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How do you enjoy glamping?

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Do you know about "glamping"? "I've heard the name, but I've never actually experienced it..." “I want to try it now!” We would like to introduce the charm of glamping to all of you!

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What is glamping?

What is "glamping"?

A combination of "glamorous" and "camping."

Unlike regular camping, there is no need to prepare or transport equipment, set up a tent, or prepare food, so as the name suggests, you can enjoy camping in an easy and elegant way. It is a new outdoor experience that is attracting attention from all generations.

The stage this time is...

"NEST GLAMPING PLACE nokka" located in Kuroshio Town, Kochi Prefecture

Using this as a stage, we will introduce how to enjoy glamping.

What do you do when glamping?

eat local gourmet food

[BBQ plan]

Cedar plank bonito grilled with herbs from Tosa Saga, Shimanto specialty Shimanto pork, pizza with Momotaro tomatoes from Kochi prefecture, rice balls made with sun-dried salt, and daily cakes from the very popular cake shop attached to the facility. Masu.

nokka offers meal plans such as BBQ plans that use plenty of local ingredients and hotpot plans available only in winter.

The best part about glamping facilities is that you can enjoy local food.

Also, if you plan to stay without meals, you can bring your own food.

It would be fun to have everyone bring their favorite ingredients and see what kind of party it would be on the day of the party without having to discuss it in advance.

Please create your own wonderful glamping memories.

brew coffee

Nokka does not have an electric coffee maker.

A manual coffee grinder is available instead.

This wonderful coffee set reflects the company president's desire to enjoy even the hassle of grinding coffee beans while time flows slowly like waves.

enjoy activities

In Kuroshio Town, where nokka is located, you can experience a variety of activities that take advantage of the blessings of nature.

① Making solar salt

Sun-salted salt is made by crystallizing seawater pumped from the sea at high tide using only natural forces such as the sun and wind. You will receive a lecture on the process by which salt is made from seawater in the natural cycle, and you can also experience salt agitation, salt collection, salt sorting, and salt esthetics.

②Whale watching

A local active fisherman pilots a fishing boat and goes on a whale watching trip to meet the Bryde's whale, also known as the "Lady of the Sea," who lives in Tosa Bay, which stretches out in front of Kuroshio Town. In addition to whales, you may also encounter pods of over 100 dolphins, flying fish, and seabirds. Whale watching in Kuroshio Town operates voluntary rules for the protection of whales and strives for coexistence between marine life and people.

③ Domestic jeans factory tour & button pressing experience

You can tour a domestic jeans factory, which is rare in Japan, and experience button pressing on denim products. The brand name ``isa'' comes from the old name ``Isana'' for whales often seen off the coast of Kuroshio Town, and the logo is inspired by the tail of a whale swimming in the beautiful sea of ​​Kuroshio Town.

④ Rakkyo farming experience

Rakkyo, a specialty of Kuroshio Town, is one of the nation's leading producers and accounts for approximately 70% of Kochi Prefecture's production. You can experience planting and harvesting rakkyo with a farmer at a rakkyo field right next to the 4km long beautiful sandy beach of Irino Beach.

⑤River activities

In the neighboring town is the Shimanto River, which is said to be Japan's last clear stream.

It is also called the ``Fishing Mecca (a place of dreams),'' and you can try your hand at river fishing.

You can also try canoeing.

walk in nature

A "walking plan" prepared to help you enjoy nature as it is.

Take the wonderful shells you found on the beach as souvenirs.

Click here for information on the walking set plan.

count the stars

At night, we have a natural planetarium.

Of course, it's free and unlimited.

Lie down on the roof terrace and enjoy the starry sky without worrying.

Why not go to sleep counting stars instead of sheep tonight?

Living with nature through glamping

nokka coexists with nature.

It is a facility that has been nurtured by nature, surrounded by the blue of the sea and the green of the pine fields.

Therefore, you may feel some inconvenience.

You may also come across insects.

Please love me even that.

This is our beloved Kuroshio town, which coexists with nature.

Do glamping

What do you think about during the irreplaceable time you spend with your loved ones?

Free yourself from the hectic daily routine and go on your own wonderful glamping trip.

For a glamping experience, please come to "NEST GLAMPING PLACE nokka" in Kuroshio Town, Kochi Prefecture.

We look forward to spending some precious time with you.

Click here for the website of “NEST GLAMPING PLACE nokka”

Click here to make a reservation online

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A small, round hotel located in Kuroshio Town, Kochi Prefecture. What I see in front of me The blue of the sea and sky, the green of grasslands and pinelands. What you can hear if you listen carefully The sound of the waves and the chirping of birds. What's in this empty town Nature as it is. At Nest West Garden Tosa An irreplaceable time to spend with your loved ones.

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