[Shiso City] “YAMASAND” is a sandwich shop that gives you energy with lots of vegetables.

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``YAMA SAND'' is a sandwich specialty store with an orange container shop, play equipment, and tables made of drums and electric wire drums, spread over approximately 400 tsubo (400 tsubo). Not only because of the deliciousness of the sandwiches, but also because of the fun location, it has become o...

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Opened with the desire to create a place where people can gather

Owner Takuya Yamauchi<br>
Owner Takuya Yamauchi

The owner, Takuya Yamauchi, has a wonderful smile. A native of Tamba City, he is a chef who honed his skills at hotels such as Hotel Okura. In 2021, by chance, my family moved to Shiso City, my wife's hometown.

``I wanted to create a place where people could gather,'' he said, so in November of the same year he opened a sandwich shop in a corner of his home using orange containers. It became so popular that so many customers came that it became too small, so in 2022, it moved to its current location and opened.

There are play equipment and a sandbox on the premises of the new store.<br>
There are play equipment and a sandbox on the premises of the new store.
Easy to find along the prefectural highway<br>
Easy to find along the prefectural highway

The new location is along Prefectural Route 26 (Shiso Shingu Line) near the Ona intersection. It's in a great location, 5 minutes by car from Yamazaki IC on the Chugoku Expressway, and it's an easy-to-understand location with a home center and other facilities. The spacious area of ​​approximately 400 tsubo (400 tsubo) is equipped with complex play equipment, a sandbox, and tables made of drums and electric wire drums, making it a fun place that even non-children can get excited about.

There are many families who eat sandwiches while letting their children play, and some even come all the way from Hanshin-ma, Aichi, and Wakayama just to visit this shop. ``There aren't many playgrounds for children in Shiso, so I'd like people to come and make some memories during their holidays,'' says Yamauchi.

Introducing the sandwich lineup

A colorful and energizing lineup<br>
A colorful and energizing lineup

There are about 5 types on the menu, including seasonal items. The bread we use is original bread baked at an employment support office in Shiso City, and the vegetables and fruits we use are mainly grown in Shiso City. Each item is processed separately. The eggs we use are from Kajimoto-san, a local farmer who has been working on eggs for 40 years.

“Vegetable purr sandwich” 750 yen<br>
“Vegetable purr sandwich” 750 yen

By far the most popular ``Vegetable Gorogoro Sandwich.'' This product has been featured in various media such as TV, radio, and magazines. This sandwich uses over 10 types of vegetables, including carrots, lettuce, pumpkin, and purple cabbage, and has a cute, colorful cross section that you won't find anywhere else.

“Ebi Mayo Sandwich” 800 yen<br>
“Ebi Mayo Sandwich” 800 yen

The ``Ebi Mayo Sandwich'', which is popular among girls, sells well even on hot days. It has a lot of shrimp in it and has a luxurious feel to it.


"Teriyaki sandwich" 750 yen

The ``Teriyaki Sandwich'', which is full of volume and contains a piece of chicken thigh, is a product that has been available since autumn. In the summer, ``Salt Lemon Chicken'' with a refreshing taste made with special lemon sauce will be available for 750 yen.

“Thick-sliced ​​bacon and egg sandwich” 750 yen<br>
“Thick-sliced ​​bacon and egg sandwich” 750 yen

The harmony of thickly sliced ​​bacon and eggs is exquisite, making it popular among people of all ages.


"Fruit Sandwich" 800 yen

The contents of the ``Fruit Sandwich'' change depending on seasonal fruits and events. Until the end of May, they will be using strawberries from a strawberry farm in Shiso, and in the summer they are experimenting with Shine Muscat. He may have already made his debut. All of them have their own characteristics, and there are some fans who only eat them.

``A senior couple in my neighborhood comes here three or four times a week, and each time they buy a thick-sliced ​​bacon and egg sandwich, they eat one piece each for dinner.We're happy to have customers like that, too.'' Mr. Yamauchi. In addition, ``roast beef'' and ``ginger grilled'' may appear depending on the manager's whim.

Drinks are also popular


"drink! Coffee jelly” 400 yen

Recently debuted and is very popular “Drink! "Coffee Jelly" is a product that Mr. Yamauchi "loves so much that he drinks it every day." They focused on creating a balance between the jelly and milk, and deliberately left the texture of coffee jelly. It's more of a dessert than a drink.

Coffee (H/I), fruit tea, apple juice each 300 yen<br>
Coffee (H/I), fruit tea, apple juice each 300 yen

``Fruit Tea'' is lemon tea with frozen raspberries, blueberries, and pineapple. This is a popular drink with the exquisite sweetness from the fruit.


"Strawberry Milk" (400 yen, +100 yen with ice cream)

The "Strawberry Milk" that appears at the event is also popular. The 200 cups of this product, made with plenty of strawberries, prepared at an event in Shiso City sold out in no time. It has a fruity taste and I can see why it is so popular.

Monthly quizzes and lots of fun on the back of the container.

Menu posted on the front<br>
Menu posted on the front

After ordering a product, you will be given a buzzer and a quiz sheet while waiting for it to be ready. The sheet contains a quiz called ``Challenge from the Store Manager'' that focuses on junior high school entrance exam questions.

The customers who were waiting looked bored, so I thought it would be a good idea to give them a challenge while they were waiting. It comes out once every 1-2 months, and the 9th issue is now out, and some people come looking forward to it.

You too can doodle on the container and go home.<br>
You too can doodle on the container and go home.

Also, pay attention to the back side of the orange container. There is also a permanent marker so you can write your own messages. ``I want you to enjoy your holiday here. Why don't you write me a message so I can keep memories?'' The containers with their own personal messages written on them seem to bring smiles to customers' faces.

Various activities to energize the region

Scene from the


Scene from the "2nd Children's Flea Market" held in March 2023
Dear staff<br>
Dear staff

At the same time, Mr. Yamauchi is also conducting activities to revitalize the region.

Once a year in 2022 and 2023, we sponsored a ``Children's Flea Market'' as part of the ``Shiso Genki Genki Daisakusen'' project, which was planned with free ideas and revitalized the region. This is literally an event where only elementary and junior high school children manage the store on the day of the event, as well as from the preparation stage. Held in collaboration with Kyoto University of the Arts and Himeji University Faculty of Education students who aim to become teachers. Students are in charge of explaining the rules, while adults just watch over them. It seems that this event was a great success.

The items sold vary depending on the store. Selling unnecessary items at home, buying prizes and winning lots, playing traps and dice games, making accessories, etc. It seems that each booth was creative to liven up their shop.

``We deliberately asked for a fee to open the store.We did the marketing ourselves, and if the items didn't sell, we each tried to come up with ideas, such as selling sets or offering discounts,'' says Yamauchi. YAMASAND will promote its ``Children's Playground Project'' based on this event, which was well-received by both adults and children, saying ``Shiso doesn't have many places to play, so I'm happy.''

Furthermore, Mr. Yamauchi shows no signs of stopping to take on new challenges: ``I want to support people in realizing their dreams,'' ``I want to increase employment,'' ``I want to enter the nursing care business,'' and ``I want to do activities that connect people who are working hard.'' yeah. We look forward to seeing you in your future endeavors.

(Writer Utami)

*This article is information as of July 2023. Prices include tax. Product contents and prices may change.

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basic information


Address: 140 Yamazakicho Ona, Shiso City, Hyogo Prefecture

Phone number: 090-9546-6981

Business hours: Weekdays 10:00-15:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:00-15:00

Closed: Monday

Parking lot: 20 spaces

SNS: Instagram

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