Cycling Around Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko: Where to Rental and Course Recommendations

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From spring to autumn, we especially recommend renting a Bicycle rental. Cycling while feeling the pleasant breeze and nature of the highlands is something special. This time, we would like to introduce a cycling course where you can Bicycle rental and tour around Lake Kawaguchiko.

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There are many sightseeing spots around Lake Kawaguchiko, and you can easily access them by taking a tour bus. Many tourist facilities have free parking, so you won't have much trouble parking your car. It's good to visit the sightseeing spots around Lake Kawaguchiko by bus or car, but from spring to fall, we especially recommend renting a Bicycle rental . Cycling while feeling the pleasant breeze and nature of the highlands is something special. This time, we will introduce a recommended cycling model course for sightseeing around Lake Kawaguchiko Lake Kawaguchiko by Bicycle rental .

When is the best season for cycling in Lake Kawaguchiko?

The best season for cycling at Lake Kawaguchiko is from early spring to early fall. Winter is dangerous due to snow and ice. It is crowded with tourists from Japan and abroad who come to see the collaboration between Mt. Fuji and seasonal plants and flowers such as cherry blossoms, lavender, and autumn leaves. At this time of year, it can be difficult to find a parking spot. Therefore, we recommend Bicycle rental. It takes about 30 minutes by bicycle from Lake Kawaguchiko . The north shore of Lake Kawaguchiko is not only famous for cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, but there are also many popular sightseeing spots such as the Lake Kawaguchiko Art Museum, the Lake Kawaguchiko Music and Forest Art Museum, and the Lake Kawaguchiko Sarumawashi Theater, so we recommend visiting them at the same time. In addition, you can easily access crowded autumn foliage spots such as Kawaguchiko Herb Festival in the summer, Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival and Oishi Park (Kochia) in the fall without getting caught up in traffic jams by bicycle! You can make effective use of your time and enjoy sightseeing.

Rules to enjoy Bicycle rental safely!

In order to enjoy "Bicycle rental " safely and happily in Japan, you need to follow some rules. You may be subject to penalties, so be sure to check and follow the traffic rules in advance.

①According to the Road Traffic Act, bicycles are considered light vehicles, and on roads where there is a distinction between sidewalks and roadways, bicycles should basically ride on the ``roadway.''

②When riding on the road, bicycles must keep to the left, just like cars.

③ Pedestrians have priority on the sidewalk. When riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, you must ride slowly when approaching the road.

④Drinking and driving is prohibited.

⑤ Obey traffic lights and stop at intersections.

⑥Please refrain from using your smartphone while cycling as it is dangerous.

If you are involved in an accident,

① Move to a safe place and treat anyone who is injured.

② If you think it would be better to call an ambulance, call ``119''.

③Call ``110'' and call the police.

Click here for details➡Traffic rules English:

Where can I rent a bicycle?

There are many Bicycle rental shops in front of Lake Kawaguchiko Station, where you can rent bicycles at low prices. In particular, at `` Fujikanko Travel '' located in front of Lake Kawaguchiko Station, you can rent electrically assisted bicycles, so even those who are not physically fit can tour around Lake Kawaguchiko without any problems. During the hot summer months, it can be difficult to pedal your bike as hard as you can, but with an electrically assisted bicycle, you won't have to worry about it. On the contrary, since you are running against the wind, the wind blowing through you feels very comfortable!

Rent a bicycle at Fujikanko Travel

Recommended cycling course (1 day course/North shore of Lake Kawaguchiko)

Tourism model course (1 day)

From Fujikanko Travel= = via Lake Kawaguchiko Bridge = = Lake Kawaguchiko north shore = = Lunch = = Oishi Park = = Kawaguchi Asama-jinja Shrine= = Lake Kawaguchiko Music and Forest Museum = = In front of Lake Kawaguchiko Station

10:00 Depart from Lake Kawaguchiko Station (Depart from Fujikanko Travel in front of Lake Kawaguchiko Station)

10:20 Lake Kawaguchiko Bridge If you look back, you can see the majestic Mt. Fuji.

10:30 Arrive at Lake Kawaguchiko north shore walking trail

In spring, enjoy Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchiko, and cherry blossoms together. In autumn, you can enjoy views of Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchiko, and autumn leaves.

11:30 It gets crowded at lunchtime, so be sure to finish your lunch early!

We recommend "Hoto", a local dish from Yamanashi Prefecture. There are many hotou restaurants in the area, so please check them out.

