[Osaka Trip] From Fun Experiences to Buying Souvenirs! Introducing Namba's comprehensive amusement facilities!

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#Edion #Namba #Sightseeing in Osaka #Japan #Souvenir #Ninja Experience #Shopping #Ramen There are floors such as Ramen Park and Ninja Park, and we will introduce Edion Namba Main Store where you can enjoy various experiences and shopping!


Electronics stores in Japan sell not only electrical appliances and home appliances, but also sweets, foods, medicines, cosmetics, and many other souvenirs, making them very popular with tourists.

As the final day of your trip draws near, stopping by a electronics store to buy souvenirs is a must-do course for your trip to Japan.

This time, we will introduce recommended spots for those who travel to Osaka and Kyoto.

At the "Edion Namba Main Store" introduced this time, you can buy souvenirs, experience products and various other experiences at the same time!

If you come to Osaka for sightseeing, be sure to stop by!

EDION Namba Main Store

The EDION Namba store is the largest flagship store of EDION, a major consumer electronics retailer with approximately 1,200 stores across the group, and is also known as a comprehensive experience-based amusement facility.

The store boasts a sales floor area of about 15,000 square meters with nine floors, and is a store where you can enjoy shopping all day long with the theme of "experience and bodily sensation" and "discovery and excitement".

The EDION Namba main store has a concept for each floor, and the interior of the store is very well-stocked, so you can spend a whole day exploring.

The Tourist Information Center on the 1st floor and the Ninja Trick House on the 8th floor temporarily store your luggage, so you can go around the store with peace of mind.


2 minutes walk from Osaka Metro Namba Station

Near Nankai Namba station. It is located in the center of Osaka and has excellent access.

Abundant services for tourists visiting Japan (all items are duty-free!)

The appeal of EDION Namba Main Store is that it offers a wide range of services for tourists visiting Japan.

Examples: All items duty-free, Free Wi-Fi, Information center (Osaka Amazing Pass can be received), Temporary luggage storage, Overseas shipping, Airport delivery, etc.

There is also a floor specializing in souvenirs (8F), which handles watches, precious metals, home appliances with overseas specifications, medicines, and cosmetics.

This shop is also recommended for those who have a few hours of free time during their trip, or for those who want to enjoy shopping for a whole day without moving too much from near Namba Station.

[Edion special coupons are being distributed! ]

We are distributing coupons for tourists visiting Japan that make shopping at EDION a great deal! In addition to duty-free discounts, you can get 7% or 5% discounts only on eligible products.

*Please present the coupon below to the staff.

You can enjoy various experiences♪

Namba main store is also attractive because you can have various interesting experiences while shopping!

On the 4th floor, you can experience the latest toilets from each manufacturer, and on the 7th floor, there is also a mini-sized kids' toilet! Also, on the 2nd floor, there is an e-sports experience space where you can actually experience e-sports.

There are facilities for children such as the ninja park on the 8th floor, the kids park on the 7th floor (toys, plastic models, and games), and the sweets corner on the 6th floor, making it a fun spot for families.

At EDION, you can actually try out the home appliances that are on sale, and there is a powder room where you can try out the latest beauty home appliances, which is great for women. !

I definitely want you to visit here! Edion Namba head office recommended spot!

Experience state-of-the-art e-sports!

[2F Digital Park]

At the e-sports booth in Digital Park, you can actually experience e-sports, which is a hot topic these days.

You can watch famous players play on the big screen in front of you, and there are peripherals that you can actually buy, so if you are interested in esports and gaming, definitely check it out!

Enjoy beauty in the luxurious powder room!

[4F Beauty & Health Park]

This is the latest powder room that is a must-see for women.

In addition to powder booths (27 seats), fitting booths for changing clothes and washbasins are available.

There are cosmetics that can be used for makeup, curling irons, facial equipment, and other popular beauty appliances, so you can choose what you like and try it out.

It is also attractive that you can use this space very cheaply at 300 yen (tax included) per hour!

If there is a product that you really like, you can purchase it on the same 4th floor!

namba powder room [e-princess]

Usage fee: 300 yen (tax included) per hour *Additional charge of 300 yen (tax included) for each additional hour

Anshin Card and application registration are required for use.

In addition, there is a one-hour free service for EDION card members only. * After 1 hour, the regular rate will be applied.

