[GTN SIM] Introducing GTN 5G Prepaid: The Updated SIM Plan with Voice Calls!

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We have renewed our prepaid SIM plan with calling function, which is perfect for those who are considering studying abroad or returning to Japan for a short period of time during a long vacation, those coming to Japan for training, and digital nomads. You can purchase them immediately after arriving...

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1. What is GTN 5G Prepaid?

GTN 5G Prepaid is a prepaid SIM card with a calling function that comes with a set of data and unlimited calls within Japan, with a usage period of 30 days or 90 days.

Photo provided by: GTN Mobile<br>
Photo provided by: GTN Mobile

2. Three points of GTN 5G Prepaid

    Unlimited calls within Japan, with no limits on time or frequency
    Access to the fastest 5G internet speeds in supported areas
    No need to return SIM card after use

3. Detailed information of GTN 5G Prepaid

Data capacity/selling price

*The listed price includes tax.
*If data usage exceeds the specified capacity, communication speed will be reduced (up to 300kbps)
*Internet connectivity is available through 5G or LTE networks; however, the actual quality of service may differ based on the geographical location and time of day.
*The data capacity for the 90-day plan indicates the maximum amount of data you can use each month. Data usage resets at the start of each month. Users cannot roll unused data over to the following month.
*Unlimited calling applies to the majority of domestic calls within Japan, making them free of charge. However, for specific numbers, such as 0570 Navi Dial, a fee of 27.5 yen per 30 seconds (including tax) will be incurred. International call rates vary by country.
*For SMS messages, there will be an additional charge of 3.3 yen (including tax) for each message sent within Japan and 100 yen (excluding tax) for each message sent to international numbers.

Other information

・Voice calls: Unlimited calls within Japan (*Some numbers may not be eligible)
・Period of Use: Choose between 30 or 90 days, starting from the date of your first use.
*If data usage exceeds the specified capacity, communication speed will be reduced (up to 300kbps)
・SIM card type: Nano SIM
・Coverage Area: Nationwide across Japan (*5G coverage is not available in some areas).

4. Documents required at the time of application

The following two documents are required when applying.
① Passport
② Documents issued by a foreign government or competent international organization approved by the Japanese government, or other similar documents (*Limited to those with name and residence written and valid at the time of presentation)
Example) Driver's license, ID card
*All items must be within the expiry date.
*If the address is written on the passport, we can accept even one passport.

5. List of sales stores

This plan is available at the GTN Haneda Airport Garden Store, GTN Mobile Shin-Okubo Main Store, and GTN Namba Marui Store. It can be issued on the same day to anyone who presents the required documents.

GTN Haneda Airport Garden Store

▼GTN Haneda Airport Garden store contact information▼
・Business hours: 10:00~20:00
・Telephone: 03-6822-3033
*Changes may occur, such as shortened business hours or temporary closures, so please check the Haneda Airport Garden website for details.

GTN Mobile Shin-Okubo Main Store

▼GTN Mobile Shin-Okubo main store contact information▼
・Business hours: 10:00~18:30
・Closed days: Open all year round (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)
・Telephone: 03-5155-4673
*Changes may occur such as shortened business hours or temporary closures, so please check the GTN Mobile website for details.

GTN Namba Marui store

GTN Namba Marui store contact information
・Business hours: 11:00~20:00
・Telephone: 06-7777-3566
*Changes may occur such as shortened business hours or temporary closures, so please check the Namba Marui website for details.

This special plan is perfect for those who are planning a short-term study abroad trip to Japan, a school exchange project, or a short-term stay. It is also recommended for people who are temporarily staying in Japan and want to make frequent calls during their trip to Japan.

Please use GTN 5G Prepaid > and enjoy communication services smoothly and easily!

6. How to access GTN Haneda Airport Garden store

For directions to GTN Haneda Airport Garden store, please see the article below.

Check out the video below for detailed directions from Haneda Sando to GTN Haneda Airport Garden store.

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We also post recommended spots and gourmet food on GTN Haneda Airport Garden store's Instagram, so be sure to check it out!

GTN Haneda Airport Garden Instagram

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