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Make 7 Wishes Come True At Jishu Jinja Shrine, Kyoto

Make 7 Wishes Come True At Jishu Jinja Shrine, Kyoto

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Jishu Jinja Shrine is located on the grounds of Kiyomizudera temple. The deities enshrined at Jishu Jinja are said to make their visitors' wishes come true.

Translated by Allie

Written by Hiromasa Uematsu

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Most of the people who visit Kyotogo to see Kiyomizudera Temple. But did you know that there is a shrine in the area of Kiyomizudera?

It is called Jishu Jinja Shrine 地主神社.

It might sound strange that there is a shrine inside of a temple. It would mean there are places of worship representing two different religions in the same location. However, this is actually quite common in Japan.

There are several types of deities who will make your wishes come true at the Jishu Jinja Shrine. It is said that there are no wishes you can not make true if you pray here.

We will introduce the seven different types of deities enshrined at the Jishu Jinja Shrine, as well as the seven wishes they will make true.

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1. Purify Yourself - Haraedo no Ōkami


Haraedo no Ōkami is the deity who purifies your mind and body. It is considered rude to visit deities with unclean mind.

So when you come and visit Jishu Jinja Shrine, you should come and worship Haraedo no Ōkami first, in order to get rid of negative thoughts and have a clear mind before visiting other deities.

2. Solve Your Love Problems - Shusaijin


Shusaijin ("the main deity" of Jishu Jinja Shrine) is Ōkuninushi no mikoto. Your wishes related to love will come true if you pray here. He is also enshrined at the famous shrine called Izumo-taisha in Shimane prefecture.


There are two big stones placed facing each other in the area of Jishu Jinja Shrine. Those two stones are called "Love fortune-telling stones".

"Love fortune-telling stones" will tell you how your love relationship will go. It is said that if you can reach from one stone to another with your eyes closed, then the love relationship you wish for will turn out well.

How about getting to know how your love fortune will be after visiting the main shine of Jishu Jinja Shrine? There are always many visitors in Jishu Jinja Shrine. So please give attention to people around you when you try this.

3. Pray For Safety During Travel - Nade Daikoku-san


Nade daikoku-san is a touchable deity. There are not much deities you can touch in Japan. So it is quite unique. He brings various kinds of good luck depending on which part of his body you touch. If you touch his head, you will have good luck with your studies. If you touch his stomach, you will have good luck with your pregnancy. And If you touch his hands, you will have good luck in competitions.

If you touch his feet, he will bring you good luck and safety during your travel. So if you are traveling, be sure to touch the feet of Nade daikoku-san!!

4. Get Rid Of Your Worries - Mizukake Jizō


Mizukake Jizō is the deity placed in the most remote corner of this site. It looks like a stone but it is a Buddha statue. It had been under the ground for a long time. That is why his face and body are gone.

Mizukake Jizō will take your worries and concerns away. The way of worshiping at Mizukake Jizo is pretty unique. Here is how you should do.

There is a water basin and a hishaku, which is a wooden ladle you use for scooping water. Take the hishaku and fill it with water. Then please pour the water over his body. Your worries will be gone and your mind will be purified as the water is going down along his body. Then please make your wish putting your hands together.

5. Wish Anything You Want - Okage Myōjin


Okage Myōjin is the deity who protects women. It is also famous for being the deity who will make any of your wishes come true. So if you have one special wish, do pray here.

6. Solve Your Business Problems - Kurimitsu Inari Shrine


Right near the entrance of the Jishu Jinja Shrine, you will find Kurimitsu Inari shrine. It might be hard to spot it but if you look for a small red building, you will be able to find it right away.

Kurimitsu Inari is the deity who solves your business and family problems. If you have any wish related to your job, please pray here.

7. Good Luck For New Meetings - Ryōen Daikoku

The last deity is called Ryōen Daikoku. Ryōen means "a good connection" in Japanese. In most cases, a good connection means finding a good partner. But Ryōen Daikoku will lead you to meet various kinds of good people in general.

Do you feel like visiting Jishu Jinja Shrine? When you visit Kiyomizudera temple, we highly recommend you to stop by the Jishu Jinja Shrine, where you can make your wishes come true and get good luck.


Jishu Jinja Shrine  地主神社

Address: Kyoto, Kyoto-shi, Higashiyama-ku, Kiyomizu 1-317
Open: 09:00 - 17:00
Closed: Open all year around
Wi-Fi: Not available
Credit cards: not accepted
Languages: Japanese
Menu in other languages: -
Most accessible station: Gojō-zaka (五条坂) and Kiyomizu-michi (清水道) stop of the city bus.
Access: 15-minute walk from Gojō-zaka (五条坂) and Kiyomizu-michi (清水道) bus stop.
Price Range: Free (Admission fee for Kiyomizudera temple: 300 yen - high school students and above, 200 yen - middle school students and below)
Religion: Shintō
Phone number: +81-75-541-2097
Official Website: KyotoJishu Jinja Shrine (Japanese)

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