[Tottori/Hyogo/Ishikawa] Looking for fresh snow crab. 3 inns perfect for winter trips

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The ban on snow crab fishing, also known as the “King of Winter Flavors,” has been lifted. Why don't you stay at an elegant inn and enjoy fresh seafood that can only be eaten from early November to late March? In this article, we will introduce three inns that not only offer crab dishes, but also ha...


*1 Kanimiso: the viscera inside the shell of a crab. In Japan, it is popular as a topping for grilled shellfish and warship rolls.

The most popular plan is the special crab "Kani Shougetsu". This plan, which uses two bowls of local Matsuba crab per person, is a full course that starts with crab sake, sashimi, boiled, grilled, crab sukiyaki pot, and finishes with porridge and Matsuba crab.

In addition to the four baths, a large public bath, an open-air bath, a mist sauna, and a jacuzzi bath, there is also an open-air bath, a bedrock bath, and a premium paid private bath "Forest Private Spa" with a living room.

[Tottori] Savor the cuisine of modern master craftsmen at "Ryokan Ohashi"

Ryokan Ohashi, located in Misasa Onsen in Tottori Prefecture, is a stately inn with most of it registered as a national tangible cultural property. Even more luxurious, you can taste crab dishes prepared by a modern master craftsman who has been recognized as an "outstanding craftsman" by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.

At the [Special Fresh Crab Kaiseki], where you can enjoy half of the live crab as shabu-shabu, you can enjoy snow crab prepared in various ways such as sashimi, charcoal-grilled, and boiled. The dishes prepared by the head chef, Soichi Chikuma, are all made with attention to detail that reflects the convictions of a ``ryokan inn''.

For breakfast, they advocate local production for local consumption, and the fluffy dashi rolls made with Tenmi eggs from Oenogo, Tottori Prefecture, are popular.

Not only the food and space, but also the hot spring containing radon, which is said to be effective for neuralgia and high blood pressure, and the Mt.

[Ishikawa] Abundant plans are attractive! Hoshi, the oldest inn in the Hokuriku area

Hoshi ” opened as a hot spring and boasts a history of 1300 years. It is the oldest inn in the Hokuriku area, and has been registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest inn in the world.

"Hoshi's Crab Plan" has a wide range of reasonable boiled crabs to live crabs, and you can choose according to the situation. One of the most popular dishes is the Kaiseki Kaiseki Plan with a bowl of crab. You can enjoy a full bowl of crab with a special crab vinegar.

If you want to indulge in the ultimate in luxury, then the “Live Crab Kaiseki” using snow crabs purchased directly from local cuisine by the head chef is the way to go. You can enjoy 13 kinds of dishes such as crab sushi, crab sukiyaki, and charcoal-grilled crab.

Immerse yourself in the four seasons of Japan in the mansion that surrounds the Japanese garden that Enshu Kobori, a master of the tea ceremony in the Edo period, loved.

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