Hours | 10:00-21:00 (Last reception 20:00)

A must visit for anime lovers! kids park

[7F Kids Park]

This floor is irresistible for anime and game lovers.

Especially, there are a lot of figurines and plastic models, so adult anime and game fans can enjoy it, and it is a very popular spot for tourists.

Another highlight of this shop is the build space, a dedicated space for assembly and painting prepared for plastic model fans. (There is an additional charge for using the space.)

There are booths of major game companies such as Bandai and Capcom, as well as spaces for children such as Sylvanian Families, Licca-chan dolls, Tomica, and Lego! It is a space where parents and children can enjoy themselves.

Enjoy becoming a ninja! Much-talked-about ninja spot!

[8F Treasure Park]

Targeting foreign tourists, the Treasure Park on the 8th floor sells a lot of souvenirs such as cosmetics and medicines.

Here, you can dress up as a ninja and experience a program to search for secret scrolls and experience throwing shuriken, as well as many ninja-related goods for sale, so you can get souvenirs of your trip to Japan here.

You can casually experience being a ninja, so this is a must-visit spot for travelers!

(Admission is free for those with an Osaka Amazing Pass!)

Ninja House Experience "Ninja Trick House"

Usage fee: 1,000 yen (tax included)

You can get a discount if you use the Osaka Amazing Pass. Free for children under 7 years old.

*It is not possible to experience only children.

Business Hours | 10:00~21:00

Carefully selected delicious ramen gather here!

[9F Ramen Park]

Another highlight is the "Namba Ramen Ichiza" on the top floor, where you can find all the famous ramen in Japan. Here you can taste carefully selected local ramen shops from all over the world.

Can you find your favorite ramen?

Also, the inside of the store is decorated with lanterns and noren curtains, and there are many Japanese-style scenery, so you can enjoy taking pictures.

Namba Ramen Ichiza

Business hours | 11:00-21:30 (last order 21:00)

store information

EDION Namba Main Store

Address: 3-2-26 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Phone number: 06-6630-6733

Access: 2 minutes walk from Osaka Metro Namba Station

Kintetsu/Hanshin Osaka Namba Station 5 minutes on foot

4-minute walk from Nankai Namba Station

9 minutes walk from JR Namba Station

Floor guide

9F Ramen Park

Namba Ramen Ichiza/Ramen

8F Treasure Park

Watches/precious metals/anime goods corner/overseas appliances/medicine/cosmetics/baby goods/daily necessities/travel goods/ninja trick house/1000 yen gacha

7F Kids Park

Toy/Plastic model/Figure/Game/Secondhand game/Build base/Character street

6F Home Variety Park

Air conditioner/Air purifier/Lighting/Renovation/Liquor/Dagashi/Yuyasu Seisakusho/Gacha Gacha

5F Life Park

Refrigerator/washing machine/cleaner/cooking appliances/coffee beans/coffee roasting machine/corporate counter/rest area

4F Beauty & Health Park

Beauty appliances / Health appliances / Cosmetics / Masks / Bedding / Crocs / Yogibo / Powder room

3F Visual Music Park

TV/Blu-ray/Audio/Pure Audio/Headphones/Digital Signage

2F Digital Life Floor

PC/Apple/e-Sports/Robot/Drone/Digital camera/Video camera/Printer/Electronic dictionary/Office equipment

1F Communication Park

Mobile Phone/Smartphone/AnkerShop/Mobile Accessories/Stationery/Self-Printing Machine/ID Photo/Event Square/Geo Mobile

business hours:

1st to 6th floors 10:00 to 21:00

7th and 8th floors 10:00-21:00

9th floor 11:00-21:30 Last order 21:00

Closed: Open all year round

Let's go to Edion when traveling to Osaka ♪

This time, we introduced recommended spots in Namba, Osaka.

In addition to the ones introduced here, the EDION Namba Main Store has a wide variety of floors that cater to various customer groups, making it a spot where you can spend time slowly when you have time.

In addition, it is perfect for those who buy souvenirs and shopping for electrical appliances and more!

All the products you purchase are duty-free, and there are coupons available exclusively for foreign tourists that allow you to shop even more economically.

There are also multiple stores in Shinsaibashi and Kyoto in Osaka and Kyoto, so be sure to stop by.

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