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Mt. Fuji opens every year in July in Japan, welcoming hikers to embark on the climbing season of this iconic mountain. Mt. Fuji hiking tours are highly sought-after among international tourists visiting Japan during the summer. In this article, we will primarily focus on the Sunrise Tour, which incl...

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Mt. Fuji, designated as a World Heritage site in 2013, holds international recognition. The climbing season for this majestic mountain spans only two months, from July to September, attracting numerous visitors from around the world who seek to conquer its summit.

Most climbers opt to drive or take a bus to the fifth station of Mt. Fuji, which serves as the starting point for their ascent.

The climb from the fifth station typically takes around 7 to 8 hours, while the descent requires approximately 4 hours. It is crucial for climbers to stay informed about the prevailing hiking conditions throughout their journey. Hence, we highly recommend that first-time climbers from overseas consider joining a Mt. Fuji climbing tour led by an English-speaking guide or tour conductor.

[Photo courtesy of Yamanashi Tourism Organization]

Introducing the Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour organized by JTB Sunrise Tour, where you will be accompanied by expert mountain guides, English-speaking national certified guide interpreters, and Japanese-speaking tour conductors.

With this tour, even those visiting from overseas can confidently take on the challenge of climbing Mt. Fuji.

If you're planning a summer trip to Japan and have an interest in climbing Mt. Fuji, we highly recommend checking out these fantastic tour plans!

*Please note that these plans are exclusively available for international tourists visiting Japan. Participation by Japanese nationals alone is not permitted.

★Click here to access the reservation page.

★You can make tour reservations at the GTN Haneda branch. When you arrive at Haneda Airport, Tokyo's gateway, be sure to drop by!

*Please note that depending on the schedule, there is a possibility that reservations may be fully booked at the time of your inquiry.  

Starting from the Fifth Station of Mt. Fuji!

Departing from the meeting point in Shinjuku at 8:00 AM, we will board the bus and head towards Mt. Fuji. Around noon, we will arrive at the Fifth Station of Mt. Fuji.

From this point at approximately 2,400 meters above sea level, you can witness the captivating sight of clouds floating below, giving you a sense of closeness to the sky. You can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views that stretch as far as the distant cityscape and the sea.

Once we reach the Fifth Station, you will have free time for lunch and to prepare for the climb.

As the altitude is high, it is advisable to acclimate to the atmospheric conditions here for a while before setting off.

Let the ascent begin! Aiming for the summit

From the Fifth Station, situated at approximately 2,400 meters above sea level, we will embark on the climb.

Along the way, at an elevation of 2,910 meters, we have the option to take dinner and rest at the mountain hut called "Toyo-kan."

Dinner will consist of a traditional Japanese set meal (vegetarian options are available if requested at the time of tour reservation).

After a restful break at Toyo-kan, we will depart from the mountain hut with our breakfast bento boxes for the second day! We will continue climbing the mountain for about 5 hours, aiming for the summit.

*Please keep in mind that even during July and August, the temperature near the summit of Mt. Fuji can drop to around 5-6°C, which is comparable to the winter temperatures in Tokyo. It's crucial to be well-prepared for the climb by bringing warm clothing and giving careful consideration to your attire.

Witness the breathtaking sunrise! Enjoy the view from the summit

Once we reach the summit at an elevation of 3,776 meters, we will wait for the sun to rise.

As the clock passes 4:00 AM, the awaited sunrise begins. Take in the awe-inspiring scenery from the summit to your heart's content.

We will have our breakfast bento boxes here.

At the summit, there is a course called "Ohachi-meguri," which allows you to circumnavigate the summit of Mt. Fuji. If you have the energy, you can challenge yourself to complete this course while enjoying the view from the summit (Approximate time required: 1 hour 30 minutes, Distance: Approximately 2.6 kilometers).

 Once the Ohachi-meguri is complete, it's time for the descent.We will descend for approximately 4 hours, aiming to reach the Fifth Station of Mt. Fuji, marking the end of the climbing journey.

We will then head to Lake Yamanaka Hot Springs by bus.Relax and soothe your travel fatigue at a natural hot spring where you can bathe while enjoying a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji.

Afterward, we will board the bus and return to Shinjuku, marking the end of the tour.

Experience a memorable Mt. Fuji climbing adventure with Sunrise Tour and create lasting memories.  

Here is the detailed information and reservation site for the tour.

Tour Details:

2-day Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour from Tokyo, a World Heritage site

*Currently available for booking from July 23rd to September 3rd.

*Please check the calendar on the linked page for tour dates and availability.

When participating in this tour, please carefully review the “Disclaimer, Itinerary Guarantee, and Important Notices”.

Included Services:

- Mountain hut accommodation fee

- Round-trip bus fare

- Admission fee for Kofuji-no-Yu (hot spring)

- Dinner on the first day

- Breakfast on the second day

Not Included:

- Lunch on the first day

- Lunch on the second day

- Mountain insurance fee

- Mt. Fuji entrance fee


1. During the climb on Mt. Fuji, this tour is accompanied by 3 staff members--a Japanese-speaking mountain guide, a National Government Licensed English Guide Interpreter, and a Japanese-speaking tour conductor. Even beginners can participate worry-free.

(The National Government Licensed English Guide Interpreter and Japanese-speaking tour conductor will accompany the tour fromdeparture to arrival.)

2. Spend the night at Mt. Fuji's 7th Station, see the sunrise from the mountaintop, and then recharge after mountain climbing by soaking in a hot spring! The tour will be guided on a popular route.

3. The Japanese-speaking mountain guide will lead participants on a walk around the caldera at the summit for no additional charge.

4. At the mountain hut, customers will be staying in a room with single size beds for each person (capsule hotel style, dormitory type).

5. International visitors who do not have their own mountain climbing gear on hand can also participate easily, as gear rental serviceinformation will be provided. Rental items can be picked up at Shinjuku or Mt. Fuji 5th Station, and returned at Mt. Fuji 5th Station.

When you come to Japan, be sure to join a tour and visit many sightseeing spots!

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Book your Sunrise Tour at GTN Haneda Branch!

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Feel free to visit us!

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Walk straight towards the parking lot and bus stop from the 2nd floor arrival lobby, and you will see the entrance to Haneda Airport Garden.

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★How to get to GTN from Haneda Sando (English)

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