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2022 Domestic Travel Subsidy Program: Discounts for Residents in Japan!

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Japan's Domestic Travel Subsidy Program, offering discounts of up to 11,000 yen per person, launched on October 11, 2022. This article gives an overview of the travel discount program, details on participating travel agencies and reservation sites, and prefectural websites!  


What Is Japan's Domestic Travel Subsidy Program?

 2022 Domestic Travel Subsidy Program: Discounts for Residents in Japan!

Himeji Castle. Photo by Pixta
The Domestic Travel Subsidy Program, aiming to stimulate Japan's tourism industry, launched in October 2022. Eligible travelers will be entitled to discounts up to a maximum of 11,000 yen each.

Due to the sudden flood of reservations, there is concern among those unable to make their bookings. However, a national budget of 560 billion yen has been allocated for this campaign. So, travelers can expect to benefit from the generous subsidies offered by this program.

This article will introduce Japan's Domestic Travel Subsidy Program with an outline and important things to keep in mind. MATCHA readers will learn details about participating travel agencies and reservation sites. There's also a list featuring each prefecture and its respective website!

Outline of the Domestic Travel Subsidy Program

What Are the Dates of This Program?

The discount campaign runs from October 11 until December 20, 2022. Starting dates can differ slightly depending on the prefecture.

How Much Are the Travel Discounts?

Travelers will receive a 40% discount. The discount is capped at 8,000 yen per person per night for tours that include transportation and accommodation. The discount is capped at 5,000 yen per person per night for accommodations only.

Discount coupons can also be used in certain regions for restaurants and souvenirs. Additionally, there are 3,000 yen discounts for weekday accommodations and 1,000 yen discounts for accommodations on national holidays. These are available directly at the accommodation facility.

Important Points of the Domestic Travel Subsidy Program

 2022 Domestic Travel Subsidy Program: Discounts for Residents in Japan!

The Great Buddha of Kamakura. Photo by Pixta

Here are some key things to keep in mind with this subsidy program.

Limited to Japanese Citizens and International Residents

The program's main criteria for eligibility is that applicants live in Japan. This applies to Japanese citizens and international residents. A driver's license, My Number card, or another form of identification is required to show proof of Japanese residency.

Unfortunately, the discount campaign is not available to international visitors but only to international residents of Japan.

Vaccine Passport (3 Shots) or a Negative PCR Test Required

Travelers who want to receive discounts on this campaign will need to present a vaccination certificate showing they've had three shots. Those who haven't received three vaccinations must provide a negative PCR test.

To receive an accommodation discount, please remember that all group members must present their vaccine passport (3 shots), not just the group representative.

How the Word "Holiday" Is Defined

The monetary amount of discount coupons differs depending on whether it's a weekday or a national holiday. Fundamentally, a "holiday" refers to a one-night, two-day stay on Saturdays and Sundays. In other words, a one-night, two-day stay on Friday-Saturday or Sunday-Monday will be considered a weekday accommodation.

Program Details Differ Depending on the Prefecture

Each prefecture in Japan is included in the Domestic Travel Subsidy Program, making it different from the Go To Travel Campaign launched in 2020.

This is why the details of the subsidy program differ in each prefecture. Some prefectures even offer original travel discounts―in addition to the 11,000 yen maximum subsidy offered by the national campaign.

Which Accommodation Facilities Offer Discounts?

Keep in mind that not all accommodation facilities and tours are part of the Domestic Travel Subsidy Program.

Please note that at the end of this article, there's a list of websites for each prefecture's subsidy campaign. This article also features information on tours.

We Recommend Making Reservations ASAP!

Presently, accommodation facilities have received a flood of reservations, prompting travel agencies and tour companies to shut down their website reservation sites temporarily.

However, the subsidy program is backed by a 560 billion yen budget. Although many places have stopped taking reservations, there's a good possibility that they will resume bookings in the near future. So, please keep checking back with them.

Discounts in Addition to the Travel Subsidy Program

Iya Valley Gorge

Tokushima Prefecture's Iya Valley Gorge. Photo by Pixta

As previously mentioned, each prefecture's details concerning the Domestic Travel Subsidy Program will differ. Next, we'll introduce some of the prefectures offering original discounts in addition to the national subsidy program.


Tadaima Tokyo Plus (Japanese) is the website for accessing the Domestic Travel Subsidy Program in Tokyo. This can be used in conjunction with Motto TOKYO (Japanese), a discount service for travels in the greater Tokyo area for locals.

Motto TOKYO offers a 5,000 yen discount on one night's accommodation. With the national program, travelers can enjoy a maximum discount of up to 16,000 yen!

The start date for Motto TOKYO was October 20, 2022.

Nagano Prefecture

Nagano Prefecture's Shinshu Wari SPECIAL (Japanese) offers a 1,000 yen discount (500 yen coupon x 2) on transportation for a one-night stay per person. This will help keep transportation costs down when visiting spots within the prefecture.

Nara Prefecture

Nara Prefecture's Ima Nara Campaign 2022 (Japanese) offers discount coupons for souvenir shopping and other items at participating shops in the prefecture. 1,000 yen coupons are issued for national holidays, while 2,000 yen coupons are available for prefectural citizens.

