Hotels in Tokyo's Asakusa District: 5 Inns With Japanese Flair

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Asakusa, a popular sightseeing area in Tokyo, boasts several inns where guests can enjoy staying in Japanese rooms with tatami mats and kotatsu tables. This article features five inns and hotels with a Japanese ambiance located in areas such as Yushima, Minowa, Yanesen, and Ueno.

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Enjoy the Traditional Charm of Tokyo's Asakusa District

Sensoji Temple

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The Asakusa district in Tokyo has prospered since the Edo Period (1603-1868), with a history of over 400 years.

This prominent travel destination in Tokyo is where visitors can enjoy Japanese architecture, such as Sensoji, the oldest temple in the metropolitan area.

 Tokyo Skytree

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Asakusa is surrounded by shitamachi (old downtown) neighborhoods, which used to be inhabited by townspeople and artisans.

The area preserves the atmosphere of Japan in the old days along with new sightseeing spots such as the Tokyo Skytree, a modern landmark.

Ameyoko Shopping Street

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This article introduces ryokans (Japanese-style inns) located near Asakusa, where guests can experience an authentic Japanese atmosphere.

One is located only three minutes on foot from Sensoji Temple, while another is near the famous Ameyoko shopping street in the Ueno district. Please look at our recommendations to find a place to stay that is suitable for exploring the traditional side of Tokyo.

1. Ryokan Sawanoya in Yanesen: An Inn to Experience Japanese Culture

Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi—collectively known as Yanesen—are areas in Tokyo that have retained a traditional atmosphere.

This is a popular sightseeing spot with temples and old houses renovated into cafes, allowing visitors to take in the nostalgic mood.


Ryokan Sawanoya, established in 1949, is located in the central area of Yanesen. The inn, featuring a traditional Japanese ambiance, has warmly welcomed many overseas visitors.


All 12 rooms are furnished with tatami mats. The guests can enjoy a garden view from two bathrooms available for private use.


This is an inn for experiencing Japanese culture, especially when paired with a visit to local summer festivals or watching the owner perform a shishi-mai (*1) for guests.

*1: A traditional dance performed with a shishi-gashira (lion head).

2. Andon Ryokan in Minowa: Impressive Japanese Design

Minowa is a quiet residential area within walking distance from popular spots such as Asakusa and Ueno. Roppongi and Ginza are also easily accessible by train, making it an ideal hub for Tokyo sightseeing.


Andon Ryokan, which opened in Minowa in 2003, is the first ryokan in Tokyo designed by an architect. The main design concept is a "paper lantern" (called andon in Japanese, *2), an element that evokes a Japanese atmosphere.

The interior is filled with antiques, which is another appeal for those who are fans of Japanese craftwork.

*2: A lamp with a paper shade, usually placed by the pillow.


All guestrooms are furnished with tatami mats. Guests can also enjoy the spacious private bath, decorated with ceramic tiles by an artist from Saga Prefecture and equipped with a Jacuzzi.


There is a cafe on the first floor that serves Japanese home cooking. The menu consists of fish, meat, and vegetable dishes, so vegetarian guests can also enjoy the meals.

3. Ryokan Kamogawa in Asakusa: The Perfect Inn for Sightseeing in Asakusa

Ryokan Kamogawa, designed in a traditional style, is a three-minute walk from the main gate of Sensoji Temple, a historical landmark of Asakusa.


Established after World War II, the inn has a history spanning 70 years. It has ten Japanese-style guestrooms.

Guests can enjoy the traditional Japanese lifestyle, which includes a relaxing time in bathing rooms that can be used privately and sleeping on futon mattresses delicately laid out on the tatami mats.

Top 5 Inns near Asakusa with a Distinct Japanese Air!
Ryokan Kamogawa

Picture courtesy of Ryokan Kamogawa

This small inn is also famous for its hospitality. Geta footwear is used as slippers inside the building. There is even an English pamphlet explaining how to wear them.

Some of the staff speak English, so guests who don't speak Japanese won't experience language barriers.


Various local activities, such as riding a jinrikisha (hand-pulled rickshaw) pulled by a driver or renting a kimono, can be arranged at the reception desk.

Please visit Kamogawa to absorb the authentic Japanese atmosphere along with some sightseeing in Asakusa.

4. Hotel Edoya in Yushima: An Accommodation Full of Retro Charm

Those interested in Tokyo's art and subculture should stay in Yushima.

It can be accessed easily from Narita International Airport. Yushima is also within walking distance from Ueno, where you'll find many art museums, and Akihabara, the town where anime enthusiasts gather.


Picture courtesy of Roza Akino

Hotel Edoya launched its business in 1967 in Yushima. It has a retro atmosphere with red-tiled walls and a Japanese-style interior. Before the pandemic, 70% of the guests were visitors from abroad, so English speakers will feel at ease here.


Picture courtesy of Roza Akino


Picture courtesy of Roza Akino

Most of the guestrooms are furnished with tatami mats. Guests can also relax in the tea-ceremony room featuring a kotatsu (a small table equipped with a heater). There is even a mah-jong room, so those interested in table games should check it out!

5. Komatsu Ryokan in Inaricho: A Minimalist Inn near Ameyoko Shopping Street

Inaricho is a serene neighborhood dominated by shrines and temples. It is within walking distance from Ueno and Asakusa.

Likewise, Shibuya and Ginza can be reached easily by train from here. Therefore, Inaricho is fit for sightseeing in the old downtown and enjoying contemporary culture.

Komatsu Ryokan

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Komatsu Ryokan, which opened in 2015, is an inn with five guestrooms in Inaricho.

While the rooms may be on the smaller side, guests will feel immersed in Japanese culture thanks to the interior with tatami mats, patterned wallpapers, and a ceiling that appears made of bamboo.

Komatsu Ryokan

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One of the most attractive features of Komatsu Ryokan is that the rooms are affordable.

The communal bathroom, shower, and kitchen are cleaned every day. The inn also has an English pamphlet for guests describing the various services offered here.

Komatsu Ryokan

Picture courtesy of Roza Akino

From the inn, it is a ten-minute walk to Ameyoko Shotengai, a shopping street lined with around 400 stores.

At night, inexpensive taverns in the area light up their red paper lanterns so guests can experience the traditional Japanese nightlife.

Asakusa: A Sightseeing Spot with Spectacular Inns

Asakusa is a famous sightseeing spot with popular sites such as Sensoji Temple and inns with a traditional Japanese flair.

Please visit the area to enjoy both the sightseeing destinations and a one-of-a-kind stay.

Written by Mari Takizawa
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