[Mobile SIMs at the Best Prices!] Travelers and returnees alike! Get a SIM card at the best prices right at Haneda Airport!

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Don't miss out if you are traveling to Japan or coming back for vacation! We have SIM cards you can pick up right after you arrive at Haneda Airport, Kansai International Airport, Chubu Central International Airpor.


Have you ever felt that the application to buy a SIM card in Japan is complicated and troublesome?

Or when you buy one after arriving in Japan, you may hesitate to buy it because some stores offer few plans or are expensive.

At GTN Haneda Airport Garden Branch, all you need is a passport to purchase a SIM card, and you can use a plan that fits your needs without any hassle.

There is also good news for customers using the iPhone 14 sold in the U.S., which already has no SIM card tray and can only use eSIM!

GTN Haneda Airport Garden is the only place in Haneda Airport that sells eSIM.

This is why GTN Mobile SIM is the best choice when you come back to Japan or travel to Japan♪

In this article, we will look into the 3 mobile SIM plans available at the GTN Haneda Airport Garden Branch, linked directly to Haneda Airport International Terminal!

What are the 3 mobile plans at GTN?


  Get this SIM first when you come to Japan!
The most popular data-only prepaid SIM card at our Haneda branch! You can get a data SIM at a reasonable price.


- Easy application even for short-term stays.

- Great price for one week stay.

- Plans with more data valid for 3 months are also available.

This plan is useful for those who do not need a phone number or who need data before signing up for a long term SIM. 

[GTN DATA SIM Plans] *All prices include tax

Data                Price   Usage period    Speed

30GB      ¥3,000    7days     4G/LTE

10GB      ¥3,000    30days   4G/LTE

50GB      ¥5,000    30days     4G/LTE

135GB      ¥10,000           7days      4G/LTE


 eSIM is getting popular now! With an eSIM, simply install and set up your SIM without physically inserting or removing any SIM cards!

You can also use multiple lines (dual SIM) with one device along with your current SIM card, which is very convenient.


- Scan the QR code provided online to download!

- Reduces the risk of losing or damaging your current SIM card.

- Use your existing SIM card and eSIM together for multiple lines on one device.

*Confirm if your device is an eSIM compatible model before you purchase. 

[GTN eSIM Plans]  *Voice calls not available *All prices include tax  

Data               Price   Usage period       Speed

3GB       ¥3,000    30days     4G/LTE

6GB       ¥4,000    30days     4G/LTE

10GB          ¥5,000    30days     4G/LTE

*Starting from June 1st, we will be introducing a new high-capacity plan!

20GB          ¥7,000    30days     4G/LTE

30GB          ¥9,000    30days     4G/LTE

*Special discount available only at Haneda Branch (10% off the above prices)

GTN Mobile with Assistants

 GTN Mobile with Assistants is a plan that includes 5GB of data and voice calls.

This is the only SIM plan that comes with voice calls.

This plan comes with multilingual customer support, so if you need Japanese interpretation while traveling or have an emergency during your stay in Japan, there is no need to worry.

It includes free unlimited 10-minute domestic calls and is available for short-term visitors.


- Free unlimited 10-minute domestic calls

- 5G available in covered areas

- Multilingual customer support service available through the GTN app
Great for those who will need to make calls while traveling!  

[GTN Mobile with Assistants Plan] *All prices include tax

Data                Price   Usage period   Speed  Call

5GB       ¥6,000    30days       5G   domestic calls 10 minutes free (unlimited calls)

How to get to GTN Haneda Airport Garden Branch?

 Directly connected to the arrival lobby of Haneda Airport International Terminal!

Walk straight towards the parking lot and bus stop from the 2nd floor arrival lobby, and you will see the entrance to Haneda Airport Garden.

From the Haneda Airport Garden entrance, walk straight through the passageway towards the hotel entrance.

When you see the Omotenashi Center (information counter), walk into the Haneda Sando on the right side of it and you will find our store.

For more detailed directions, check out the video below!  

★How to get to GTN from Haneda Sando (English)

★ For other long-term plans and Wi-Fi, visit the GTN Mobile web site!


★ GTN Haneda Airport Garden Branch:


You can also purchase a GTN eSIM at the following airports!

[Available Airports]

- Kansai International Airport: JTB Kansai Tourist Information Center KIX

- Chubu Centrair International Airport: MEITETSU Tourist Information Center Central Japan International Airport

GTN Mobile plans can be issued instantly without reservation in about 10 minutes, and can be used right away! (Passport is required)

When you arrive at Haneda Airport, stop by GTN Haneda Airport Garden Store and purchase a SIM card for a very reasonable price!

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