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Who is the “important person” for you?

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Who is essential in your life?

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"important person"

What comes to mind when you say that is

Are you a friend?

Are you a lover?

Is it family?

Is it yourself?

Everyone must have someone that comes to mind.

Everyone would want their loved ones to smile.

Are you able to cherish the “now” with your loved ones?

Have you been caught up in your busy daily life and find yourself thinking “Next time”?

Your “now” too

The “now” of an important person

There is only “now”.

To make the “now” with your loved ones irreplaceable

Would you like to go on a journey for a little while?

"Irreplaceable time spent with loved ones"

go on a trip

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A small, round hotel located in Kuroshio Town, Kochi Prefecture. What I see in front of me The blue of the sea and sky, the green of grasslands and pinelands. What you can hear if you listen carefully The sound of the waves and the chirping of birds. What's in this empty town Nature as it is. At Nest West Garden Tosa An irreplaceable time to spend with your loved ones.

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