Fujikanko Travel: Bicycle Rental, Luggage Storage and Activity Tours in Kawaguchiko!

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Fujikanko Travel is a travel agency located in front of Lake Kawaguchiko Station on the Fujikyuko Line. In addition to Bicycle rental and luggage storage, the store also offers activity tours that require prior reservations. In winter, the company also operates official bus tours such as the Fujiten...

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Where is Fujikanko Travel?

Fujikanko Travel is located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, right in front of Kawaguchiko Sta. on the Fujikyu Railway Line!

The store offers Bicycle rental services, luggage storage services, travel consultations, and more.

1. Day Activity Tour

Fujikanko Travel offers a variety of experiential day tours every day, including the "Oshino Hakkai Walk and Zen Meditation Experience Tour," "Good Luck Cycling," and "Aokigahara Jukai Short Hike," which allow you to experience the nature at the foot of Mt. Fuji with ease. All tours can also include an English guide as an option, so you can join the tour with confidence even if you are unfamiliar with the area.

One of the most recommended tours is the "Oshino Hakkai and Zazen Experience (Zen Meditation Experience with Local Cuisine)" tour, which is led by an English guide and includes a tour of Oshino Hakkai, one of the Component Parts of World Heritage of the Mount Fuji World Heritage Site, and a Zen meditation experience at Touenji Temple, which was founded as a training center for Mount Fuji in the Heian period. This highly recommended tour will help you soothe your everyday mental fatigue by touring the deep, clear, mystical ponds of Oshino Hakkai and experiencing the Japanese Buddhist teaching of Zazen.

Click here for details on Oshino Hakkai and Zen meditation experience

2. Sightseeing Taxi Plan

This is a sightseeing taxi tour with pre-set prices, destinations, and travel time, such as a course to enjoy seasonal flowers or a course to visit famous shrines at the foot of Mt. Fuji. You can also add an English guide as an option, so you can learn more about Japanese tourism and culture. Also, if you let us know in advance where you want to go, we can create a special plan just for you.

Click here for details on the sightseeing taxi plan

3. Bicycle rental service

Fujikanko Travel offers a Bicycle rental service.

We rent both electrically assisted and regular bicycles.

[Electric assisted bicycles]

1 hour: 600 yen / 1 day (9:00~18:00): 3,000 yen

[Regular bicycle]

1 hour: 500 yen / 1 day (9:00~18:00): 2,500 yen

In addition, Bicycle rental users can store their luggage for 300 yen per item, regardless of its size.

From spring to autumn, we recommend renting a Bicycle rental and exploring the area around Lake Kawaguchiko! Enjoy sightseeing Lake Kawaguchiko while feeling the breeze at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

*Closed on weekends and holidays during the winter season (December to February).

Click here for details on Fujikanko Travel's bicycle Bicycle rental

4. Luggage storage

It can be inconvenient to go sightseeing with large luggage or lots of baggage. At Fujikanko Travel, we will store your luggage for 500 yen for items under 60cm in height, and 800 yen for items over 60cm in height.

Enjoy sightseeing at Lake Kawaguchiko without any stress.

Height less than 60cm: 500 yen

Height 60cm or more: 800 yen

For details on baggage storage, click here

Additionally, behind the Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu Building in front of Lake Kawaguchiko Station, there are coin lockers large enough to fit large suitcases.

Large size (height 80cm, width 35cm, depth 57cm): 16 pieces, 800 yen

(Height 80cm, width 55cm, depth 57cm): 2 pieces 800 yen

*You will need eight 100 yen coins to use the coin lockers. (500 yen coins cannot be used.) Please prepare them in advance.

[Access to coin lockers]

5. Fujiten Shuttle Bus

This is a shuttle bus that runs between Kawaguchiko Sta. and Fujiten Snow Resort every year from late December to late February. Advance reservations are required, so please make sure to make a reservation in advance on the website.

Fujiten Snow Resort Shuttle Bus

The 2023-2024 Fujiten Snow Bus Tour will operate from December 23, 2023 to February 29, 2024. For more information about the Fujiten Shuttle Bus, please see the official website above.

What is Fujiten Snow Resort?

The facility is scheduled to open in mid-December 2023 for the 2023-2024 season.

Fujiten Snow Resort is a ski resort located in Narusawa Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, on the northern foot of Mount Fuji, where you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding with the majestic Mount Fuji as your backdrop.

There are seven courses that can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced skiers. In addition, at the dedicated slope "Chibikko Ai Land (For sleds & snow play area)", you can enjoy "sledding", which is very popular with tourists from overseas.

In addition, even if you are not a skier or snowboarder, you can take the Mt. Fuji Observation Lift and see Mt. Fuji with your very own eyes and Lake Kawaguchiko below from the Mt. Fuji Observation Deck at the top of Tenjinyama.

In the summer, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor sports such as mountain biking, mountain carting, summer slopes, BBQs, and trekking.

If you are visiting Lake Kawaguchiko , be sure to stop by Fujikanko Travel in front of Lake Kawaguchiko Station!

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The northern foot of Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture is a stunning area of Japan that has plenty to offer visitors. At the foot of Mt. Fuji, including ”Arakurayama Sengen Park”, which offers a view of Mt. Fuji and the iconic five-story pagoda, "Chureito." The Kawaguchiko Momiji Corridor is also a must-visit during the autumn season when visitors can see the colorful leaves. Our company, based in Lake Kawaguchiko, operates various facilities that utilize the natural resources of Mt. Fuji. These include the theme park "Fuji Subaru Land," which offers a range of exciting rides and attractions, and the Fujiten Snow Resort, where visitors can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Visitors can also sample the world-famous "Fujizakura Heights Beer," made using natural water “Fujizakura Meisui” , or relax in the natural hot spring, "Fuji Chobo no yu Yurari," . We will clearly communicate the charm of Mt. Fuji, which changes with the seasons, from the base of Mt. Fuji in Kawaguchiko.

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