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Japan Travel Update! Non-Guided Package Tours to Be Allowed From September 7

From September 7, 2022, several key travel restrictions to Japan will be eased, allowing 50,000 arrivals per day and non-guided tourists who've booked travel packages with agencies to enter the country. 

From September 7, 2022, Japan will be lifting its restriction on unaccompanied travelers who have booked package tours to the country, as well as increasing the daily visitor cap to 50,000.

Arrivals will also no longer be required to take a PCR test within 72 hours of departure, on the condition that they have received at least three shots of an approved COVID-19 vaccination.

Non-Guided Package Tours to Japan to be Allowed from September 7

The announcement comes at a time when the Japanese yen is relatively weak against other currencies such as the US dollar, making Japan an increasingly attractive travel destination for overseas tourists.

Though tourism has not yet been restored to its pre-pandemic status, the recent change in restrictions is a significant step towards a full reopening to travelers in the not-too-distant future.

What These Changes Mean for Tourists

Non-Guided Package Tours to Japan to be Allowed from September 7

Leisure travelers from overseas will no longer be required to book guided tours to be allowed entry, although they will be required to book a package tour with an approved travel agency. The role of travel agencies, in this case, is to offer travelers support if they got infected with COVID-19 during their trip to Japan.

There have not been any announcements regarding a change in the need for visas to enter, and proof of vaccination will be required for all visitors.

Though not a complete reversal of restrictions, this will likely come as good news for many of those eager to visit Japan, and it is expected that restrictions will continue to be eased in stages, with an eventual full reopening now on the horizon.

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