12:30 Depart for Oishi Park

13:50 Arrive at Oishi Park

Oishi Park is a place you definitely want to visit when you come to Lake Kawaguchiko. Various flowers bloom throughout the year, adding color to the spectacular views of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko. It is also the main venue for the herb festival held in early summer every year, where you can enjoy the pleasant breeze of the highlands, the scent of lavender, and the spectacular views of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko. Lavender soft serve ice cream is recommended for dessert after your meal.

In addition, "Fuji Oishi Hana Terrace" adjacent to Oishi Park is full of stylish cafes and shops, so it's a good idea to have lunch while walking around the park!

15:00 Depart from Oishi Park

15:15 Arrive at Kawaguchi Asama-jinja Shrine

Kawaguchi Asama-jinja Shrine is one of the Mt. Fuji World Cultural Heritage Component Parts of World Heritage and is also famous as a power spot. Some of the large cedar trees surrounding the shrine are over 1,200 years old.

Kawaguchi Asama-jinja Shrine Kawaguchi 1, Lake Kawaguchiko-cho, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture

URL: Religious Corporation Sengen Shrine|Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture (

15:50 Departs from Kawaguchi Asama-jinja Shrine

16:20 Arrive at Kawaguchiko Sta.

Recommended cycling course (3 hours course/Yagizaki Park/ Lake Kawaguchiko north shore)

Tourism model course (3 hours)

In front of Lake Kawaguchiko Station = = Yagizaki Park = = Via Lake Kawaguchiko Ubuyagasaki Cape = = Lake Kawaguchiko Yagasaki = = In front of Lake Kawaguchiko Station

From Fujikanko Travel

10:20 Arrival at Yagizaki Park

This park on the south shore of Lake Kawaguchiko is filled with cherry blossoms in spring and lavender in full bloom in early summer.

Lake Kawaguchiko Muse Museum/Yuki

An art museum where you can see cute dolls that are reminiscent of the Showa era. You can learn about the good old days of Japan through dolls. Currently, to commemorate the museum's 30th anniversary, you can take photos inside the exhibit, but please note that this is not normally possible.

You can also enjoy soft serve ice cream and Fujizakura Heights Beer at the attached cafe.

Click here for details➡Kawaguchiko Lake Kawaguchiko Museum

11:30 Depart from Yagizaki Park

Via Lake Kawaguchiko Bridge

Enjoy the majestic view of Mt. Fuji from Lake Kawaguchiko Bridge

11:45 Arrive at Ubuyagasaki Cape Lake Kawaguchiko

It came to be called Ubuyagasaki Cape because of the legend that Konohana Sakuyahime gave birth here. From Kawaguchi Asama-jinja Shrine, a subsidiary shrine of Ubuyagasaki Cape Shrine, located on a hill, you can see Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko .

12:10 Depart from Ubuyagasaki Cape Lake Kawaguchiko

There are many souvenir shops along the lakeside, so be sure to check out their souvenirs!

13:00 Arrive at Kawaguchiko Sta.

Leave your extra luggage behind and cycle! Fujikanko Travel luggage storage service

Cycling while carrying luggage is difficult.

If you rent a bicycle from Fuji Kanko Travel, they offer baggage storage for just 300 yen per item, regardless of size.  You can leave your extra belongings and fully enjoy cycling to your heart's content.

(Normally, each piece of luggage will be checked in for 500 yen for items under 60 cm in height, and 800 yen for items over 60 cm in height.)

Bicycle rental from Fujikanko Travel Kanko Travel is convenient for sightseeing Lake Kawaguchiko ! Please feel free to use it.

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The northern foot of Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture is a stunning area of Japan that has plenty to offer visitors. At the foot of Mt. Fuji, including ”Arakurayama Sengen Park”, which offers a view of Mt. Fuji and the iconic five-story pagoda, "Chureito." The Kawaguchiko Momiji Corridor is also a must-visit during the autumn season when visitors can see the colorful leaves. Our company, based in Lake Kawaguchiko, operates various facilities that utilize the natural resources of Mt. Fuji. These include the theme park "Fuji Subaru Land," which offers a range of exciting rides and attractions, and the Fujiten Snow Resort, where visitors can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Visitors can also sample the world-famous "Fujizakura Heights Beer," made using natural water “Fujizakura Meisui” , or relax in the natural hot spring, "Fuji Chobo no yu Yurari," . We will clearly communicate the charm of Mt. Fuji, which changes with the seasons, from the base of Mt. Fuji in Kawaguchiko.

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