your Tokyo sightseeing without any problems!

Let's Go to Roppongi Hills Observatory - Tokyo City View!


Photo courtesy of Roppongi Hills Observatory - Tokyo City View

MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA is also close to Roppongi's landmark, Roppongi Hills, just nineteen minutes away on foot. Though it's known as a shopping destination, did you know that you can also get a great view of the city from here?

Tokyo City View, an indoor observation deck on the 52nd floor of the Mori Tower, offers you a magnificent panoramic view of Tokyo. From here, you can also see Tokyo Tower and Tokyo SkyTree.

With Tokyo's cityscape in the background, get your picture taken together with your group, and you'll have a precious snapshot to remember your experience by!


Photo courtesy of Roppongi Hills Observatory - Tokyo City View

Tokyo City View's Roof Top Sky Deck really gives you a sense of openness. With the bright blue sky overhead, please enjoy Tokyo's breathtaking scenery.

Shopping in Roppongi's Tokyo Midtown


Photo courtesy of Tokyo Midtown

Lined up near Roppongi Hills is a popular spot called Tokyo Midtown. Here we recommend checking out the Food and Cafe floor (basement 1F), which has a deli, a high-quality supermarket, and many other shops. There are all kinds of food lined up here, so just looking at what's available will get you excited.


photo by Pixa. *Image shown is for illustrative purposes only.

MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA has a kitchen that's equipped with a microwave, dishes and other amenities. So you can buy some food and other groceries, and then the next morning enjoy a leisurely brunch together inside your room.

Itamae Sushi Edo - Perfect for Taking SNS Worthy Photos!


Photo courtesy of Itamae Sushi Edo

When you're feeling hungry, the place to go is Itamae Sushi Edo. This is a sushi shop located beside Akasaka Mitsuke Station, highly popular with international visitors.

Itamae Sushi Edo's interior is based on an Edo period theme, and customers here can eat tasty sushi made with maguro tuna and other fresh fish.

While some sushi restaurants generally expect customers to sit at the counter and quietly eat their sushi, we were happy to hear that at Itamae Sushi Edo, customers sit in semi-enclosed booth seats and can enjoy a lively conversation as they have their meal!


Photo courtesy of Itamae Sushi Edo

The restaurant also offers customers the unique opportunity to put on a yukata, and have their picture taken! These photos will be ideal for posting on SNS, allowing you to record your precious experience!


After a delicious meal at Itamae Sushi Edo, let's walk over to MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA. We can take a break and freshen up, then head out for a night of entertainment in Roppongi.

MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA - Convenient for Sightseeing


The main characteristic feature of MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA is that it's an apartment-style hotel. Each room has a living room, dining room, mini-kitchen, and bathroom/shower.

At MIMARU you can cook a meal and eat it in the dining room, take a leisurely bath, and spend time comfortably as you would in your own home. You'll have a relaxing trip and rather than just visiting, it'll feel like your home away from home.

Each room can accommodate up to four guests. In addition, up to two children (under six years of age) can stay overnight free of charge.

Also, two rooms (four people each) can be connected, accommodating a total of eight adults and four children. So for families and groups, you don't have to worry about being separated and staying in different parts of the hotel.

All the rooms are large and give you a spacious kind of feeling, and it's reassuring to know that you'll be able to spend time here together in a friendly and relaxed manner.

Hotel charges are per room (not per person), and the cost for a four-person room starts from 26,000 yen. For example, if four people stay in a room this works out to 6,500 yen per person, so staying in a group is your most economical option.

In terms of access to MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA, it's only four minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro's Akasaka Station, and fifteen minutes on foot from Roppongi Station. So even if you stay out having fun until the wee hours of the morning in the Roppongi area, you won't have to worry about when the last train leaves.

Let's make ourselves a drink and relax, then head out to Roppongi for an evening of entertainment!

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Roppongi Kingyo - Don't Miss This Deluxe Entertainment!


Photo courtesy of Roppongi Kingyo

The place we will all be going to is Roppongi Kingyo, an entertainment restaurant in Roppongi. With dynamic performances by drag queens (in Japan called new-half), beautiful dancing and original stage direction, you won't be able to take your eyes off this show even for a moment!


Photo courtesy of Roppongi Kingyo

Shows are held twice a day, at 19:30 and 22:00 pm. The food and drink menus on the official homepage and inside the restaurant are in English and Chinese. We recommend making a reservation from the homepage ahead of time.

DiA tokyo - Enjoy the Night Away at This Roppongi Club


Photo courtesy of DiA tokyo

Roppongi is a place where large international companies and various embassies gather. Surrounded by this international flavor, there are many clubs where visitors from abroad can comfortably enter. Among those is DiA tokyo, a club that's been getting a lot of attention in Tokyo.

Featuring a luxurious interior and professional dancers on the weekend, this club is jam-packed with partygoers every night!


Photo courtesy of DiA tokyo

On the first floor there's a dining bar called Emiliano, and here you can take a little break if you want.

By the way, the taxi fare from DiA tokyo to MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA is only about 1,000 yen. So please enjoy Roppongi's nightlife to your heart's content!

Enjoy a Leisurely Brunch in Your Room


If you've been out late having a good time, then you'll be ready for a good night's sleep. At MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA, they have large, comfortable beds so you can relax and rest your tired body.

Check-out is 11:00 am so you can sleep in and then have a nice brunch. It's no problem if you want to sleep in until the last possible moment!


After you get up, just quickly heat up the food you bought the day before and cut up some fruit in the kitchen, and brunch is all ready!

The mini-kitchen comes equipped with a microwave, IH (induction heated) stove top, a large pot, and cooking utensils, so it's no problem to cook up a simple meal. Of course, they have dishes and cups as well.

In the spacious dining room, there's also a sofa. As you talk about the adventures you had yesterday and the sightseeing spots you want to visit next, being able to enjoy your morning time in this relaxing manner, is one of MIMARU's special features.

MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA - Perfect for Long Stays as Well!


After brunch, we recommend exploring Akasaka. How about stopping in at Akasaka Sacas (multi-purpose commercial complex) or Hie Jinja Shrine?

At MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA, they offer smartphone rentals and of course free Wi-Fi, so keeping up with the latest information and news during your trip will be a cinch!

Located in the heart of Tokyo, MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA offers a kitchen in every room and free Wi-Fi and other convenient services, so you'll have a fully satisfying, stress-free trip.

Also, in addition to complimentary shampoo, toothbrushes, and other useful amenities, there's also a coin laundry, iron, and vacuum cleaner, so this hotel is ideal for long stays as well! If you have plans on staying for awhile in the city, we recommend making MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA your base of operations. From here you can fully enjoy all parts of Tokyo, not just Roppongi.

MIMARU is the kind of hotel that will make you feel like you're actually living in Roppongi and Tokyo for a short time.

Stay at MIMARU, and you'll be guaranteed to have an even more enjoyable sightseeing trip!


Use this coupon and get 35% off your room rate!
Make a reservation here on the MIMARU TOKYO AKASAKA official site!

Written by Mami Wakamatsu

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Tokyo, Japan

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