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6 recommended campsites in Hiroshima

Hiroshima Prefecture is blessed with the geographical features of being close to the sea and mountains, and there are many campsites, and there are various ways to enjoy yourself. In this special feature, we will introduce 6 campsites that can be enjoyed by beginners, families, and solo campers, car...


High standard camping experience! Only 8 popular campsites in Japan that have been awarded 5 stars

❶ Bihoku Auto Village / Shobara City

This is a campsite in the National Bihoku Hillside Park in Shobara City. It is the first in the Chugoku region to be certified as five stars, the highest standard of the Japan Auto Camp Association (JAC). JAC is an organization created with the aim of popularizing auto camping, and has received approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. This certification is like a camping version of the Michelin Guide, and there are only eight five-star certified campsites in Japan. Located about 10 minutes by car from the Shobara Interchange on the Chugoku Expressway, the facility is well-maintained and clean, and the security of the campsite, which requires a PIN, is highly rated by users. In addition, the bath in the management center is fully equipped with amenities such as body soap, shampoo, and hair dryer, so it is known as a campsite that can be used safely and comfortably by a wide range of people, from beginners to experienced campers.

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The largest scale in the prefecture! A campsite where children and adults alike will never stop being excited

❷Ogidani Auto Campsite/Shobara City

It is a campground that owns a vast site of about 50,000 square meters, which is the largest in the prefecture. There are 109 tent sites, log houses, log bungalows, and tree houses that are popular with children, so you can enjoy various styles of camping. Located in a location rich in nature covered with a broadleaf forest, you can swim in the clear stream in the summer and camp in the snow, which is rare in western Japan in the winter. You can fully enjoy it. Activities include the 220-meter-long “Oonidani Tree Adventure,” a large-scale athletics course that aims to reach the goal while clearing ladder bridges along ropes, and a mountain bike course, so you can spend a very exciting time.

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Especially recommended for solo campers! Mysterious one-person time spent by the lakeside on the mountain

❸ Camp & Cottage Foresta Hiroshima/Akitakata City

At the campground that surrounds the beautiful Biwagaike, you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the lakeside. At night, the scenery is particularly mysterious when the lights are lit up. One of the reasons for the popularity of solo campers is that there are free sites that are not set up, so you can set up your tent anywhere you like within the site. Pitch your tent away from other guests and spend your time alone in peace and quiet. In addition, you can rent camping equipment such as tents and tarps for solo use, grills with nets, charcoal and firewood as a set. In addition to barbecue ingredients such as Hiroshima's famous Koune, they also sell draft beer, which is rare at campsites, so you can enjoy camping casually even if you come with light luggage such as a motorcycle.

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The best location where the Seto Inland Sea spreads out before your eyes! A campsite where you can enjoy marine attractions and fishing on the beach

❹Crescent Beach Seaside Park Campsite/Fukuyama City

Located in the eastern part of Tajima Island in the Seto Inland Sea, this campsite is adjacent to Crescent Beach, named for the crescent-shaped white sandy beach. On the beach in summer, there is a huge marine athletics facility, where you can play with slides and trampolines that you can jump into the sea. Another attraction of this campsite is that you can casually go sea fishing at a nearby point. At dusk, how about spending a relaxing time watching the Seto Inland Sea spread out in front of you while warming your body by the bonfire?

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Feel nature with your whole body! A campground where you can enjoy canoeing and playing in the river on Gonokawa, the largest river in the Chugoku region

❺Gonokawa Canoe Park Sakugi / Miyoshi City

This is a campground in the Enokawa Canoe Park Sakugi, a facility where you can enjoy nature activities throughout the season, such as canoeing, walking in streams, and playing in the water. The Enokawa, the largest river in the Chugoku region, flows slowly in front of you, and you can experience the great nature of Sakugi-cho with your whole body. The best thing about this campground is the activities. The canoe experience, which is guided by an instructor, teaches you how to hold the paddle, how to row, how to ride the canoe, and how to escape when capsized, so even inexperienced canoe can be enjoyed with confidence. In addition, there are plenty of activities that make use of nature, such as a slide that makes use of the stream and a pool that can be created by damming the stream (maximum depth of 60 cm).

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If you are new to river play, this is the place! A riverside campsite perfect for children playing in the river

❻ Yasaka Auto Campsite / Otake City

The Yasaka Auto Campsite is located along the Oze River, which runs along the border between Hiroshima and Yamaguchi prefectures. If you are new to river play and want to camp, this is the place to go. The tent sites are arranged side by side in a row in front of the river, so you can enjoy camping while looking at the river. The river is gentle and shallow in places, and the water is clean, so it's a great environment for small children to play in. There are small fish in the river, and there is also a sandy beach.

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