Kochi Prefecture

In Kochi Prefecture, the Kochi Kanko Recovery Campaign (Japanese)―Kochi's original discount campaign―can be used with the Kochi Kanko Tokuwari Campaign (Japanese), the national program.

The Kochi Kanko Recovery Campaign offers travelers a 5,000 yen cashback on money spent on highway fees and public transportation.

Tokushima Prefecture

Tokushima Prefecture's Minnade! Tokushima Travel Wari (Japanese) is aimed at travel packages within the prefecture that include accommodation and travel fees. It plans on giving each person a maximum of 5,000 yen cashback in addition to the national campaign's benefits.

Which Travel Sites Deal With the Travel Subsidy Program?

With the Travel Subsidy Program, discounts can be received when making a reservation directly with the accommodation facility. Travelers can also make a booking via a hotel reservation site.

Below, we've listed the reservation sites that handle the Domestic Travel Subsidy Program.

Currently, some sites are temporarily not accepting bookings due to the flood of reservations. There might be additional important points to consider, so please consult the official websites for more details.

Rakuten Travel


Join a Tour for a Worry-Free Experience

Some people might feel that it's troublesome to check the terms and conditions of the subsidy program in different prefectures.

We recommend booking a tour through a travel agency at times like this! Below, we've listed tour companies that handle the subsidy program, so by all means, please take a look.

Yahoo! Travel




Kinki Nippon Tourist

Nippon Travel Agency

Official Websites for Participating Prefectures and Cities

The prefectures and their official websites for accessing the Domestic Travel Subsidy Program are listed below. Please use this as a reference when departing on your next trip.

Note: All of the websites are in Japanese. Some websites have links to English travel content but not to the subsidy program itself.

Prefecture Official Website
Hokkaido HOKKAIDO LOVE! Wari
Aomori Prefecture Aomori Odekake Campaign
Iwate Prefecture Iwate Tabi Oen Project
Miyagi Prefecture Miyagi Shukuhaku Wari Campaign
Akita Prefecture Akita Tabi Shiyo Campaign
Yamagata Prefecture Yamagata Tabiwari Campaign
Fukushima Prefecture Visit Fukushima Prefecture Wari
Ibaraki Prefecture Ibaraki Tabi Anshin Wari
Tochigi Prefecture Ichigo Ichie Tochigi Tabi
Gunma Prefecture Aikyo Gunma Wari
Saitama Prefecture Tabishite! Saitama Wari
Chiba Prefecture Chiba Tokutabi Campaign
Tokyo Tadaima Tokyo Plus
Kanagawa Prefecture Iza Kanagawa!
Niigata Prefecture Niigata Tabiwari Campaign
Toyama Prefecture Toyama Yasumo Kanko Campaign
Ishikawa Prefecture Ishikawa Travel Wari Campaign
Fukui Prefecture Fukui de Otoku Campaign
Yamanashi Prefecture Yamanashi Green Zone Tabiwari
Nagano Prefecture Shinshu Shukuhaku Wari
Gifu Prefecture Hotto Hitoiki Gifu Tabi Campaign
Shizuoka Prefecture Shizuoka Genki Tabi
Aichi Prefecture Iijyan Aichi Tabi Campaign
Mie Prefecture Oideyo! Mie Tabi Campaign
Shiga Prefecture Imakoso Shiga Tabishiyo!
Kyoto Kyoto Miryoku Saihakken Tabi Project
Osaka Osaka Irasshai Campaign 2022
Hyogo Prefecture Hyogo Tabishiyo Campaign
Nara Prefecture Ima Nara Campaign 2022
Wakayama Prefecture Wakayama Refresh Plan S-Wide
Tottori Prefecture WelKani Tottori Tokutoku Wari
Shimane Prefecture Shimane Tabi Campaign
Okayama Prefecture Okayama Haretabi Wari
Hiroshima Prefecture Yappa Hiroshima Ja Wari
Yamaguchi Prefecture Tabitabi Yamaguchi Wari Plus
Tokushima Prefecture Minnade! Tokushima Travel Wari
Kagawa Prefecture New Kagawa Wari
Ehime Prefecture Ehime Guri Mican Tabi
Kochi Prefecture Kochi Kanko Tokuwari Campaign
Fukuoka Prefecture New Fukuoka Himitsu Travel Campaign
Saga Prefecture GO!! Saga Tabi Campaign
Nagasaki Prefecture Nagasaki Shinkokyu Tabi Campaign
Kumamoto Prefecture Kumamoto Saihakken Tabi
Oita Prefecture New Oita Tabiwari
Miyazaki Prefecture Miyazaki Travel Wari Campaign
Kagoshima Prefecture Imakoso Kagoshima Tabi
Okinawa Prefecture Okinawa Saihakken NEXT

Use These Discounts to Enjoy Travels in Japan!

 2022 Domestic Travel Subsidy Program: Discounts for Residents in Japan!

Rurikoin Temple in Kyoto. Photo by Pixta
With the domestic COVID-19 situation gradually improving, many people in Japan are getting the travel bug.

In addition to the Domestic Travel Subsidy Program, several prefectures are offering their own unique travel discount services.

Please use these campaigns to save on expenses and fully enjoy your travels in Japan!

Main image: Tokushima Prefecture's Iya Valley Gorge. Photo by Pixta

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.